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Chapter 3 Dare to Gamble Once

Han Yixuan has always known that Lin Yan is soft and indifferent.

I have known each other for two years, and Han Yixuan has not seen anyone who she does something to.

Besides, she loves this sister the most.

Unexpectedly, she could actually put such a heavy hand on Lin Shuya!

Han Yixuan was angry and distressed. He walked over in two steps, first pulling Lin Shuya into his arms, and then ignoring the image of the idol, shouting at Lin Yan: “Lin Yan are you crazy? How can you do it? Hit

someone !” Lin Yan looked up coldly, his gaze forced Han Yixuan to back off for several steps holding Lin Shuya.

It’s scary!

This wasn’t the Lin Yan who had been instructed by him for two years, had been deceived by him for two years, and was stupidly counting his money.

This look is calm and sharp, and the powerful aura it brings is shocking.

Rao is that Han Yixuan has not lacked the experience of dealing with high-ranking people since he was a child, and he was shocked by the look in his eyes.

Lin Yan’s icy eyes turned on Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya, and both of them shivered in unison.

After that, Lin Yan spoke, the voice was still the same, but it seemed to have injected another powerful soul.

“Why, you can’t stand it with a slap? You didn’t kneel in front of me and said that as long as I give Han Yixuan to you, or I will cut you a thousand swords, you are willing?” The

surrounding guests suddenly fell silent. Then they whispered in twos and threes.

Is there such a thing?

Lin Shuya didn’t expect that Lin Yan, who had always been tolerant, would suddenly be so strong, and she suddenly panicked.

She looked at Lin Yan with jealousy, worried that the people around him would believe Lin Yan, but she soon calmed down: “Where did you come from? Talking nonsense here, I have a love affair with Brother Yixuan. Xiangyue, everyone is right…”

Lin Shuya paused, and deliberately glanced up and down at Lin Yan’s stall. “Do you think someone will believe you when you say this?” The

guests laughed at Lin Shuya’s words.

“Heh.” Lin Yan smiled

carelessly , “The two love each other ?” When Lin Yan watched Lin Shuya speak, Lin Shuya felt her heart tremble.

When she was not speaking, Lin Shuya felt her heart tremble even more.

Just when Lin Shuya was about to blast Lin Yan out, she listened to Lin Yan pointing to the swimming pool next to him and saying, “So, let’s take a

gamble .” Lin Shuya felt the danger inexplicably, and didn’t want to change suddenly from the one in front of her. Lin Yan said more by himself.

Maybe Lin Yan was driven to a dead end by her, already crazy.

What to bet with a madman?

Lin Yan continued to speak blankly: “Neither I nor Lin Shuya can swim, but Han Yixuan, you can.”

She paused, and a smile appeared in her eyes, but the smile was frightening: “Mr. Han , If I fell into the water with Miss

Lin Shuya, who would you save?” After Lin Shuya listened, Lin Yan’s expression was similar to that of a fool.

Of course Han Yixuan will save her. Does this still need to be asked?

Lin Yan saw all Lin Shuya’s expressions in his eyes, and continued to speak faintly: “How about, Lin Shuya, do you want to gamble?”

Lin Shuya sneered, “Is it necessary to bet on this kind of thing? I don’t want to do such a thing with you, a crazy woman!”

Lin Yan’s eyes showed a palpitating dark light: “

Afraid of losing ?” Lin Shuya didn’t know why Lin Yan was so abnormal tonight, but she did. Success was aroused by the desire to win and lose: “Joke, I will be afraid of losing? I am the person that Brother Yixuan loves the most…”

Han Yixuan also nodded in agreement with his eyes firmly on the side.

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