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Chapter 4 My Vision Isn’t That Bad

Lin Shuya narrowed her eyes slightly.

Anyway, there are so many guests and security guards, even if she can’t swim, she can’t go wrong.

But Lin Yan is different.

Han Yixuan will never save her.

Lin Shuya even thought, if Lin Yan just sank to the bottom of the swimming pool…

Since she did her own death, don’t blame her.

Lin Shuya concealed the shame in her eyes and looked at Lin Yan with a pity expression, “Okay, then I will let you give up!”

So Lin Shuya and Lin Yan walked to the edge of the pool together.

In the next second, two “puffs” of diving sounded one after another-

the guests on the side hurried over and looked mockingly in Lin Yan’s direction.

Is there a problem with this woman?

In any case, Han Yixuan’s rescuer couldn’t be her, right?

Han Yixuan had been staring at Lin Shuya, for fear of her being injured, and prepared to rescue her as soon as she jumped down.

At this moment, seeing Lin Shuya jumping, Han Yixuan was just about to go down…At

this moment, a servant-like person suddenly hurried over holding Han Yixuan’s mobile phone.

“Master! Hurry up… answer the phone!”

After that, Han Yixuan’s face changed suddenly without knowing what the person on the other end of the phone said.

Immediately afterwards, I saw Han Yixuan jumping into the water in a thunderous manner, and quickly… swimming towards Lin Yan!

However, Lin Yan didn’t let him touch him, and when he saw him coming, he swam ashore by himself.

The guests on the side were all dumbfounded when they saw that Han Yixuan was swimming towards Lin Yan. Lin

Shuya, who was fluttering in the water, was even more incredible…

wouldn’t Lin Yan know how to swim?

But why was she so proficient just now?

However, it doesn’t matter whether Lin Yan can swim or not. Everyone sees that Han Yixuan went to save Lin Yan first.

It took a long time for everyone to come back to their senses, and quickly picked up Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya drank water and almost lost her breath. The clothes on her body were all wet, and all the delicate makeup on her face was spent. There was still a half of elegance, like a water ghost.

In contrast, Lin Yan, who was dressed in overalls without makeup, had no effect at all.

On the other side, Han Yixuan didn’t even look at Lin Shuya. He was looking at Lin Yan nervously, and took a bath towel and handed it to her.

Lin Yan didn’t take the bath towel in Han Yixuan’s hand, and looked at Lin Shuya in embarrassment casually, “Now you believe it?”

Lin Shuya couldn’t believe it, Han Yixuan actually saved Lin Yan!

“Brother Yixuan, why…” Lin Shuya stared at Han Yixuan, crying.

Could it be that he still can’t let go of Lin Yan?

Impossible, this woman has nothing now, how can she compare with her?

“Shuya, I…” Han Yixuan looked at Lin Shuya’s sad look with anxious expression on his face. He wanted to explain, but he couldn’t speak here.

Lin Shuya stared at Lin Yan, “What the hell did you do to Brother Yixuan?”

Lin Yan tonight is too weird, Lin Shuya is almost out of control.

At this time, a few close friends who were close to Lin Shuya came over and helped Lin Shuya speak.

“Shuya, don’t be angry, this woman must have used something shameful!”

“Yes, I see a woman like her a lot. Seeing a high-quality man like Han Yixuan is not like a fly seeing meat. Get entangled!”

Lin Yan glanced at the two women who were talking faintly, “Entangling Han Yixuan? Sorry, today I just want to prove that this Mr. Han is nothing more than that to Miss

Lin Shuya .” Han Yixuan listened to Lin Yan’s instigation.

Just as he was about to speak, Lin Yan continued to

speak– “As for me, my vision is not that bad.” Han Yixuan: “…”

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