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Chapter 9 Break Your Dog Legs

“Lin Yan! Lin Yan? What are you looking at?” It was

n’t until Wang Jingyang called himself that Lin Yan came back to his senses, “What…”

“Are you okay?”

“No, I was shocked, what did you say? ?”

At the same time.

In the black car under the shade of the tree.

On the back seat, a faint smile appeared on the man’s eyes, and he murmured softly, “Did you find it?” At the

side, Pei Nanxu’s eyebrows were full of worry, “Big brother, you just woke up, your body really Doesn’t it matter?” After

Pei Yucheng woke up, the doctor gave him a full-body examination, and everything was normal, but he had to be hospitalized for observation for a few more days.

However, as soon as Pei Yucheng woke up, he immediately came to this girl named Lin Yan.

Pei Nanxu followed Pei Yucheng’s gaze and couldn’t figure out what is so special about this girl that could make Pei Yucheng care so much.

Pei Yucheng didn’t speak, his cold gaze slowly fell on Wang Jingyang who was opposite Lin Yan, and the smile in his eyes dissipated slightly…on the

barbecue stall.

Soon, the boss brought beer and skewers one after another.

The wrench is not very easy to use, Wang Jingyang tried several times without success.

Lin Yan glanced at him, took the beer from his hand with his white and delicate little hand, and put it to his mouth, “Kaba” bit the bottle cap open with his teeth, and then handed it back to Wang Jingyang’s hand. in.

Wang Jingyang watched her extremely smooth movements silently: “…”

After holding back for a long time, Wang Jingyang said silently, “Do you know what your name is? You call it a tiger, but it’s a dog. Dong Shi effect is frowning!

Lin Shuya is a real character and proficient in excellent piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. The temperament of others is exuded from the inside out, you can’t pretend it!

Han Yixuan is not blind! You a fake can be compared to the righteous? It doesn’t look like anymore! “

Lin Yan didn’t say a word, bit open the second bottle cap, and

grunted and killed a whole bottle. Wang Jingyang continued to vomit: “Lin Yan, I didn’t say you, you can’t blame your sister and that scum today. Man, you are all used to it yourself!

You were admitted to Imperial Capital University with the first grade in the province, but to support your sister, you gave up your studies and went out to work to make money. Apart from anything else, you sold yourself to the team and used the money earned for her to go to the best school. Send her to learn piano, painting, dancing, and flower arranging…

What is the end result of you being so radiant? She sucked up your blood, but it’s not finished, and in the end even your man will be snatched!

Be sober, stop being obsessed with it! You treat Lin Shuya as your closest person, she just treats you as a cash machine and a silly…”

Lin Yan looked up at the night sky at 45 degrees with a sad face, and interrupted him with a smile, “Guzi, if you are Say one more word, believe it or not, I will interrupt your dogleg? “

Wang Jingyang was silent for an instant, muttering and squatting there silently.

“It’s OK, you don’t need to say, I’m already sober. From now on, I will have nothing to do with Lin Shuya. “Lin Yan picked up the wine on the table and drank it in one fell swoop. It’s

just that now what’s the use of waking up, her life has been completely ruined.

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