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Chapter 1 Strange Sounds

Hot summer, the studio.

Lin Yan is running the crew against the big sun.

On the big screen opposite the tall building, the latest sensational financial news is being broadcast at the moment.

“The high-level turmoil of the multinational business giant JM Group, CEO Pei Yucheng is suspected to be critically ill…”

Lin Yan glanced at it, and a photo of Pei Yucheng unexpectedly broke out on the news.

It’s like a sneak shot from the hospital.

In the spacious and bright senior ward, there was an unusually handsome man lying.

The man has a face that can be called a disaster for the country and the people. The delicate and perfect facial features seem to come from the hands of God. The eyebrows and eyes are like a deep forest separated by a mist, giving people a feeling of alienation and coldness.

it’s wired!

She obviously didn’t know this man, but suddenly she felt an extremely familiar feeling.

Lin Yan shook her head, she was too busy to take care of herself, where there was still energy to care about the lives and deaths of others.

Recently, her mind is a little unclear, and she will fragment from time to time. It seems that she can still hear an unfamiliar voice talking, buzzing, and she was distracted by the director several times when she was on the set.

It was almost the time to watch the audition, and Lin Yan quickly squeezed into the audition hall with his resume.

Hello, director, my name is Lin Yan…” Lin Yan just opened his mouth and was interrupted by the director: “Wait, Lin Yan?”

Lin Yan nodded, “Yes.”

The name is not special, but the director’s expression makes Lin Yan The cigarette has a bad feeling.

“Miss Lin, you should try another house!”

Lin Yan frowned, “The casting director asked me to come. He said…” The

director interrupted her directly: “Sorry Miss Lin, we don’t want to cause trouble. Please also forgive me.”

Lin Yan didn’t believe in this evil.

Next, she ran several film crew auditions in a row, and the old injuries on her legs started to hurt.

As a result, without exception, the other party refused without even seeing her performance.

Lin Yan was exhausted physically and mentally, and his expression was numb as he was knocked back and forth by the bustling crowd.


Why is she so tolerant, but the other party has to persecute it again and again?

Shaking, Lin Yan took out his mobile phone and dialed a number to go out.

“Lin Shuya, did you make all the crew refuse to accept my resume?” Lin Yan asked on the other side of the phone.

A chuckle came from the phone: “Oh, who should I be! Isn’t this my arrogant sister? Why, the role of a few dragons is worth your anger?”

“Lin Shu Ya, you don’t need to be so yin and yang. The identity of the heir of the Lin family is given to you, and I don’t want Han Yixuan. What do you want?”

“Haha, sister, did you make a mistake? I was originally the legal heir of the Lin family, Yi Brother Xuan also took the initiative to confess to me. Why did you let your sister?”

Lin Shuya said, smiling softly: “Sorry, sister, today Brother Yi Xuan is going to celebrate my birthday, but I have no time to follow him. A vagrant like you nonsense…”

Lin Yan wanted to say more, he just heard a familiar male voice from Lin

Shuya: “Shuya , who is it?” Lin Shuya groaned, “Brother Yixuan, yes. My sister called, and she still complains about me, saying that she can’t come to celebrate my birthday…” I

didn’t want to listen any more, Lin Yan took the lead to hang up.

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