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Chapter 20 This character must be mine

Outside the window, Xia’s Zhizhi called out one after another.

The air conditioner in the bedroom was broken, and the scorching sun was facing the window, like a stove.

Lin Yan turned on the computer and was looking for recruitment information for the crew.

In the room of the opposite cousin Qin Shanshan, the noise of playing games was heard from time to time.

“Shanshan, eat more fruits quickly. It’s good for your skin. The Imperial Film and Television Academy is the best film academy in China. You must study hard! You know?” Wang Qiaohui smiled and cut a plate of iced fruit, and brought her daughter. in front of.

Qin Shanshan curled his lips and said, “Mom, whoever enters school these days and still goes to class every day, will anyone who has a way to go straight to filming?”

Lin Yan frowned when he heard this, and couldn’t help but speak. Shanshan, in the entertainment industry, if you want to go long-term, the most important

thing is to lay the foundation first…” Qin Shanshan immediately laughed, “It’s so funny, cousin, you can only hang around every day. I

‘m not a fool , and I don’t even have a line. What entertainment industry do I know?” Wang Qiaohui also looked upset, “You have time to worry about this. Why don’t you worry about your rent this month!”

Lin Yan knew that his words were useless, so he simply stopped. Open up.

Qin Shanshan white smoke a forest, deliberately showing off a tone began, “Mom, ya cousin book has helped me to arrange an opportunity to audition for the movie!”

Wang Qiaohui eyes light up, “What movie ah?”

“” Qifengduishou “I auditioned for a supporting actress, which is regarded as the female number four, but, mom, don’t look down on the female number four. This is a big production with tens of millions of investment. The male lead is the movie emperor Pei Nanxu, and the investor is JM Group. !”

When Wang Qiaohui heard it, her face was flushed, “Oh, the drama invested by JM Group? That’s definitely a big production! The competition must be fierce!”

“Isn’t it, a girl in our dormitory had an audition last week. The dragon set of a line was directly brushed off!

Even the dragon set has a group of students from famous schools robbed the head, let alone those 18-line wild roads!” When Qin Shanshan said this, he deliberately mocked. Glancing at Lin Yan.

“Then Shanshan, you have to be prepared!”

“Mom, don’t worry, cousin Shuya has already greeted me, and this role must be mine!”

Qin Shanshan said Lin Yan has also heard of it.

The new film directed by Jiang Yiming is indeed currently being cast.

However, Jiang Yiming is notoriously harsh. His drama never accepts role placement, and all casts only look at acting.

Therefore, even if Qin Shanshan got the chance to audition, in the end, he would only be able to stay by relying on his strength.

As for the female No. 4 Qin Shanshan got… As soon as

Lin Yan heard that Qin Shanshan said that she was going to audition for this role, it became clear that Lin Shuya was just casually selling Qin Shanshan as a favor, and she didn’t really want to. Help Qin Shanshan.

This female number four is supposed to be a strong woman, the kind of domineering female president with super aura.

With Qin Shanshan’s experience and acting skills, it is impossible to control it.

Lin Yan didn’t think too much, and continued to search for information and submit resumes. Anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

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