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Chapter 17 is such a good man!

Pei Nanxu seemed to have something to say to Pei Yucheng. Seeing that she was in the house, he did not speak, and walked out thoughtfully.

Upon seeing this, Lin Yan hurriedly looked at Pei Yucheng and said, “Mr. Pei, since you are still ill, I will take a step forward and don’t bother. As for what happened yesterday, I swear it will never happen again. It was all my pig before. It will only offend you if you get caught in your heart…”

Lin Yan was a little nervous after speaking, because he didn’t know what Pei Yucheng’s attitude was.

With Pei Yucheng’s status, if she wants to embarrass her, she has no resistance.

In fact, under normal circumstances, as a girl, she should be the one who suffers, but it is Pei Yucheng who let the other party…

How can she take advantage of this matter.

City Pei Yu Wen Yan, eyes seemed meaningful, lightly, “I hope so.”

Lin did not see the other side must be held accountable smoke mean, relieved, “Rest assured, I will never again appear in front of you!”

Pei Yu in city The girl swears a glance at her small face: “Since Miss Lin said so, then I am relieved. I will let the driver take you off.”

Lin Yan subconsciously wanted to refuse, but after another thought, there must be no buses in this place and taxis. It’s too expensive, she is so poor now, can save a little or save a little.

“That…thank you!”

It seemed that she had misunderstood Pei Yucheng, but she didn’t expect others to be fine.

… After

Lin Yan left, Pei Nanxu pushed the door back in.

“Big brother, are you really okay?”

Originally, he thought that Pei Yucheng was going to fall asleep for a long time this time. He didn’t expect that after sending him back according to Lin Yan’s words last night, he woke up not long after.

Pei Yucheng’s gaze crossed the side window and fell on the girl downstairs: “I look like something is wrong?”

Pei Nanxu shook his head.

Not only is it okay, but the state looks good.

It’s just that Lin Yan looks a little strange, not the same as the feeling he gave him two times before.

However, the girl was fickle, and Pei Nanxu didn’t care too much.


black car drove steadily, and the scenery outside the window quickly retreated. Soon, the luxurious villa gradually disappeared from sight.

Lin Yan felt an absurd dream and finally woke up.

But all the facts show that these are not dreams, and there may be really something wrong with her spirit.

“Master, can I trouble you to stop at the Fourth People’s Hospital?”

She is familiar with the Fourth Hospital, and it happens that the psychiatric department of the Fourth Hospital is also the best in the city.

“Okay, Miss Lin.”

Soon, the driver stopped in front of the outpatient department building of the Fourth People’s Hospital.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Lin Yan saw a very conspicuous propaganda sign.

[Professor He Ruiyuan

, a well-known psychiatrist, has a free consultation today, and all examination items are free] Seeing the billboard, Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment, a famous psychiatrist, and is it a free examination?

This is rain in time!

What Lin Yan lacks most now is money. Before that, he was still worried that the money he brought with him would not be enough for the cost of the inspection.

Moreover, He Ruiyuan’s name looked familiar.

Lin Yan took out his mobile phone and typed He Ruiyuan on the web page.

[He Ruiyuan, a top expert in the field of mental illness]

Lin Yan’s eyes were gleaming, no wonder he was familiar with He Ruiyuan’s name. He Ruiyuan had a very sensational case.

When she was a racing driver abroad, she had read relevant reports in the medical field abroad.

A certain foreign criminal has a typical personality split. In addition to his own personality, he has split six completely different personalities, three of which are highly aggressive.

In the end, the foreign criminal was completely cured by He Ruiyuan.

“I went… hit the big luck?”

Lin Yan murmured.

This He Ruiyuan is simply a top expert in the spiritual field of the world, okay, he actually came to the Fourth People’s Hospital for a consultation, and all the inspection items are free!

Sure enough, that sentence was answered.

The heart of the healer’s parents!

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