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Chapter 5 Enthronement (Part 2)

Ci’an and Cixi are chatting in the hall of Cixi’s bedroom. The magnificent and beautiful palace porcelain, the carved red sandalwood wooden table and the famous paintings of the masters five hundred years ago all show the magnificent style and delicate elegance of the hostess everywhere.

At this time, Li Lianying walked in happily and smiled, “The queen mother, the emperor is here.”

“Really? Bring me over.”

Prince Gong, Prince Alcohol, and also related to Xu Qing walked in together, “Congratulations to the Queen Mother of the Two Houses, St. Ann. Emperor, hurry, please please the Queen Mother.” Prince Prince Fu said to the ground.

“Come on, Prince Gong, you have worked hard for a day. Go back and rest first.” Ci Xi showed a rare smile.


This is the first time Guan Xuqing saw Cixi. She should have been in her forties, but she is very well maintained, her face is ruddy and her skin is delicate. Perhaps it was the relationship between drinking human milk since the Xianfeng era. She looked quite girlish and delicate. It is much prettier than the Eunian in her royal palace. No wonder the history books of the previous life have always said that in addition to being cold, insidious, and power-hungry, Cixi is a decisive, intelligent, and versatile woman.

Standing next to her was a eunuch with a large flat nose, and always slender eyes to Guan Xuqing. Guan Xuqing knew that the eunuch should be the famous Li Lianying. Historically, it was the eunuch who finally killed Guangxu. It seems that he must be killed first. Guan Xuqing looked at Li Lianying’s eyes full of murderous opportunities. Watching Li Lianying shudder for a while.

In comparison, Ci An, who is sitting next to Ci Xi, is much more sympathetic, and his slightly blessed body looks more noble. There are several strands of gray hair looming in the temples. Put your hands on your knees and always keep a very kind eyes, looking at Guan Xuqing with love.

“Emperor, you come.” Ci An waved at Guan Xuqing.

Guan Xuqing walked timidly to Cian’s eyes. Cian held him in his arms and smiled happily: “Sister, look, the children are more beautiful! At first glance, they are smart. What’s your name?”

“Aixinjueluo Zaizhi” Guan Xuqing said raw milk.

“I still gave this name to him. Sister, look, this golden lock on his neck is also what I reward him.” Cixi should bear it next to him.

“How old are you?” Ci An then asked.

“Four years old”

“Seven Lord, he is still breastfeeding.” Ci An looked at Prince Chun.

“Yes” Prince Alcohol answered honestly.

“Nanny? Are you here?” Ci An raised his eyes and looked around.

“Come,” Prince Alcohol replied.

“Call in the nurse, let me see. The milk that the emperor eats must be fresh.” Ci An said.

After a while, Cuixi came in. She knelt in a panic and knelt on the ground. “Slave maid please please.”

The Empress Dowagers carefully looked at Cixi, and finally looked at the tall breast peak. Cixi stared and said, “You took off your clothes.”

“Here?” Cuixi looked at her a little shyly.

“Not here? Take it outside the palace! I want to see if your milk is good.” Cixi finished, and said to the ladies, “You take a bowl of milk.” “Yes, the queen mother.” The lady answered. .

Prince Alcohol lowered her head and turned her face elsewhere. Cuixi took off her clothes shyly. Her nude body was well-proportioned and toned, and Cian and Cixi condensed for a while, looked at them comfortably, and nodded.

The silver bowls of the two maidens walked to Cuixi’s eyes. Cuixi closed her eyes. A maiden squeezed Cuixi’s teat, and suddenly, white milk shot out and splashed her face. She tapped in a hurry.

“Haha, it’s not bad, the milk is enough.” Cixi looked at him and smiled.

“Okay, put on your clothes, don’t get cold.” Ci An said to Cuixi with a smile.

“Cuixi, since today, you have been with the emperor in the palace. You eat ten eggs, a bowl of elbows, and the elbows and eggs do not put salt, do you know?” Ci Xi said.

“The slave-servant knows” Cui Xi said ritually.

“The reason why you don’t put salt is to make the milk better. Just bear with it, and wait until the emperor is weaned at the age of six. Your diet need not be so strict.” Ci An comforted.

Cuixi nodded.

“Little Lizi, tell Cuixi about the rules in this palace later.” Ci Xi said.


“Seven Lord, please go back first. Tomorrow will hold the emperor’s enthronement ceremony!” Ci An said.

“Yes, the minions retire.” The Prince Prince fell to the ground.

Tongzhi thirteen years of winter and December, that is, December 1874. Guan Xuqing officially entered the palace, changing the name of Tongzhi to Guangxu and Guan Xuqing to the emperor of Guangxu. The enthronement ceremony is grand and cumbersome. Guan Xuqing was upset. I really don’t know how those children did it. Guan Xuqing wore a dragon robe urgently made, and put on an official hat with a large pear-shaped pearl on the top. Sitting on the dragon chair of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, accepting the worship of the hundred officials! Think about telling my girlfriend to go to the Forbidden City before going on a business trip to Beijing in the previous life, and sitting in the Taihe Hall to take a picture or something. Now I am sitting in the Taihe Hall, but I have returned to more than 100 years ago and did a real Emperor.

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