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Chapter 13 (The rest of my life is with you)

The man was naked, with only a wide bath towel around his waist. The transparent water drops along the wet hair fell on the man’s honey chest and spread all the time…

Seeing the girl sitting on the edge of the bed, the man’s deep and cold eyes were inattentive.

Looking at her, “I woke up.” Lin Yan stared blankly at the man who suddenly came out of the bathroom. For an instant, there were a hundred prehistoric mammoths roaring and stepping across his head…

“Pei… Pei Yucheng “The

impression I saw on TV at the time was too deep, so she would never admit her mistake.

She tried to remember what happened last night, but she still couldn’t remember at all.


Lin Yan raised his hand and slapped herself!

Lin Yan, be more sober!

You are dreaming!

You must be dreaming!

Pei Yucheng, who was wiping his hair, watched Lin Yan suddenly slap himself, with a complicated expression: “…” In

order to prevent Lin Yan from harming herself, the man reminded: “Perhaps, you need to calm down.”

Lin Yan mechanically numbly repeatedly. Nodded, “Yes, yes, that’s right! I need to calm down! Calm down… Calm down…”

Lin Yan frantically tried to calm himself down while thinking about it.


she bit her lip and looked at Pei Yucheng with a broken expression, “President Pei…you…can you put on a dress first? You are like this, it’s hard for me to calm down…” The

man’s eyes seemed to flash. After a smile, “Okay.” After

a long while, Pei Yucheng finally put on a set of home clothes and an extra pair of glasses on his face.

The man sits on the sofa by the window, the dappled sunlight falls through the shadows of the trees on his cold and alienated eyebrows, the sleeves of the white shirt are rolled up a few times, the slender legs are randomly folded, and the simple pair on the bridge of the nose The glasses not only didn’t weaken his aura, but made him burst into a burst.

Lin Yan: “…!!!”

Lin Yan felt that he might not be able to calm down today.

The entertainment circles say that Pei Nanxu’s face can kill people with its beauty, but this one in front of him is enough to be seductive.

Pei Yucheng seemed to see that she had something to say, and slowly lit a cigarette, a faint smoke lingering at the slender fingertips, “What do you want to say?”

Lin Yan finally came back to his senses, sorted out her language, and trembled. Heart, cautiously asked, “Sorry, President Pei, I may have drunk too much last night, I don’t remember what happened…

So, I want to ask what happened, why I woke up in the morning at President Pei. At home…”

“I don’t remember…” Hearing this, Pei Yucheng’s thin lips were imperceptibly aroused, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes under the lenses.

Then, using that low-pitched, extremely magnetic voice, he said, “Why, I don’t recognize it when I slept, pretending to have amnesia?”

Lin Yan: “…” With a

“puff,” Lin Yan slipped off the edge of the bed with a soft leg. Kneeled directly scared.

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