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Chapter 2 Car accident rebirth 1

Outside Ward 303…

“Doctor, is my daughter awake?”

“Mrs. Su, yes, your daughter is awake, you can go in and see her.” Xing Sige responded.

Madam Su walked to Zhao Xiaoxi’s bed very quickly, and Madam Wu, the servant, followed behind with a large bag of things.

At this time, Zhao Xiaoxi was still asleep.

Madam Su sat on a stool next to the bed, holding Zhao Xiaoxi’s hand, tears kept streaming down, “Li’er, you really want to scare your mother to death, do you know? Why you just don’t want to let her Mom will give you a driver? Where do you want to go, the driver can take you to wherever you are, and there will be no accident like this.”

Tears dripped on Zhao Xiaoxi’s hands, and Zhao Xiaoxi gradually woke up, opening her loose eyes, reflecting What caught my eye was an unfamiliar face. Looking at the clothes and listening to the conversation, it should be the wife of a wealthy family, dignified and majestic. Although unfamiliar, Zhao Xiaoxi felt unusually gentle.

After seeing that he was awake, the other party was obviously happy.

“Li’er, are you awake? Do you still recognize your mother?”

Mom? This is how the same thing?

A series of events made Zhao Xiaoxi even more puzzled. Isn’t her nominal mother a bitter and mean adoptive mother who always treats herself as a servant? How could it be this dignified lady who makes you feel extremely warm in front of you?

“You are?” After

hearing this, Madam Su was shocked. Didn’t the doctor say that her daughter just suffered some skin trauma? Now he doesn’t even recognize his biological mother.

“What’s going on? Wu Ma, call me the doctor quickly.”

Wu Ma hurriedly stepped, and after a while, Xing Sige rushed to the ward.

“Doctor, take a look, what the hell is going on? Why doesn’t my daughter remember me now?”

Xing Sige approached Zhao Xiaoxi and checked her, but found no abnormalities.

“Miss Su, do you really recognize the

Madam Su in front of you?” Zhao Xiaoxi looked at Madam Su’s face, and then shook her head firmly. Xing Sige was also puzzled immediately.

“Madam Su, take a step to speak.” Xing Sige and Madam Su moved to the door of the ward.

“Madam Su, I am afraid that we will need to do an in-depth examination of Qianjin’s body before we can reach a conclusion, but please rest assured, Madam Su. It may only be because of a brief memory loss that Qianjin can’t recognize you. According to previous cases, The young lady should be able to remember everything very quickly.” After

hearing this, Madam Su was relieved a lot, but her tone also began to become sharp, “Doctor Xing, I hope you can cure my daughter, if you don’t have this ability. This probably also means that your hospital is no longer eligible to accept donations from our Su Group.” After

that, Mrs. Su walked back to the ward, leaving Xing Sige, feeling pressure.

Madam Su shook Zhao Xiaoxi’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, Lier, you will be well soon, mother promises.”

Looking at Madam Su’s gentle eyes, Zhao Xiaoxi was reluctant to let go of the stranger’s hand.

There was a knock on the door. It was a middle-aged man, “Madam, the meeting is about to begin.” Madam

Su nodded, then got up and asked Ma Wu, “Ma Wu, you stay in the hospital to take care of the young lady. If you have any emergencies

, please notify me immediately.” “Yes, madam, I will take good care of the young lady, don’t worry.”

“Li’er, mom will go to work first, and I will come back to see you soon.”

Leave a smile, Madam Su left the ward.

Zhao Xiaoxi got up slowly. Seeing this situation, Wu Ma immediately came over to help, “Miss, slow down.”

Zhao Xiaoxi was helped up, leaning on the pillow, and sitting.

“Mother Wu?”

“Hey, miss.”

“Who am I?”

Madam Wu was immediately stunned, thinking about forgetting his wife, now that she has forgotten herself too, right?

“Miss, you really don’t know who you are?”

Zhao Xiaoxi nodded.

“Miss, your name is Su Li, you are the daughter of the Su Group. The one just now was your biological mother.” The

Su Group? Is it the Su Group, which has the largest market value in City C? Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxi slapped her face directly.

Ma Wu immediately stopped, “Miss, what are you doing? You feel sorry for your wife like this.”

“I’m not dreaming? I’m not Su Li!” This is the only one Zhao Xiaoxi has so far. One thing that can be determined.

The cry from the heart drew Wu Ma unintentionally ridiculed, “Miss, don’t be joking, how could you not be Miss Su Li with the

same face?” “The same face?” Zhao Xiaoxi thought. How is this possible?

“Mother Wu, I want a mirror.”

Mother Wu was dull for a while.

Hurry up .” Mother Wu really hadn’t seen Su Li look such anxious, she immediately handed a mirror on the table to Zhao Xiaoxi’s hand.

After holding the mirror, Zhao Xiaoxi’s hand was trembling, and slowly, placing the mirror in front of her, looking at the familiar and unfamiliar appearance in front of her, Zhao Xiaoxi began to panic.

“This, what’s going on? It’s not me?” Zhao Xiaoxi cried out weakly.

That’s right, the woman in the mirror is indeed not Zhao Xiaoxi’s face, and the person holding herself on the zebra crossing, Miss Meixintian.

This move scared Madam Wu. She was at a loss. She was about to pick up her mobile phone and call his wife. Who knows, Zhao Xiaoxi has gotten out of bed at this time and is running to the door. When she called, Ma Wu immediately chased her out.

“Miss, miss, where are you going?” When

passing by the door of ward 301, Zhao Xiaoxi seemed to be imprisoned by something. She stopped, turned and stared at the door of ward 301, but saw the nurses pushing one. The body came out, and standing next to him was his adoptive mother and sister Zhao Yaxi who had lived with him for almost 20 years.

“Xiaoxi, why are you so cruel, you just left your mother and your sister and left?”

“Xiaoxi?” Zhao Xiaoxi was shocked, “Could it be…?”

Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxi ran to him immediately. Next to the corpse, with shaking hands, he pulled the white sheet away and saw the face of the deceased…this is me! Am i dead?

Zhao Xiaoxi felt her head hit by the boulder and became stiff, and she sat down directly on the ground.

The nurse tried to pull Zhao Xiaoxi away, and Zhao’s mother and Zhao Yaxi looked at them with doubts on their faces.

At this time, Ma Wu hurried forward, “I’m sorry, Miss Nurse, our young lady has just recovered and is a little unconscious.” After

hearing this, the nurse stopped paying attention to Zhao Xiaoxi, pushed the corpse, and continued to walk forward.

Zhao Xiaoxi looked at the body pushed away by the nurse, as if saying goodbye to her…

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