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Chapter 1 Who died?

On one side of the main road, a large group of passersby were waiting for the green light to pass.

Zhao Xiaoxi’s height of less than one meter six was buried in the crowd, and coupled with her not outstanding appearance, it seemed that no one next to her would even realize her existence.

I couldn’t see the traffic lights, so I lowered my head to see when the crowd started moving.

Staring at the dilapidated canvas shoes under her feet, Zhao Xiaoxi can’t remember when she bought it. Suddenly, her eyes were completely attracted by the pair of familiar high heels next to her… I remembered it, it was yesterday. For Zhao Xiaoxi, the price in a fashion magazine that I just read was a sky-high price.

Along those white, thin, straight legs, Zhao Xiaoxi saw all of her clothes, which were all in the fashion magazine. Looking up at her height of almost 170, coupled with her face, this is the legendary cold beauty, right? Those clothes are simply tailor-made for her. It’s strange, so shouldn’t a rich person have a dedicated driver? Still need to walk on feet?

After looking at it, Zhao Xiaoxi took a look at the clothes and pants that she was wearing and bought on a certain treasure with an average price of less than 50%. This gap is simply the Great Rift Valley of East Africa!

Inferiority has already engulfed Zhao Xiaoxi, she lowered her head again… the

red light turned green, the crowd began to surging, Zhao Xiaoxi who was not ready was hit and turned 360 degrees, and was about to fall, caught off guard. A pair of slender hands held Zhao Xiaoxi in time, poked at the voice of her atrium, and asked warmly: “Miss, are you okay?”

Zhao Xiaoxi was sluggish again. How could there be such a perfect person in the world? The beauty of people is still sweet, why is there no such person by my side?

“Miss, miss?”

Zhao Xiaoxi reacted, “No…it’s okay, thank you.” With an

angelic smile, “It’s okay, the green light is about to turn red, and it will be too late if you don’t pass.”

Zhao Xiaoxi nodded.

They were at the very end, and the people in front were basically on the other side of the road.

“We have to go faster.” The woman didn’t forget to tell Zhao Xiaoxi, and Zhao Xiaoxi immediately followed the woman’s pace.

Halfway through the zebra crossing, the horns of the vehicles on both sides began to sound, and the two women were at a loss. It was not a way to park in the middle, so they had to run over.

Unexpectedly, a small medium-sized bus went straight to them… there was

a car accident! They were knocked into flight more than ten meters away, blood was splashed, and the traffic at the scene immediately fell into chaos.

“I killed someone, I killed someone…” Seeing a puddle of blood on the road, the aunt who was cleaning the roadside was obviously panicked.

Fortunately, the scene of the accident was not far from the hospital. In less than 20 minutes, two ambulances arrived at the scene immediately.

“Miss Su, are you finally awake?”

Opened those big eyes that were not adapted to the strong light, looked at the handsome young doctor in a white coat in front of him, thinking: Why did he call me Miss Su? I am obviously Zhao Xiaoxi!

I wanted to clarify her identity, but the pain in her body prevented her from speaking normally.

“Miss Su, you have been in a coma for 3 days. You may not be able to speak now. After the effect of the medicine is over, everything will return to normal. I will ask you some questions. You can answer me with nodding and shaking your head, understand?”

Zhao Xiaoxi Nodded.

“Do you know who you are?”

Zhao Xiaoxi thought for a while, hesitated, but nodded.

“That’s good, it proves that you have no memory loss. How are you feeling now, is it still painful?”

Zhao Xiaoxi nodded.

The doctor smiled.

laugh? Why laugh? The patient is in pain, should the doctor be happy?

“Miss Su, you should be fortunate. We have done a full-body examination for you. Although it was such a serious car accident, in fact, you just suffered some skin trauma. You can be discharged from the hospital in about four or five days.”

Hearing this news, Zhao Xiaoxi was very happy in her heart, saying that if you survive a catastrophe, you will have a good future. Does this mean that you will have a good life in the future?

Zhao Xiaoxi looked at the doctor again, but found that he frowned, “However, the lady who was sent with you is not so lucky.” When the

doctor reminded him, Zhao Xiaoxi remembered that he was with herself that day. There was also the sweet-hearted young lady who crossed the road.

By the way, how is she? Zhao Xiaoxi also began to worry.

The nurse knocked on the door and

rushed to the doctor. “Doctor Xing , patient 301’s condition has deteriorated.” After the nurse said, Xing Sige immediately rushed out to the door. Seeing this, Zhao Xiaoxi felt nervous.

At the entrance of Ward 301, there are a pair of parents and a young woman. It seems that they should be the family of patient 301. The reason for using the word “should” is that the mother and daughter do not see any worry at all. , Just indifferent, as if it doesn’t matter to me.

Xing Sige is trying his best to rescue, but the heart rate display no longer fluctuates, and his heart rate is zero…

“The patient’s rescue was invalid, and the time of death was 23:11 .” The nurse declared the time of death.

Xing Sige was exhausted, and made all preparations to tell the family members at the door of the ward the fact of death, opened the door, and slowly approached them.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best.” I

thought I would provoke a curse, but the patient’s family reacted very calmly. I don’t know if it was my illusion. Except for the elderly father, Xing Sige actually thought that. There is a sense of relief for mother and daughter.

Xing Sige looked at them, and they seemed to feel something was wrong with their reaction, and the young woman squeezed out a few tears.

“My sister is only in her early twenties, and she has just graduated from college. She is in her great youth. How can this person be gone?” After speaking, she hugged her mother and wept bitterly.

Staying with them, Xing Sige felt uncomfortable, so he resigned and left, “Sorry and change.”

Seeing the doctors and nurses are gone, they immediately put away their hypocritical crying.

Mother Zhao said, “That dead girl is also really, really not worrying, now that she is dead, we have to do funerals for her, really.”

“Mom, luckily she died early, otherwise we should It’s going to consume a lot of medical expenses. She’s an outsider. Our family’s money is not spent on her.”

Only the father’s expression was sad, and he didn’t say a word for a long time, “Okay, Xiao Xidu It’s already dead, can’t you say a few words less?”

After speaking, Zhao’s father left a haggard back and walked to the entrance of the hospital.

“Look, look at your dad’s wimpy look, I’m really fed up with him.” Mother Zhao began to complain daily.

“Dad is true too, isn’t he just an

adopted daughter ? She died and died, what can be sad?” Zhao Yaxi will always stand on the same line with her mother.

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