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Chapter 6 School (Part 1)

This morning, Guan Xuqing just opened his eyes. After seeing the two close attendants standing by the bed and entering the palace, they kept talking with his eunuch Wang Shang. They saw the little emperor woke up and waited for him to dress quickly. Guan Xuqing enjoyed such treatment very much. Alas, feudal society is as good as feudal society. See, you don’t have to do anything yourself. After changing clothes, looking at a hundred kinds of side dishes on the table, Guan Xuqing was completely blinded. Is this his breakfast? This is too wasteful, even if you are in a modern society, even the rich people will not have a hundred side dishes for breakfast. To know how many people in our country have not solved the problem of food and clothing. The Ministry of Internal Affairs spends so much money every month. Apart from providing the royals with the necessary expenses, they still don’t know how much they have blacked? Such a corrupt government is no wonder that so many people are going to overthrow it. But now that I am in the country, I should be able to change the status quo. Guan Xuqing was thinking, and Wang Shang, the eunuch, said: “Emperor, please have a meal.”

“So many dishes? Are they all for me?” Guan Xuqing asked carefully.

“Emperor, you are now emperor. Can’t say me, you have to say me. These are the emperor’s breakfast, all for the emperor,” Wang Shang replied.

“Oh, I…I… can’t eat so much. Come and eat together. Call the outside guard and the maid.” Guan Xuqing is not used to calling myself. But very willing to correct this name.

“The servants did not dare, this is for the emperor. The servants did not dare to eat with the emperor at the same table, which is not in accordance with the rules, and the servants did not have this blessing. Please also ask the emperor not to punish the servants.” Replied. But it was hot. This little master is so unscrupulous, more approachable than the queen mother. But after all, it’s just a child, and the child can’t do much.

Guan Xuqing saw that Wang Shang was scared like this, and thought to himself: If he had a meal together, he would be afraid of it. It seems that this feudal tradition is deeply ingrained in the minds of these eunuchs. I’m afraid it won’t change in the first half. So I didn’t force it. I sat on the table unscrupulously and started to eat a lot, but to be honest, the level of the master chef in the palace is really good. It is estimated that people in modern society are blessed to enjoy. Perhaps this Chinese cuisine has been passed down to modern society for thousands of years, and there is not much decent. After eating and drinking, Wang Shang led the Queen Mother of the Two Houses to please.

“Please give peace to the Empress Dowager” Although Guan Xuqing entered the palace for only one day, the rules in the palace had already been taught by the personal eunuch.

“Emperor get up.” Ci An looked at Guan Xuqing lovingly.

“Sister, did you find some teachers for the emperor and teach him to read and read?” Ci Xi asked Ci’an.

“Well, has the emperor ever read a book in the palace?” Ci An asked Guan Xuqing.

“Not yet. The prince said to me after a new year.” Guan Xuqing replied.

“Oh, the emperor, you are now the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. The ancestral Jiangshan She Ji will rely on you to carry forward in the future. You must study hard now, not lazy, and find you the best teacher now, starting tomorrow Go to the study to study.” Ci Xi said sternly.

“Yes” Guan Xuqing doesn’t dare to disrespect Cixi now.

“Sister, I will let Weng Tongsu teach the emperor Chinese. He reads the books and is proficient in Chinese culture. In Manwen, he will teach Prince Boyanna Moku to teach him. Jing Shou will teach him classics.” Ci Xi said to Ci An.

“Well, it’s still thoughtful by my sister. Just do it.” Ci An replied with satisfaction.

Guan Xuqing listened to the cold sweat, thinking that being an emperor should be doing nothing every day, and doing whatever he wants! Why did the Emperor Xiaoyao go back to school to study? What sinology, Manchu, classics. It’s even harder than before studying in modern society. I still like to learn English in Manchu language like Oracle. How to learn this Manchu language. Oh my god, you should wear me back, I don’t want to be that emperor.

“Emperor, what’s wrong with you?” Ci’an asked Guan Xuqing when he didn’t look good.

“Return to the Emperor Empress, I, oh no, I… I want to read and recognize words is important, but we are full of people to seize the world immediately, I want to learn more about horseback archery.” Since I want to study, I have to fight for sports Lesson.

In fact, Guan Xuqing has other plans, and has been watching since entering the palace. The current Admiral of the Nine Gates of Beijing is Rong Lu, a close friend of Cixi. If you want to overthrow Cixi’s lack of military power, you can’t. However, Cixi is suspicious by nature, and the selection criteria are as long as loyalty, not ability. It is almost impossible to counter Rong Lu, so I want to know more generals and see if I can organize a team.

“Oh? The emperor is too young now. It’s okay to read a book. What should I do if I’m riding a horse now? I’ll talk about it in a few years.” Cixi said dissatisfiedly.

“It’s good for the emperor to have this kind of heart. Now that the Qing Dynasty is weak and weak, many of the annual revenues and taxes have to be paid to foreigners. It’s because we can’t beat others. The emperor’s heart is very rare. It’s normal. I’m tired of reading and studying, but I can go to practice boxing.” Ci An said comfortingly to Guan Xuqing.

“But, sister…”

“It’s no big deal to move the body,” Ci’an interrupted Cixi, turned his head and said to an eunuch, “Go, call Dong Liang, the leader of Shenjiying.”


Guan Xuqing felt relieved. Cixi still had some concerns about Ci’an. Is it true in history that Ci’an has Xianfeng’s edict? If it is true, then things are easier to handle. Apart from Cixi, it’s not a dream to be in politics!

Although Cixi was not talking, her eyes showed great dissatisfaction. And the whole body was filled with undetectable murderous.

No tall man in his twenties would enter the palace in a uniform.

“Shenjiying commander Dong Liang percussed the empress empresses of the two palaces and persuaded the emperor!” The man knelt on the ground with the sword in his waist with one hand.

“Get up,” Ci An raised his hand. “Dong, commander, the emperor is young, our sister has discussed it. When you have time, you come into the palace to teach the pope to punch, and strengthen the body of the emperor.”

“Carefully obey the empress dowager.” Dong Liang replied.

“Well, Dong commander! The emperor is still small, you have to take good care of the emperor. The emperor scratched a little bit, and I killed you,” Cixi threatened.

“The Empress Dowager can rest assured that the Emperor will guarantee his life, and the Emperor will not have any failure.” Dong Liang replied quietly.

“Well, you go down first. The emperor’s studies are successful, and I am rewarded!” Ci An said.

“Hello, Queen Mother”

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