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Chapter 14 (The rest of my life is with you)

She…she slept near Pei Yucheng?

Did she eat the courage of the ambition leopard! ! !

Lin Yan got up and explained in a panic: “How is this possible! Mr. Pei, I think there must be some misunderstanding between us, even if I lend me a hundred courage, I dare not disrespect you… …”

Pei Yucheng’s slender fingers held half-burning cigarettes, and his lazy eyes slightly lifted up and looked at her: “I ‘m already disrespectful.”

Lin Yan: “…”

It’s already disrespectful… …

Who will save her…

Seeing that Lin Yan was silent, Pei Yucheng glanced at her coldly , “What else do I want to say?”

Lin Yan was struggling to death: “Yes! Mr. Pei, I have a very important one. Question, since you said…say me…I’m disrespectful to you…then…how on earth did I…how do I succeed?”

If she had the ability to sleep in Pei Yucheng, why wouldn’t she go to heaven!

Pei Yucheng’s slender fingers are holding a cigarette, and his other hand is tilting his forehead, like a misty eyebrow slightly raised, “You want me… to help you remember?”

“Cough cough cough cough…” Lin Yan was frightened. His face turned pale: “No! No need! I didn’t…I don’t mean that!”

Lin Yan was forced to give up the question.

What can she do?

Lin Yan was anxious and asked cautiously, “Mr. Pei…If I tell you…I really don’t remember…Do you believe it?”

Seeing the girl’s frightened appearance, a light touch appeared in the bottom of Pei Yucheng’s eyes. With a smile, “Naturally believe it.” I

finally believe it!

Lin Yan’s eyes were bright and his face was full of excitement, and when he heard it, Pei Yucheng continued to speak, “After all, if a woman wants to get rid of all the time, what ridiculous reason can’t be made up?”

Lin Yan: “…”

I’ll go!

she was! true! No! Have! what!

It’s too scary to give Pei Yucheng into chaos and finally abandon it!

Could it be… Did she really forget something?

At this moment, Lin Yan’s mind suddenly flashed.

She seems to…know what’s going on!

Including why she did so many things she didn’t remember before!

Making a big noise at Lin Shuya’s wedding…

Knowing Pei Nanxu… and having a relationship with Pei

Yucheng… It’s

all because of her… a

split personality! ! !

If this is the case, it seems that everything can be explained.

“I’m going…I…I don’t have a mental problem…Is my personality split…” Lin Yan said to himself in a panic.

When Pei Yucheng heard the girl’s whispered words, the corners of his mouth seemed to twitch imperceptibly: “…”

Lin Yan thought of this and started to have a headache. If he directly told Pei Yucheng that her personality was split, it was another personality that slept with him. Not her, I wonder if Pei Yucheng will let her go?

Lin Yan thought about it for a while, and then realized that it seemed impossible…

Even if it was split, isn’t it still a good thing for her to do!

If the truth is true, then… Then she is too disadvantaged, right?

She needs to bear the consequences, but she has no memory of how she slept!

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