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Chapter 11 Which one is better at pinching peach blossoms?

Wang Jingyang didn’t expect Lin Yan to wake up suddenly, so he fell off in fright, and it took him a long time to get up with his waist.

“Fuck! Lin Yan, what are you doing? I was almost scared of you to have a heart attack!!!”

The look on the girl’s face seemed to be stunned for a moment, but she quickly returned to normal, and her eyes appeared clear.

I saw the girl’s originally dim and gloomy eyes, like a pearl wiped away from the dust in an instant, glowing with a cold light, after hearing the sound, she glanced at Wang Jingyang and said lightly, “If you didn’t do something wrong, you are afraid What.”

“I…” Wang Jingyang was so guilty of conscience, and forcibly explained, “I just want to help you take it off because you see something on your face! Otherwise, what do you think I want to do?”

“Really? Lin Yan smiled faintly, noncommittal.

But that expression gave Wang Jingyang a panic that all his thoughts were penetrated.

There is even a terrible sense of oppression when facing a powerful opponent…

Damn! What’s the situation…

Wang Jingyang couldn’t help but vomit, “Lin Yan, you have a ghostly upper body? Why is it suddenly so…chilled…”

And the look in the moment when he opened his eyes just now, it can scare him!

Wang Jingyang murmured to himself while hurriedly changed the subject, “Lin Yan, did you hear what I just said? Don’t you just go to my place to live? Don’t be angry at your aunt’s place!”

Lin Yan looked at He glanced at him, “No need.”

Wang Jingyang thought she didn’t want to bother herself, and persuaded, “What are you being polite to me! My room is empty anyway!”

Lin Yan picked up one on the table. Grilled skewers, but it didn’t seem to mean to eat, just looked at it and said casually: “There is a place to go.”

Wang Jingyang looked helpless: “If you are really embarrassed, you can just pay me rent after you make money! Don’t be brave, you don’t have any other friends or relatives in the imperial capital. Where else can you go?”

Lin Yan: “I Where is my boyfriend.”

Wang Jingyang: “…!!!”

Wang Jingyang was stunned, and the skewers “Ba Hao ” in his hand fell to the ground.

“You…what did you say?” Wang Jingyang felt as if he was hit in the head.

boyfriend? When did she make a boyfriend?

After Lin Yan broke up with Han Yixuan, he hasn’t come out yet, how could he suddenly have a boyfriend? ? ?

Why doesn’t he know at all!

“Thanks for the hospitality.” After

Lin Yan finished speaking, he got up and left, the cold and alienated voice dissipated in the night breeze…

Leaving Wang Jingyang sat there, staring at the back of Lin Yan leaving, his heart broken into dumpling stuffing…

It’s different if you have a boyfriend, even your attitude towards him is cold! ! !

At the same time, on the other side, Pei Yucheng suddenly fell into a coma again, and Pei Nanxu was already in chaos.

I was about to rush to drive people to the hospital, when suddenly, someone knocked on the window of the car.

Pei Nanxu lowered the car window, and then saw that the person standing outside the car door turned out to be Lin Yan!

“You… Lin Yan?” The

girl pulled the car door directly, and sat down beside Pei Yucheng in the back seat, “No need to go to the hospital, go back to Yunjian Water Village.”

Pei Nanxu’s eyes showed a vigilance: “What are you? People? What does it have to do with my brother?” It’s

strange… it’s not the first time he has noticed…

the tone of this woman’s speech made him obey involuntarily.

The indifference and composure on the girl’s face remained unchanged, and she asked: “Your brother hasn’t talked about our relationship?”

Pei Nanxu suddenly said nothing: “…”

Although he is completely unclear about why, but can let him The eldest brother said the words “the closest relationship”.

This woman…absolutely unusual…

at least, as far as his elder brother is concerned, it should be trustworthy.

After struggling for a while, Pei Nanxu finally chose to drive to Yunjian Water Village.

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