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Chapter 18 Drink more hot water

Immediately, Lin Yan strode into the hospital.

“Miss Lin, it seems that your leg was not reviewed today.”

Just stepping into the hospital, Lin Yan ran into the familiar head nurse.

She has been treating leg problems in the Fourth Hospital for some time, and she is quite familiar with many staff members.

“No.” Lin Yan shook his head and stared at the head nurse: “I’m going to see the psychiatric department today.”

“See the psychiatric department?” The head nurse was inexplicable.

“Let’s talk next time~” Lin Yan hurriedly greeted him, and then, fearing to miss the opportunity, he hurried to hang up He Ruiyuan’s expert number.

Lin Yan originally thought that He Ruiyuan’s account was definitely not easy to hang, or had many restrictions.

At this time, Lin Yan found that he was thinking too much, and it was almost unimpeded.

But Lin Yan didn’t think much about it. After all, He Ruiyuan is an expert in the field of psychiatry. There shouldn’t be so many people who come to the psychiatry department, right?

… On the

third floor, in front of an office, Lin Yan knocked on the door, and there was not even a line in line on He Ruiyuan’s side.

After getting permission, Lin Yan opened the door and walked in.

“You are Professor He…”

Lin Yan recognized He Ruiyuan at a glance.

“Please sit down.” The old man pointed to the chair behind Lin Yan.

“Hello, tell me about your situation.” The old man put on his glasses and looked at Lin Yan.

“Professor He, it is like this. I feel that I am mentally ill!” Lin Yan stared at He Ruiyuan and whispered.

Hearing this, He Ruiyuan smiled: “Have you diagnosed yourself? Whether there are any mental problems? It’s not you who have the final say, this lady, your surname.”

“My surname is Lin.” Lin The smoke is truthful.

“Okay Miss Lin, why do you say that there is something wrong with your spirit?” The old man said with a smile.

Lin Yan pondered for a moment, “Professor He, this is a long story, you wait for me to tell you slowly, word by word, it’s like this, before I went out that day, I ate two buns…”

He Ruiyuan: “You’d better make a long story short. Just talk about the key points.”

Lin Yan: “…”

“That’s okay.” Lin Yan drooped his head: “I often lose consciousness, and during this period of unconsciousness, I will do it. Some very unusual things, but I don’t even know about it!”

Then, Lin Yan was full of horror: “Professor He, I have read your classic case report abroad. This is exactly the same as a split personality. I must be mentally ill. I have a split personality, and my personality, according to my guess, should be very aggressive!” The

old man walked to Lin Yan’s side, pulled Lin Yan’s eyelids, and after looking for a moment, he sat back in his original position again. .

“Miss Lin, you don’t need to be too nervous. Your situation is very common. I don’t think you have a split personality. It’s just that the recent mood swings and stress have caused a lot of memory decline.” He Ruiyuan said.

“Ah? Impossible!” Lin Yan looked dazed, just looked at his own eyeballs… This is too unscientific and rigorous!

“Hehe, since Miss Lin doesn’t believe me, let’s do some comprehensive inspections.”

“That fee…”

“Today is free.”

“Hmm, that’s good!” Lin Yan was like a chicken pecking at rice. Nodded.

Soon, Lin Yan followed He Ruiyuan to leave the room.

For the next two hours, Lin Yan didn’t know what she had checked. She seemed to have used various large and small instruments, and there was also a questionnaire, and she needed to fill in the answers by herself.

After all the checks were completed, Lin Yan followed He Ruiyuan and returned to the office again.

The old man looked at the report in his hand and said towards Lin Yan: “Miss Lin, according to the results of my observation and examination, you do not have the so-called split personality. Go back and eat less spicy food, relax your mood, don’t be too nervous, and drink more. Hot water.”

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