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Chapter 7 School (Part 2)

Guan Xuqing asked to go to the study room after finishing the security. There, his Chinese teacher Weng Tongsu was already waiting for him.

Weng, who was in his early forties, was acquainted with Su’s kindness and good looks. With a big beard. He was the mentor of Emperor Tongzhi and served successively as Minister of Military Aircraft, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, and Minister of the Ministry of Household Affairs. He has profound knowledge and profound attainments. Ethical articles are enough for teachers.

At this meeting, Weng Tongsu held a writing brush and wrote the three characters “Heaven, Earth, and People” on Xuan paper. The font was vigorous and powerful.

“Emperor, do you know these three words?” Weng Tongsu looked at him pleasantly.

“Know. Heaven, earth, people” is a joke. I’m a high-caliber student graduated from a prestigious university in a modern society. The ancient writings may not be as good as you. What else can understand me? Guan Xuqing recklessly replied.

“Emperor, you didn’t get confused, how can you read?” Weng Tongsu looked at him strangely.

“Well, Ama taught me. I learned it in the palace.” Guan Xuqing never boasted that his face wasn’t red, and said softly.

“Okay. The emperor writes and reads.” Weng Tongsu took a brush and handed it to Guangxu.

This thing really hasn’t been touched in some years. Since I graduated from elementary school, where have I used a brush to write? But Guan Xuqing’s own handwriting is very good, it should not be too shameful.

But I’m still a kid who hasn’t read a book or a pen. Guan Xuqing wrote the words heaven, earth, and people crookedly.

“Not bad, not bad. Emperor, do you know what this means?”

Guan Xuqing shook his head.

“The sky is above the head, the ground is below the foot, and the earth is standing above the earth. If there is a gap between the heaven and the earth, if the white horse passes, it suddenly disappears. This is Zhuangzi’s words, which means that life exists between the heaven and the earth. Everything is vigorous, there is growth and decline. So the emperor wants to study, to create a great cause, it is necessary to seize the time. Confucius also said: a man can do one hundred things, a man can do a thousand things. Although stupid must be clear, softness must be strong. This means that what others do with one effort, they use one hundred points; others use ten points, they use one thousand points. If they can learn in this way, they are foolish. People will become smart, and weak people will become strong.” Weng Tongsu said.

My goodness, modern education is good. At the beginning of the school, the teacher only said that he should study hard and improve every day. To the stupid students, I will talk about the story of the stupid bird flying first. Where should I move out of Confucius and Zhuangzi? . .

Guan Xu nodded.

After talking for a while, Jing Shou came to teach Guan Xuqing Manchu. That study is even bigger than the first two. Almost didn’t hold Guan Xuqing maddening. In the past class, a teacher gave a rare doze to more than forty students in the class. The teacher couldn’t find it. It’s better now, one-on-one teaching. I don’t want to be lazy.

In this way, finally got through the afternoon. It was the turn of Guan Xuqing’s physical education class.

Dong Liang had already put on a suit and was waiting on an open space in the back garden. Guan Xuqing was slowly surrounded by a group of eunuchs and court ladies.

“The courtier met the emperor.” Dong Liang knelt on the ground.

“Hurry up, Master Dong, you are now an emperor teacher, you don’t need to do this gift. The students are here for you.” Guan Xuqing said.

“Emperor Xie.” Dong Liang was also polite and got up directly.

“Master Dong is a Han?” Guan Xuqing asked doubtfully. The surname Dong should not be full of talents, but how can the Empress Dowager, who is in charge of the security of the imperial city, be handed over to a Han?

“Returning to the emperor, the minister was originally a Han, and his later father was defeated by the Emperor Tianping. He was rewarded by the Empress Dowager as a true yellow flag.” Dong Liang looked serious and stern.

“Oh, where is Master Dong’s father now on business?” Guan Xuqing asked. It should be the Hunan army of Zeng Guofan who killed the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, who could be raised by the Queen Mother to the Three Banners, and let his son dominate the Divine Machine Battalion. It must be a general who has made great achievements and holds military power. If he can stifle and let him be loyal to himself, he will not be afraid of the old witch.

“My father died for the country when the British and French forces attacked Tianjin,” Dong Liang said with his head down.

Guan Xuqing listened to the fog, his old man killed Tianping Tiangong! That should be after the British-French coalition attacked Beijing, forcing Prince Gong to sign the Beijing Treaty. Only the Xiang army of Zeng Guofan killed the Tianping Heavenly Kingdom! Then why did my son hang up when the British and French allies were still fighting Tianjin? How did he destroy the Tianping Heavenly Kingdom? He looked at me young and deliberately bluffed me?

“Master Dong, I don’t know something, and I also ask Master Dong to enlighten me.” Guan Xuqing asked to understand that it was difficult to find a general.

“Emperor please talk!”

“I heard Teacher Weng said that the Tianping Heavenly Kingdom was destroyed after the Beijing Treaty was signed. But Ling Zun sacrificed his life for the country before the Beijing Treaty was signed. Then when did he destroy the Tianping Heavenly State’s merits!” Guan Xuqing asked.

“The emperor’s talent is clever, and he knows everything about the things that I do. But the emperor is still too small to know the situation at that time. If the emperor is not bored, the minister will slowly talk to the emperor.” Dong Liang was obviously right Guan Xuqing looked at each other.

“Master Dong, please.”

“Since the Tianping Heavenly Kingdom had unleashed the uprising in 1851, there was a force like a broken bamboo. In front of the Taiping Army, our Eight Banners and Green Camps of the Qing Dynasty were unbearable and inadequate to use. The Taiping Army hit all the way from Yongan to Nanjing and did not encounter a decent obstruction. It seemed that it was going north to Shandong and approaching the capital. The father of Yu Yidu’s World War I led thousands of Chu Yong, the predecessor of the current brave camp. Blocked a full-month attack by a 50,000-strong army of the Tianping Army and hit the Taiping Army. The British-French coalition army went north, and in Tianjin, their father fought with the British-French coalition for three days, and finally sacrificed for the country.” Dong Liang looked at the sky. Said silently.

Wow, it turns out he is the founder of Yongying. Now aren’t the senior generals of Yongying all his old men? No wonder the queen mother will put him in the capital. Yongying and the Xiang Army are now the main defense forces of the Qing Dynasty. If this kid is allowed to go out, Yongying may be renamed Dong Ying. The court could not command the brave camp. No wonder Cian wanted him to teach me, it turned out that I wanted to win him over and let him be loyal to me. No wonder Cixi seemed very upset that day, and now she understands it all.

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