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Chapter 10 Interrupted

After her parents divorced, the sister she loved the most was her. She gave her all the best and protected her like a princess in an ivory tower.

And she, who gave up her studies and future, was struggling at the bottom of the society, and now she has only one injured leg and a numb heart.

Wang Jingyang was right. Lin Shuya’s temperament was cultivated by her little by little money over more than ten years.

These things were impossible to make quickly, and she was destined to be inferior to Lin Shuya in her life.

Lin Yan’s drinker was very good, and she was almost drunk out of a box of beer before she finally became drunk.

“Your sister is not a good thing, Han Yixuan is even more a scumbag, Lin Yan, please listen to my advice, don’t be obsessed with sex in the future, in nature, the more beautiful and gorgeous things are more poisonous, this is the law …”

Lin Yan held his head and laughed. “Then you mean, you are also poisonous? You are also pretty!”

Wang Jingyang stiffened, and his cheeks slowly turned red: “…”

Lin Yan felt I seem to be drunk, my consciousness is getting more and more blurred, and Wang Jingyang’s voice in his ear is getting farther and farther.

It was obviously summer, but Lin Yan suddenly felt chilly. It felt like a piece of icy ice had penetrated into her body.

However, this feeling was only a flash.

Soon that piece of ice seemed to have melted into a warm stream of water and merged with her body.

“Ah, I’m different. What’s the relationship between the two of us, can I harm you? Lin Yan… I don’t think you should go back to your aunt’s place… Tonight… You can just live with me… There are rooms available…” Wang Jingyang hesitated and suggested.

Wang Jingyang waited for a long time, but did not wait for Lin Yan’s response.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw that Lin Yan was already asleep on the table.

Upon seeing this, Wang Jingyang stared at the heartless girl in front of him, and whispered silently, “Always so stupid…Forget it, I have no right to say you, I am more stupid than you, like a fool… “

Under the lights of the night market, the girl lay there quietly, like an angel when she was quiet, and the lovely fluff on her white and delicate cheeks could be seen clearly…

Wang Jingyang stared blankly, his ears were hot. The heart is beating faster and faster, and even breathing becomes quicker.

Wang Jingyang clenched his fists and couldn’t help leaning towards the girl’s face little by little…

Soon, only the distance between the two of them was left to breathe.

Just as Wang Jingyang’s lips were about to fall on Lin Yan’s face…

Lin Yan suddenly opened his eyes, and the cold light at the bottom of his eyes shot at him like a blade of ice —

following, the girl’s mouth faintly sounded There was a seemingly inattentive but stern voice—”Looking for


“Fuck…Fuck!!!” Wang Jingyang was so scared that he rolled off the stool and fell on his back.

At the same time, immediately in the opposite car.

Pei Nanxu looked at Pei Yucheng who suddenly lost consciousness in a panic, “Big brother! Big brother, wake up…”

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