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Chapter 15 (The rest of my life is with you)

She obviously didn’t do it, but she couldn’t refute it at all.

Lin Yan was unspeakable, suffocated to death, and his whole person was like a mushroom that had been ravaged by a violent storm.

Pei Yucheng looked at the girl who clearly wanted to say something, but couldn’t say a word, and was inexplicably happy: “Think of a more reasonable excuse?”

Lin Yan grieved and pursed his lips.

Is there a reasonable reason for such a ridiculous thing? TV series dare not edit this way!

She really couldn’t think of any other reasons except for the fine points.

Lin Yan was waiting to die, and the appointed murmured: “No…no more…”

She backed down this huge cauldron…

Pei Yucheng pinched the cigarette butt in her hand: “Come here.”

Lin Yan Hearing this, Shu’s raised his head, his eyes widened, and his face was wary.

Seeing the girl not moving, the bottom of Pei Yucheng’s eyes suddenly became colder, and a little bit of coercion poured out.

Lin Yan suddenly felt a chill climb up from his spine, swallowed and spit, and slowly walked towards Pei Yucheng, recognizing his fate.

After painting for a long time, he finally reached a place three steps away from Pei Yucheng.

The man seemed to dislike her for being too slow, and stretched out her long arms. In an instant, she was placed next to the man’s leg.

A faint tobacco smell mixed with the smell of the forest, instantly enveloping her.

Lin Yan couldn’t even dare to show the atmosphere, only a pair of eyes stared at the man in front of him in fear.

At this moment, the girl looked panicked and terrified, looking good and pitiful, just like a rabbit that strayed into the wolf’s den.

From a close distance, it can be clearly seen that even if her mental and physical conditions are very poor, her skin is still good, and her pores are so delicate that she can barely see her pores.

Probably because the skin was too delicate, the face that had been slapped by herself just now became red and swollen.

Pei Yucheng stretched out his slender fingers and gently touched the girl’s redness and swelling.

Lin Yan suddenly shrank his neck subconsciously in pain.

Pei Yucheng stretched out his hand, crossed Lin Yan, opened the drawer from behind her, and took out something.

This action is almost like embracing her in his arms.

Lin Yan held his breath from start to finish, not daring to move.

Is it still possible to resist beating? She is the one who did the wrong thing!

Just when Lin Yan felt that Pei Yucheng had pulled out some big stick to beat her… The

man’s fingers took a touch of coolness and gently wiped the redness on her cheek… The

pain on her face suddenly became cold. Yes, it’s very comfortable, and it seems that I can smell a scent of medicine.

Lin Yan was a little surprised.

Pei Yucheng is… applying medicine to her?

Thinking of this, the man has already applied the ointment for her.

Afterwards, Pei Yucheng put his arms casually on both sides of her body, looked at her with those cold and deep eyes, and said casually, “Miss Lin, please protect your body. I don’t want to see you again next time. Injured.”

Unexpectedly, Pei Yucheng cared about himself, Lin Yan blinked in a bit of surprise, and nodded subconsciously, “Oh…”

Pei Yucheng put the ointment aside and said casually, “After all, I also have the right to use your body. “

Lin Yan: “…!!!”

He also has the right to use her body? ? ?

Isn’t it the kind of meaning she understood?

Didn’t they just accidentally get together once? Should we continue to maintain this relationship in the future? ? ?

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