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Chapter 12 Woman, you provoke me!

On the outskirts of City C, a castle-like building stands tall, which is really hard to look away. Inside the castle, the gorgeous decorations and exquisite shapes make this European-style building look graceful and luxurious.

Ling Yu, with a sloppy face, short curly hair, casual clothes and a pair of sandals, looks a bit shabby, and looks out of tune with the entire castle.

Upon closer inspection, he found that his eyes were deep and energetic, his nose was firm, and his face was clearly contoured. It is estimated that he can match the castle with this high-profile appearance.

Ling Yu answered the phone, put down the water glass in his hand, walked to the room, pushed open the closet, took out a black suit, white shirt and a dark blue tie, then quickly changed clothes, and then walked to In the bathroom, after tidying up my fluffy and slightly curly hair, he immediately became in shape. Compared with him before, Ling Yu, who is now in a suit and shoes, is nothing like two people.

Ling Yuchen drove a brown Bentley out of the garage and drove straight to the city. After entering the city, however, it was at the peak of work. Ling Yu had to stop and go, and the tortoise moved quickly. No, there was a red light now, and he had to wait for dozens of seconds. At this time, Ling Yu was simply anxious.

Seeing the pedestrians walking on the zebra crossing in front of him, Ling Yu began

to mutter to himself, “Mrs and gentlemen, you will be late for work soon.” Hurry up to attend Zhao Xiaoxi’s funeral, how fast is Su Li? Just walk as fast as you can, looking at the pedestrian green light on the opposite side, there are more than ten seconds left, thinking: It should be too late to run over!

Without any time to think, Su Li speeded up when he finished thinking about it. Seeing that the number of seconds was decreasing every second, Su Li was even more anxious, and immediately ran away. Unfortunately, there are still a few steps left. At that time, the green light turned red.

The red light turned green, and Ling Yu immediately drove his Bentley. As soon as he was about to speed up, a woman came out to his left. Ling Yu hurriedly braked and the woman was hit.

Ling Yu probed out from the car window and started cursing, “Are you blind? Didn’t you see that the light has turned red?”

Without hitting him, Su Li had planned to get up. Su Li is really hard to swallow this breath because of Yu’s scolding. Su Li is reborn from the car accident. Today’s Su Li is not good to bully. She immediately stood up and walked to Ling Yu’s car, “You come out for me, we have to take care of this traffic accident.”

Ling Yu didn’t want to pay attention to Su Li at all, glanced at Su Li disdainfully, and was about to drive. He left, but Su Li grabbed his arm with one hand, “I said, come out quickly.”

Although Su Li is a third-tier black belt, Ling Yu is not a vegetarian. Although he has used his strength, he still takes Su Li’s hand away. After a stalemate, Su Li’s hand is taken out of the car. Outside the window.

“Miss, if you are not injured, you should leave as soon as possible. Tell you, you don’t want to get entangled with me.” Ling Yu smiled at Su Li Xiemei, and drove his car and continued forward. Driving.

The daughter of the Su Group is not easy to bully! No, Su Li directly picked up a small stone on the side of the road, aimed at the car that Ling Yu had just driven and threw it vigorously, then patted the dust on his hands and continued to the Anxitang.

When he rushed to the Anxi Hall, Su Li found that only Father Zhao was there, with a haggard face. Su Li stood behind Father Zhao. It took a long time to slow down and call out, “Uncle.”

Father Zhao wiped out. Wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes, turning around, he saw a completely unfamiliar face and felt that Zhao’s father was unfamiliar with him, so Su Li took the initiative to introduce herself.

“Uncle, I called you before, Xiaoxi’s friend.” After

hearing this, Zhao’s father suddenly realized, “Oh, I remember, you come to see Xiaoxi off. This is really great.”

After speaking, Father Zhao moved a position, Su Li stepped forward, burned three sticks of incense, and inserted them.

“Uncle, where’s Aunt Zhao and Miss Zhao?”

After the question, Father Zhao was a little hard to tell, so he had to find a reason and prevaricate, “They…they are not feeling well today, so they didn’t come.”

I have been with Father Zhao for more than ten years. Of course, Su Li can see when Father Zhao lied and when he told the truth, but Su Li did not intend to embarrass Father Zhao.

“Oh, it turned out to be like this.”

Su Li then took out a stack of money from her pocket and walked to Father Zhao, “Uncle, this is for you.”

Father Zhao refused, “Miss Su, I am with you. How can you ask for your money if you are not relatives or not?”

Su Li resolutely stuffed the money into Zhao’s father, “I have the same sisters as Xiaoxi, isn’t her father my father? Uncle, if you want Xiaoxi to die at ease, you can accept this. Money.”

Father Zhao was too embarrassed to refuse.

“Miss Su, thank you. It’s great that Xiaoxi has a friend like you.”

Su Li smiled softly. “Uncle, you have to take care of yourself in the future. If you have any difficulties, call me this .” Su Li Li put a small piece of paper in Father Zhao’s hand.

“I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

“That’s fine, thank you for coming to see Xiaoxi, so that she won’t be too lonely.”

Su Li took a look at Anxitang for the last time, then turned and left.. …. In

front of the Dilin Building, a brown Bentley parked, and a young man ran out of the building.

“Boss, you are finally here!” It was Ling Yu’s personal assistant, Jin Yu.

Ling Yu got out of the car, tidyed up his clothes, and walked into the building.

“Boss, what’s wrong with your car?”

Ling Yu immediately stopped, and walked back to where Jin Yu was standing. He saw a spot where the rear of the car was scratched, and his face changed transiently.

“It must be that woman!”

“Who is it that dare to spend the boss’s car?” Jin Yubei was shocked.

“You will know who it is. You will call out the camera in the car for me. After I finish the meeting, I will know who the woman is.”

“Yes, the boss.”

Jin Yu shook his head. With a long sigh, “It seems to be your misfortune to provoke our boss!”

Ling Yu’s tone was not negotiable. After that, he continued to walk to the Dilin Building.

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