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Chapter 12 (The rest of my life is with you)

Early the next morning.

Imperial Capital Mid-Levels Villa.

In the spacious and bright bedroom, Lin Yan rubbed his eyes in a daze, and got up from the soft quilt.

In the next second, Lin Yan woke up instantly after seeing where he was.

The spacious space, the low-key luxurious decoration, the swimming pool outside the window, the king size bed lying underneath, every seemingly low-key but expensive furnishings and murals in the house…

this…this is definitely not In the aunt’s apartment, it is even less likely to be in Wang Jingyang’s.

damn it!

Why is she fragmented again?

Didn’t she hang up with Wang Jingyang outside last night?

Where is this again?

There is no memory of those beer last night that it is impossible to make her drunk.

This is not the first time that this kind of memory loss has appeared suddenly. It

was also when I saw Pei Nanxu at the entrance of the hotel last night… At that time, she only regarded it as being too tired.

But the situation this morning was incredible.

Why was he having a barbecue with Wang Jingyang at the stall a second ago, and when he opened his eyes… he was lying on an unfamiliar bed?

Lin Yan tried to remember, but couldn’t remember anything.

At this moment, her cell phone rang suddenly.

Lin Yan clicked it casually, and then discovered that Wang Jingyang had sent her countless messages last night.

Gouzi: Damn it! Lin Yan! You have no conscience! You don’t even tell me such a big thing! When did you make a boyfriend!

Gouzi: Who is your boyfriend?

Dog: How old!

Gouzi: What are you doing!

Gouzi: What do you do at home!

Dog: Are you handsome?

Lin Yan looked speechless, what nerves was Wang Jingyang making?

What boyfriend? What is the closest person?

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yan suddenly saw that there was a video in Wang Jingyang’s message.

Gouzi: Lin Yan, your uncle! Still not friends! How many things are you hiding from me? [Attached video]

Lin Yan played the video at a suspicious location…The

video seems to be secretly filmed, it looks a bit shaky, but it is still clear.

However, how come the scenes in this video become more familiar as you watch them?

Isn’t this at Lin Shuya’s birthday party at the hotel that day?

Soon, she saw her figure…

When Lin Yan watched the entire video, she stayed where she was, with a stunned expression on her face.

That video recorded the whole process of how she appeared at the birthday party last night, how she made a bet with Lin Shuya, how Han Yixuan jumped to save her, and… Pei Nanxu!

Lin Yan always thought that he was too tired and accidentally fell into the water with the events that night, and then was helped by Pei Nanxu.

Unexpectedly, so many things happened during this!

When I woke up, the world was turned upside down-

lying on the big bed of a luxurious villa… The

ex-boyfriend put his girlfriend to save her no matter what… The

top traffic in the entertainment industry was like her old friend for many years…

She didn’t even dare to dream like this Do it!

Is there anything more incredible in this world?

The next second, the door of the bathroom opposite was suddenly pushed open with

a “creak”… A man who looked more upside down than Pei Nanxu walked out of the bathroom.

If she didn’t admit her mistake, she had just seen this man on TV not long ago-the helm of the imperial capital Pei’s family, the president of the business empire JM Group… Pei Yucheng!

Lin Yan: “…!!!”

Really! ! !

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