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Chapter 6 The Closest Relationship in the World

A private hospital in the Imperial Capital.

Pei Nanxu quickly rushed to the senior ward on the top floor.

At this moment, there was a crowd of high-level people surrounded by water, and everyone was looking anxiously toward the inside of the ward.

Seeing Pei Nanxu, the crowd gave way and respectfully called: “Second Young Master!”

Pei Nanxu had no time to pay attention to these people and immediately entered the ward.

With a “creak”, the door opened.

The snow-white ward was a little cold, and there was a bunch of white roses on the bedside, and a few petals fell scattered on the edge of the bed.

On the hospital bed, I saw a man sitting leaning against him, flipping a document in his hand.

The man has an unusually handsome face, but his expression is extremely cold. The simple glasses on his face reveal a breath of abstinence, and the eyes behind the lenses are like a deep and dangerous deep ocean.

He obviously just sat quietly on the hospital bed, but his whole body exuded a great sense of oppression, as if even the air in the ward was thin.

At this moment, he placed the document aside, leaning his forehead obliquely, as if he was concentrating on something, his eyes surging up and down.

“Big Brother…” Seeing the man awake, Pei Nanxu showed a bit of excitement on his always calm face.

The moment he looked at Pei Nanxu, the chill in the man’s eyes dissipated a little: “How is the company during this period?”

“The situation is not very good, but I stopped all the announcements, and I have been in the group these days. There is no major trouble for the time being.”

Pei Yucheng: “

Thank you .” Pei Nanxu’s eyes were reddened, “It’s fine if you wake up! You were suddenly in a coma before, and we were all unprepared. The most troublesome thing is that the doctor unexpectedly I can’t find out the reason for your coma. I found all the experts I could find, and they were all helpless.”

Pei Yucheng’s calm eyes were like the turbulent sea surface, “What special happened during my coma?”

Pei Nanxu was stunned when he heard the words, and suddenly remembered, “By the way, big brother, there is really a very strange thing, I was about to tell you.

Your account was stolen and sent me a very strange one. Email, but I haven’t found any traces of intrusion.

It’s like… it seems like you logged in with your password…”

Pei Yucheng’s eyes flickered, “Strange mail?”

Pei Nanxu nodded, “Yes.” …The content of the email is…”

Pei Yucheng: “Let you help a girl named Lin Yan.”

Before Pei Nanxu could speak, Pei Yucheng said the next thing.

Pei Nanxu was a little surprised, “Big brother, how did you know? Because this matter is too unreasonable, in order to find out who did it behind the scenes, and what purpose, so I went to help that as stated in the email. Girl.

Originally I was going to test the girl, but when I got a call saying that you were awake, you had to rush back first…

Did you really send the email? But, haven’t you been in a coma… just woke up?”

At this moment, the undercurrent in Pei Yucheng’s eyes has slowly subsided at this moment. It seems that he has finally figured out something, and casually said: “I woke up halfway.”

Pei Nanxu has always unconditionally trusted Pei Yucheng, so he did not doubt his words at all. .

However, he was a little puzzled.

“Brother, do you know this girl? Why do you suddenly ask me to help her? What is the relationship between you and this girl?” Rao was as calm as Pei Nanxu, and was also a little curious.

After all, there has never been any woman around his brother, and he has never even heard of this girl named Lin Yan.

Regarding this question, Pei Yucheng thought for a while, and seemed to be considering his words, and then he said: “The most intimate relationship in this world.”

Pei Nanxu: “…”

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