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Chapter 7 Figure out one thing

Pei Nanxu obviously didn’t expect Pei Yucheng to answer this way.

“The most…intimate relationship?”

When he didn’t know at all, the eldest brother suddenly developed to this point with a woman?

Pei Nanxu couldn’t help but speak, “Big brother, when did you mention it!”

Pei Yucheng: “Well, I just knew it too.”

Pei Nanxu: “…”

Why did the big brother say after waking up? If he doesn’t understand a word?

What did he just know?

Pei Nanxu hesitated and said, “Big brother, do you know the identity and background of this girl? Do you need me to investigate it for you?”

Pei Yucheng’s slender fingers picked up a white petal that fell on his hand, and said lightly: “No need.” In

this world, probably no one knows Lin Yan better than him.

“Nanxu, help me prepare a car and take me to a place.”

Hearing this, Pei Nanxu looked surprised: “Big brother, you just woke up, where are you going at this time?”

Pei Yucheng: “Go and figure it out. …One thing.”

a high-end apartment in the Imperial Capital.

After Lin Yan left the hotel, he took a bus and returned to his aunt.

After arriving home, she immediately took a bath and changed her clothes.

After taking a hot bath, Lin Yan felt a lot more energetic, and even seemed to feel better.

I don’t know why, she has a strange feeling, like a breath of malice in vain, and the depression that has been suppressed in her heart has dissipated a lot.

Obviously, not long ago, I was sad because of Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan’s affection, and even seemed to have accidentally fallen into the water. How come I feel pretty good now?

She’s been really confused lately…

Anyway, her mood gets better, it’s always good.

Lin Yan cheered up and decided to continue to inquire about the recent recruitment information of the crew.

Even if Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan have power in the entertainment industry, it is impossible to cover the sky with their hands, there will always be places where their hands cannot reach.

Get up from wherever you fall.

That arena…she can’t go back again…

she doesn’t want to be driven out of the entertainment industry in a desperate manner.

I was driving the computer for information, and there was a knock on the door.

Lin Yan got up and opened the door. “Auntie!”

Auntie looked into her room and looked upset. “Why use the computer again? Don’t you know how expensive electricity is now?”

After finishing speaking, he spoke to Lin angrily. Yan said, “I said Xiaoyan, this month is approaching the end of the month, when will you pay the rent! Shanshan goes to college is a place to spend money, but also to raise you such a big idler, our mothers still have to pay for it. It’s too much!”

Lin Yan frowned, “Sorry, aunt, can you take another two days, you know, my current job, income is not as good as before…”

Wang Qiaohui suddenly increased the volume, “That can’t Lai in our house, let us raise you as an orphan and a widow! I have never seen you so

shameless ! How did your mother teach you?” Lin Yan’s face was cold, “Auntie, don’t forget, My mother bought this house for uncle at the beginning, and I gave the money to my mother to help uncle!”

Wang Qiaohui, as if stepped on her tail, suddenly raised her hips excitedly, “Oh! Lin Yan! You! What do you mean! This house was originally given to us by your mother! If you gave it to us, it will naturally belong to us! I care who gave the money!

How long did your uncle die? You actually bullied our orphans and widows like this and robbed us of houses! Why is your girl so vicious?

You can listen to me clearly. If you can’t get the rent out again, you will roll it out next month! “

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