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Chapter 19 The four are empty, only make money

“Professor He… I don’t feel right, I am absolutely split in personality! How about you show me again?” Lin Yan stared at He Ruiyuan.

“Miss Lin, you are too nervous, you must respect science and trust the doctor.” He Ruiyuan frowned.

“Professor He, it’s not that I don’t believe in science and doctors, I mainly don’t believe in myself!” Lin Yan said.

“Haha, Miss Lin, since you know the classic cases of split personality abroad, you should know my authority. If you don’t, you don’t have it.” He Ruiyuan smiled.

“I still think…” Lin Yan hesitated.

“Miss Lin, or else, you go see another doctor?” Finally, He Ruiyuan pinched his eyebrows.

“Other doctors? Are there any doctors better than you?” Lin Yan asked hurriedly.

The old man smiled modestly, “I’m afraid not.”

Lin Yan: “…”

I’m sorry, I was interrupted.

In the end, Lin Yan could only leave in despair.

Since even experts in the spiritual field like He Ruiyuan said there was no problem, she should really have no problem.

Could it be… a ghost upper body?

After Lin Yan left, the old man picked up his mobile phone and dialed the phone.

“Mr. Pei, the things you explained have been completed, yes, Miss Lin has no doubts.”

… After

going to the hospital for an examination, Lin Yan felt a little relieved.

Then, I finally remembered someone I had forgotten.

“Hey, dog…” It was

almost as soon as Lin Yan made the call, the other end was connected, and then Wang Jingyang’s excited voice came: “Damn! Lin Yan, you are so ignorant, you finally know to give me back. Call it!”

Lin Yan laughed helplessly, “Did I say something weird to you last night?”

Wang Jingyang immediately said, “It’s more than strange, it’s terrifying. Last night I asked if you want to live with me. You said you have a place to go. He also said to go to your boyfriend! So… when did you make your boyfriend?”

Lin Yan was stunned, but she didn’t expect that she said something like this last night: “Did I say it?”

Wang Jingyang: “Of course. Say it! You said it yourself last night!”

Lin Yan said helplessly: “My memory has declined a bit lately, not to mention that I drank some wine last night. If I drank too much, you also believe in

nonsense ?” Wang Jingyang was shocked. I stayed, “Fuck! Lin Yan, your uncle! You made me stay up all night, but you told me that you were talking nonsense?”

Lin Yan was a little speechless: “Just because of this you didn’t sleep all night? Are you as for? “

Wang Jingyang coughed slightly with a guilty conscience, “Isn’t I curious…”

Wang Jingyang seemed to be a little worried, “Are you sober now? You really don’t have a boyfriend?”

Lin Yan: “Really not! Now I am.” The four

things in his heart are empty, only to make money!” Wang Jingyang: “…” He believed those words.

Lin Yan: “I won’t tell you anymore. I’m looking for a job. If I can’t pay the rent next month, I will go to you!” After

hanging up the phone, Lin Yan took a deep breath and swept his mind. All the mess.

Although after seeing the doctor, she still has some doubts that have not been resolved, but all these have become unimportant when she is almost unable to meet the basic food and clothing.

She has to make money quickly.

Otherwise, let alone the rent, there is no money to see a doctor, she can’t have such good luck every day.

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