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Chapter 8 (The rest of my life is with you)

Lin Yan left the house amidst her aunt’s screams.

Every time she wants to stand up, life is always going to give her a fatal blow.

Her bad luck was probably going to follow her for a lifetime…

No way, in the end, Lin Yan could only call her only friend in the country who could ask for help, Wang Jingyang.

“Hey, Lin Yan? A rare guest! Why do you take the initiative to find me when you have time?”

“Doug…Next month, can I go to your place for a few days?” On the

other side of the phone, Wang Jingyang’s voice paused slightly, “What’s the matter? Don’t you live with your aunt?”

” Ca n’t pay the rent this month.” Lin Yan smiled bitterly.

“What? Didn’t you buy your aunt’s house?”

“Yes…” Lin Yan was helpless.

Wang Jingyang jumped immediately, “Fuck, this old woman with a black conscience! I said Lin Yan, how blind are you? Look at what white-eyed wolves are all around you!”

Lin Yan smiled: ” Why, didn’t you still have you?”

Wang Jingyang was taken aback, and then he snorted, his voice was obviously a lot more pleasant, “It’s fine if you know! I’m near the university town, come and find me, please. You chuckle!”

Lin Yan: “Okay.”

Lin Yan looked at the hung up phone, and a warm color appeared in his eyes.

… On

summer nights, the barbecue stalls at the entrance of the university town are the best time for business.

From a distance, Lin Yan saw Wang Jingyang with black earrings and dark purple hair sitting there drinking beer.

Relying on

his good looks, he really does what he wants… If you change your hair to this color, you can scare people to death, but he really manages it.

The youth’s facial features are handsome and sunny, with a bit of rebelliousness between the eyebrows, tall and tall, with slender legs, casually dressed in a black T-shirt and ripped jeans, he wears out the feeling of an advertising model, just like walking in a girl cartoon. The hero who came out.

Even if it is placed in front of the small fresh meat in the current circle, it is not inferior…

There are no college students at the barbecue stall. The little girl at the next few tables has been secretly taking pictures of him with her mobile phone.

He probably found her, Wang Jingyang’s eyes brightened, and he shook the wine bottle in his hand, “Lin Yan, here!”

Lin Yan also beckoned, then walked over and sat down opposite Wang Jingyang.

Lin Yan was wearing a white dress today, with long, straight, black hair that was dangling over her shoulders obediently, and she sat there with her knees together neatly.

Wang Jingyang glanced at Lin Yan up and down, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, which was obviously very disgusting.

“Can you stop dressing like this ghost? Lin Shuya dressed like this is a small fresh Mori girl style, you wear this way, it’s like I abducted you from the mountain!”

Lin Yan was full of black lines,” …”

What kind of metaphor is this?

Well, she really doesn’t know how to dress.

I didn’t need to dress up when I was a racing driver. I didn’t need to change clothes when I was in black clothes and trousers all day long.

When she is in front of Han Yixuan, she wears the style he likes.

When she was an entertainer, the agent asked her to wear whatever she wanted.

As for herself, she didn’t have any requirements for this, just put on a black plastic bag.

Just as Lin Yan was about to speak, an inexplicable sensation suddenly surged in his body, and he subconsciously glanced around.

Her gaze scanned slowly for a week, and finally fell under the shade of the trees on the opposite road.

There, a black car was parked quietly.

Lin Yan stared at the black car window, inexplicably unable to look away, as if an inexplicable force was pulling him…

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