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Chapter 11 Medical Students

Su Li woke up early in the morning. It was 8 o’clock when she used to go to work. Now, on the first day of being a young lady, she hasn’t adapted to the luxurious life of the young lady who likes to sleep as long as she likes to sleep.

After washing in the bathroom of her room, Su Li walked downstairs.

“Li’er, why did you get up so early today?” Madam Su was having breakfast alone.

Su Li walked to Madam Su, “Mother, early, I went to bed earlier last night, so I

woke up early today.” Madam Su nodded, “Come, sit down, have breakfast… Come out with an extra breakfast, Miss Second has already gotten up.”

“Hao Le.” Lin’s wife responded very motivated. After Su Li saved her job yesterday, Lin’s wife now has a lot of affection for Miss Second. .

Lin So put a sandwich and a glass of milk in front of Su Li. After seeing Su Li, Su Li asked, “Sister Lin, do you have porridge? I want to drink porridge.”

“Oh, wait for the second lady, I’ll go right now. Do it.”

Sister Lin was about to return to the kitchen in a hurry, and was stopped by Su Li, “No, I can eat this, you can go to other things.”

Facing such a caring second lady, Sister Lin felt My heart warmed and aired, “Well, I will prepare porridge for the second lady tomorrow morning.”

Su Li nodded, then picked up the sandwich at the table and ate it, looking at Su Li, Mrs. Su Smile more intimately.

“Xiao Xun, you go call the eldest lady, it’s all this point, she has already gotten up in normal times.” Madam Su said to the servant Xiao Xun who was standing by.

“Okay Madam.”

Xiaoxun went upstairs, walked to the door of Su Yao’s room, knocked gently on the door, but did not see any response, and shouted again, “Miss, have you gotten up?” After

waiting for a long time, there was still nothing. Reaction, at this time Xiao Kaoru had to go downstairs.

“Madam, I called the eldest lady several times, but there was no response.”

Madam Su was puzzled, “Isn’t it there?” Madam Su got up and was about to go up in person. At this time, the butler walked over to Madam Su from the door.

“Madam…” The butler was a little bit embarrassed at first, “Miss, she went out last night and didn’t come back.”

“I didn’t come back?” You know, Su Yao rarely spends the night outside,” she said to herself What are you doing?” The

butler shook his head.

Madam Su took out her mobile phone and was about to dial Su Yao’s number, but the sound of a car came from outside the door, and the housekeeper yelled, “Madam, Miss, she is back.” Madam

Su put down the phone and walked to the door, Su Li Eating leisurely at the dinner table, without intending to “greet” Su Yao.

After Su Yao parked the car, he walked to the Su’s inner room, “Mom, why are you here?”

“Xiao Yao, where did you go last night?”

“Oh, my friend from abroad just last night ? When I came back, my friend who hadn’t seen me for a long time wanted to talk to my mother, but it was too late, so I ran out privately.” When telling these fabricated lies, Su Yao can always keep his face from flushing and not beating.

Mrs. Su believed, “Hurry up and wash up and eat breakfast.”


Su Yao was about to go to the second floor. When he saw Su Li, he stopped at the top of the stairs, “Sister, morning.” Su Li took the initiative to say hello.

Su Yao looked at Su Li with a scheming smile, and ran to his room without saying a word.

Mrs. Su walked back to the dinner table and said to Su Li, “Li’er, eat slowly. At 9:30, the driver will come and pick you up to class. Mom will go to work first.”

Class? Su Li ignited a question mark in her heart.

“Oh, mother go slowly.”

Madam Su kissed Su Li, put on her coat, and walked to the door. At this time, the driver parked the car in front of the door.

Su Li is flustered, what class is this going to?

“Xiao Xun, come here, I have something to ask you.”

Xia Xun walked to Su Li, “I haven’t fully recovered from the car accident, and my memory is not very good. Can you tell me what class I will go to later? “

Xiao Xun stayed for a while, but after thinking of Su Li’s explanation, there was not much doubt.

“Second Miss, it seems that the impact of the car accident on you is really great? Why have you forgotten that you haven’t graduated from

university ?” The university hasn’t graduated yet? What do I study in university?

Su Li is in circles, if you go to class without knowing anything like this, you will definitely make mistakes. Thinking of this, Su Li immediately put down the sandwich in her hand and talked to Xiao Xun.

“After the driver arrives, tell him that I am not going and let him ask for leave.”

“Hey, miss, this…”

After speaking, Su Li immediately ran back to her room and closed the door. Shut it off, dangling around in the room, restless.

Su Li sat on the chair and calmed down slowly. After clearing her thoughts, she walked to the bookshelf in the room and glanced at it. She felt that her whole body collapsed. Almost two-thirds of the books in the bookshelf were about medicine. book!

Does Su Li study medicine?

Su Li continued to search, and only after seeing “Medical University” written on the student ID in the cabinet, did he completely confirm this fact, a fact that had to be accepted.

If this is the case, Su Li probably has only one choice, which is to read all the books on medicine in the bookshelf, and change from a medical novice to a medical student with professional knowledge.

Su Li took a book on the basics of medicine, sat on the desk, and began to read it.

The sound of rubbing the pages of the book made Su Li regain the feeling of the school years.

Zhao Xiaoxi went to university for a year. At that time, the economic conditions of the Zhao family were fairly good. With Zhao’s father’s insistence, and Zhao Xiaoxi applied for bursary, Zhao Xiaoxi was able to get what he wanted. But afterwards, due to Zhao’s mother and Zhao Yaxi’s troubles, Zhao Xiaoxi had to drop out of school and work to make money, and her salary was also taken away by the two mothers and daughters.

Looking at the proper nouns in the book, Su Li was very laborious to read, but she read it word by word…

Su Li closed the book as if thinking of something, and then she was in the cabinet again. Looked inside. Finally, he found a thick notebook, and Su Li flipped through it. The more he went back, the more mature his handwriting became. That was the diary written by Su Li before the car accident happened.

The current Su Li is not pure Su Li, nor is it pure Zhao Xiaoxi, but a combination of two people. She must live the lives of two people wonderfully.

Of course, this meant reading that thick diary once, and only in this way could he fully integrate into Su Li’s life.

Looking at it, the phone schedule alarm rang, Su Li immediately picked up the phone. Tomorrow is the day when Zhao Xiaoxi’s funeral will be held. Tomorrow, Su Li must say goodbye to the past Zhao Xiaoxi.

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