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Chapter 5 Memory Fault

When Lin Yan’s words came out, there was an uproar at the scene.

I go!

The other party is Han Yixuan, the eldest master of the Han family. Who said this to her courage?

Lin Shuya said in a defensive tone, “Even if Brother Yixuan doesn’t like you, you can’t say that to him? I don’t care what you did to Brother Yixuan just now, but don’t you think this is ridiculous? It’s such a big tone, you don’t even look down on Brother Yixuan, you…”

Before Lin Shu finished speaking, suddenly there was a cry of exclamation from the entrance.

Everyone subconsciously looked in the direction of the exclamation…The

next second, the guests who were onlookers opened their mouths in shock, and subconsciously stood in two rows.

Pei… Pei Nanxu! ! !

Nowadays, the top traffic in the entertainment industry, the coexistence of beauty and strength, the super actor Pei Nanxu who makes thousands of girls crazy!

Pei Nanxu has a weird temper and rarely attends private parties.

After all, with his background and backstage, he doesn’t need to give face to anyone.

Everyone did not expect to see Pei Nanxu at this small birthday party, and they were all excited.

“Ahhhh, my husband is so handsome!”

“Gosh! Shuya and Yixuan are too good-minded! Even big guys like Pei Nanxu can be invited!”

“But it’s no wonder, now Shuya and Yixuan are so popular !”

Lin Shuya was stunned by herself, but she reacted quickly, tidyed up her clothes and tried to go up to say hello, “Emperor Pei, I didn’t expect you to come… “

However, everyone saw that Pei Nanxu completely ignored Lin Shuya and walked straight towards Lin Yan.

The man stood still in front of Lin Yan, and the gentleman spoke softly–

“Sorry, Miss Lin Yan, I have been waiting for a long time.”

When Pei Nanxu’s voice fell, everyone was stunned.

Pei…Isn’t Pei Nanxu here to attend the birthday party…

Is here to find this hillbilly?

Lin Shuya couldn’t believe her eyes, and Han Yixuan frowned in surprise.

Lin Yan faced the actor male god with a calm expression, as if seeing an old friend who couldn’t be more familiar, and greeted him casually: “Let’s go.” Not to

mention everyone, for Lin Yan’s Attitude, even Pei Nanxu couldn’t hide his surprise.

However, the man didn’t say much, and directly led Lin Yan through the crowd and walked out the door.

Not far behind, Lin Shuya was almost mad with anger.

Will Lin Yan know Pei Nanxu?

In any case, today, her face is completely ashamed!

As for Han Yixuan, it was miserable at the moment.

He didn’t know how Lin Yan met Pei Nanxu, and he didn’t know why Lin Yan suddenly had so great magical powers that he could take his father’s company to blackmail him.

He only knows that if he didn’t save Lin Yan by jumping just now, then the Han family would definitely get into big trouble…

Shuya … Shuya, listen to me…” Unfortunately, I lost my face, so what else will Han Yixuan say? , It makes no sense.

Outside the hotel.

Lin Yan followed Pei Nanxu a few steps, a cold wind blew, she shivered coldly, and suddenly woke up.


The memory of the last second is still watching Han Yixuan and Lin Shuyaxiu’s affection. In this second, how come out of the Han family’s door?

And this person in front of him?

Lin Yan suddenly covered his mouth!

Oh my god! ! !

Pei Nanxu! ! ! !

Her idol Pei Nanxu?

Pei Nanxu, the actor she admires most?

How could she follow Pei Nanxu, she seems to be wearing Pei Nanxu’s suit? ? ?

Lin Yan was stunned, and it took him a long time to stammer, “Pei…Emperor Pei…Why are you here…The clothes on my body are…”

Pei Nanxu glanced at the girl with complicated eyes. , Was about to speak, at this moment, his mobile phone rang suddenly.

I don’t know what Pei Nanxu heard, and his face suddenly changed: “What? My brother is awake? Ok! I’ll go back right away!”

“Emperor Pei…”

Lin Yan on the side was too late to speak, Pei Nanxu was already driving the car. , Go away from the dust.

Lin Yan: “…”

What happened to this…?

At this time, Lin Yan realized with hindsight that he was drenched all over his body.

Could it be… Could it be that she accidentally fell into the water when she was inside, so Pei Nanxu rescued her?

The more Lin Yan thought about it, the more likely it was.

But why can’t she remember at all?

Since returning to China, there hasn’t been a good thing happening. Finally, she was able to get close to the male god tonight. She still has no impression at all…

Can she be more unlucky?

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