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Chapter 10 Black Belt Three Stages

After being confronted by his sister Su Li like that, Su Yao ran away angrily.

“Miss, it’s so late, where are you going?” It is

already 1 o’clock in the morning. Although Su Yao is usually spoiled and defiant, the housekeeper has been serving Su’s family for many years. I said that I was watching the two young ladies grow up. Now that Su Yao is in the evening and ran out with such emotions, the housekeeper will inevitably be a little worried.

Su Yao stopped for a while, and then didn’t show the housekeeper a good face, “Where am I going, can you take care of it alone? Wait for me to open the door, and if my mother asks, don’t you I talk a lot.” After

being scolded like this, the butler did not dare to say anything more.

Su Yao walked out of the door of Su’s house, then turned into the underground garage and drove her red Porsche. The butler saw Su Yao driving out and quickly opened the door.

After the door opened, Su Yao began to speed up, and within a short while, he disappeared from the sight of the housekeeper. The housekeeper sighed, and then closed the door again.

The red Porsche stopped at the entrance of Regal Hotel. The waiter hurried over and opened the door to Su Yao, “Miss Su.” After

Su Yao came out, the waiter went in, drove the car, and parked it.

Seeing Su Yao walking into the hotel lobby, the waiter hurriedly came over to say hello, “Miss Su, it’s so late, I thought you couldn’t come.”

Su Yao glanced at the waiter, “I paid, when will you come? Come at any time, can you be a waiter in charge?”

After saying that, the waiter didn’t even dare to look at Su Yao, “Miss Su, I didn’t mean that…”

” Okay , I am today In a bad mood, I advise you not to talk to me anymore.” The

waiter shut up immediately, and Su Yao also walked towards the elevator, which stopped at the Presidential Suite on the 32nd floor.

After pressing the code, Su Yao opened the door and walked in. When he walked into the room and passed the bathroom, there was a ticking sound of water coming from the bathroom. Su Yao opened the bathroom directly. The people in it were startled, but turned around to see that it was Su. At Yao’s time, the surprised face immediately subsided, and he continued to take a bath leisurely, “I thought you weren’t coming tonight, why? Was it the big night that I thought I couldn’t sleep?” The

man washed while washing. His body flirted with Su Yao, and then Su Yao was not moved at all. Seeing Su Yao’s facial expression was calm as water, the man knew something was wrong, so he quickly washed out the foam on his body. After putting a bath towel around his waist, he walked out of the bathroom.

“My dear, what’s the matter with you? Who caused the unhappiness?” The

man walked to Su Yao who was sitting on the bed at this time, “Who would dare to annoy my eldest lady, tell me, I’ll help you teach She.”

“Save the province, you still eat mine and wear mine. When will you be able to help me teach others?” The

man named Xu Zeming is a vagrant who specializes in sideways and is also Su Yao’s underground lover. .

As long as Su Yao gets angry, Xu Zeming must be regarded as a punching bag. Even if Su Yao says so, Xu Zeming has long been used to it. It is estimated that there is no one who does it like him.

“Let’s say, who is it that offended you this time? The person who came to me at night must be angry at home?”

Su Yao kept Xu Zeming by his side, probably because he understood himself. For the sake of it.

“I blame my sister, I don’t know why, she is always compliant with me

, and she dared to fight against me this time.” “Your sister who looks weak but full of charm?” Xu Zeming was obviously a little disbelief.

After hearing these four words full of charm, Su Yao was obviously more angry, “Who do you say is full of charm? Are you thinking about her?”

It’s really hard for Su Li to be indifferent to her like that. Su Li hadn’t talked about a relationship in the past twenty years, just because she herself kept shutting out those men.

“My dear, you are too sensitive. I’m just saying this. How can I think of her? What’s more, I have you.”

Su Yao’s emotions calmed down a little.

“But you said she was working against you, what’s the matter?” After

Xu Zeming asked, Su Yao told Xu Zeming about Su Li’s unusual behavior after returning from the hospital.

“That said, even if your sister has changed people.”

Su Yao nodded, “No matter what, she is destined to be stepped on by me. The previous relationship will not think that the car accident will make any changes. “Su Yao’s attitude is very determined.

Xu Zeming thoughtfully said, “But your sister may just pretend, so let me meet her at a chance, test her, if she refuses to explain, I will directly attack her, anyway, she doesn’t know her. Me.”

“Move rough?” Su Yao immediately sneered.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Don’t look at my sister’s weakness. She is a third-tier black belt. Don’t say you are not her opponent. Even if there are two more men, it is estimated that she will not be her opponent.”

“What Then… forget it.” Xu Zeming immediately persuaded.

Su Yao got up from the bed and walked to the big window where you can see the city view. Xu Zeming followed and hugged Su Yao tightly from behind.

“Don’t think so much, it’s all here, it would be too wasteful not to do anything.” Xu Zeming’s hands began to wander around Su Yao’s body wantonly, and then Su Yao didn’t feel at all at all, she would Xu Zeming Take away his hand.

“My dear, you wouldn’t let me look at you like that all night and do nothing?” Xu Zeming began to complain.

Su Yao’s mind is not at all on Xu Zeming’s problem.

“You may not be my sister’s opponent, but someone might be her opponent.”

“Who is it?” At this time, Xu Zeming just wants to solve the problem between Su Yao and her sister immediately, so that he can talk to Su. Yao Wen kept it alive.

“You know you too, you helped him before.”

Xu Zeming thought for a while, and then his expression changed instantly, “Are you talking about the boss Ling who is both black and white?”

Su Yao nodded. nod.

“My dear, what is your hatred or resentment with your sister? If you have a relationship with Boss Ling, your sister probably won’t be able to get out of her life.”

“Don’t worry about so much, if you want to stay in the presidential suite. If you want to continue to spend my money, you find an opportunity to arrange for me to meet him. Haven’t you blocked the knife for him before? It is estimated that he will still sell your favor.”

At the cost of such conditions, Xu Zeming had to obey.

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