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Chapter 2 (The rest of my life is with you)

In the evening, a luxury hotel in the Imperial Capital.

Because the crew has been unable to find a job, Lin Yan is planning to come to the hotel to apply.

When she came in, she went the wrong way and accidentally broke into a pool party.

Seeing the lively crowd in front of him, Lin Yan was a little startled.

She didn’t expect that Lin Shuya’s birthday party would be here tonight.

Oh, since she returned to China, she really hasn’t encountered a thing that pleases her.

Not long ago, Han Yixuan just announced their relationship with Lin Shuya.

Half a year ago, Han Yixuan said in public that he would carry out bachelorism to the end. He would never leave his fans in love and marry. This face-slap came so quickly that not only was there no public ridicule, but a little envious.

After all, Lin Shuya is the only daughter of Kaisheng Entertainment Group, and is still the most popular traffic now. If you marry her in the future, it will be equivalent to marrying a lot of resources.

Of course, Lin Shuya is not at a loss.

Han Yixuan’s family has been in business for many years and has a rich family background.

At this moment, a group of luxuriously dressed young men and women are surrounded by the swimming pool where the party is held.

Under the romantic background of the musical fountain, Lin Shuya wears a Chinese-style simple and elegant cheongsam with a beautiful and gentle appearance, while Han Yixuan is handsome and handsome in a white suit.

With a gentle expression, Han Yixuan took out an expensive diamond necklace and personally helped Lin Shuya wear it.

Lin Yan saw the necklace from a distance, and her heart tightened…

The necklace Han Yixuan gave Lin Shuya was the one she liked before but was reluctant to buy it.

The money she earned abroad over the years has been spent either on this sister or Han Yixuan, but she has always been frugal, even reluctant to buy a necklace.

At this time, only a “bang” sound was heard.

Even worse happened…

Lin Yan wanted to leave as soon as possible, but unexpectedly, a waiter next to her accidentally broke the plate.

All of a sudden, everyone looked in that direction.

At the same time, I also saw Lin Yan, who was wearing out of place.

“Who is this woman? Why did she come over when she dressed like this?”

“I don’t know!     Shuya and Yixuan shouldn’t have friends of this kind?”

Lin Shuya was the first to recognize standing Next to the waiter, the shabby young girl couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows slightly.

Facing the guests’ pointers and Lin Shuya’s mocking eyes, Lin Yan’s face turned pale.

She almost couldn’t help rushing up, telling everyone that Lin Shuya was a shameless mistress, robbed her boyfriend, and slapped Han Yixuan, calling him a scumbag and stepping on two boats!

However, she stood there, trembling with anger, and couldn’t move at all.

She thought she could forgive!

She thought she could forget!

When she saw these two people with her own eyes, all the hatred came up.

“Why is she here?” Han Yixuan asked Lin Shuya with some guilty conscience when he saw Lin Yan.

Lin Shuya gently held Han Yixuan’s hand, and said softly: “Sister must have figured it out. Come to celebrate my birthday, right?”

After finishing speaking, Lin Shuya stepped on high heels and walked over gracefully and calmly.

Lin Shuya walked to Lin Yan’s side, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and she whispered towards Lin Yan, “Dear sister, why are you here? Could it be…are you here to apply for a waiter?”

“Lin Shuya!” Lin Shuya! Smoke gritted his teeth.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that the top racing driver who used to be the best in foreign countries will now fall into this field, the peak race, eat illegal drugs, be reported, and lost everything. Now, you are really cheap! Nobody even wants to run the dragon, come here to wash the dishes?”

“Do you think I don’t know? The glass of water before my game, you moved your hands and feet! Lin Shuya, how did I treat you all these years? I worked hard. Make money for you to go to the best school, give you the best life, the clothes you wear, the villa you live in, and the luxuries you use. Which of the clothes you wear, the villa you live in, and the luxuries you use. His eyes were scarlet, his eyes turned black, and a burst of dizziness came.

Hearing the sound, Lin Shuya’s face changed slightly, and she immediately returned to normal, whispering in her ears: “Heh…you actually know it, but what about it, who would believe what you said? You, it’s really pitiful!”

She just spotted this sister’s weak temperament, not to mention, even if she knew it, she couldn’t do anything.

Lin Shuya looked at Lin Yan’s painful expression without fear. However, at this moment…     There was a crisp


under Lin Shuya’s unbelievable gaze, it seemed weak for a second. Lin Yan, who might have fainted, slapped her down with a heavy slap.

Han Yixuan was talking to a friend, but as soon as he turned his back, he heard a sound from the side.

He quickly turned his head and saw Lin Shuya covering her face and staying where she was beaten. Seeing Lin Yan who was suddenly powerful, he didn’t react for quite a while.

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