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Chapter 1 Crossing

Where is it? With his eyes open but unable to speak, the whole person could not move like he was tied. Looking at the high ceiling there was no light. . . Wait, why am I here. This house looks like an illegal building, otherwise why the height is so high! Or… Am I kidnapped in a museum for people to visit? ? Right, right, I remember I was on the plane to Beijing? After the plane encountered the airflow, it broke in the air, then I should be dead! I bite my tongue and know that it hurts, not dead! ! Am I kidnapped by aliens now? ? Closed for research in their museum? ? ? Fuck! Grandma’s, what planet is this? Breathing was quite smooth, and I went back to earth someday to take my wife to live here and be a soil emperor. The aliens here at Huyou should be making money. . Hahaha! !

He turned out to be a recently graduated college student named Guan Xuqing. There is a beautiful girlfriend. I was discussing when to get married. On an airplane that went to Beijing for a business trip, there was an accident and the body was not found. But inexplicably traversed the baby in front of him, and retained all the memories of the previous life!

Just when he imagined creating his own world in outer space, a woman in her twenties with a physical appearance and a plump body walked in quietly. Guan Xuqing watched the woman’s saliva flow down. If she couldn’t speak, she rushed over and narrowed her eyes enough to kill all the female animals within 1km of the radius. She said affectionately: Beauty~ I’m from the earth The universe is super invincible, and everyone on the planet calls me Guan Guan. Do you want to cooperate with me to have a cosmic hybrid? While Guan Xuqing was thinking wildly, the woman carefully picked him up and whispered: “Little Master Wake up, Cui Xi will feed Little Master. Little Master must be hungry! Just finished smallpox, I have seen good luck . Will be rich and expensive in the future!”

what? ? ? It sounded like a thunderbolt in Guan Xuqing’s ears! ! In addition to shock or shock! ! I crossed? ? He said to himself side by side, I crossed? ? The evil thought just now has been washed away. . . There was no other idea for the nipple sent by the woman, but it was instinctively sucked, which confirmed her own idea. He crossed and became a child over 1 year old. But when I thought about it, it should be pretty good. Listening to the woman’s tone, she should have a powerful father, a rich second generation. This woman should be her own grandmother! Not bad, with the memory of the previous life, it should be a super prodigy now. The 1-year-old child has received modern higher education. Hahaha, I just don’t know what time it is now, where did this wear go? Just a moment of confusion, I have not carefully observed the woman’s clothing. Now biting her nipples, you can take a look! The woman named Cuixi wore a blue satin-lined silk trousers with embroidered patterns on the end of her belt. Wearing a skirt. The waist belt hangs down to the knee. This seems a little Qing Dynasty dress! Let’s look at the falling snow pieces slowly out of the window, spinning lonely in the lead gray sky. Since he lived in the south in the previous life, he hasn’t seen snow for a long time. I was so fascinated, I only heard the woman say, “Did not eat the little prince? Cuixi took you to see the prince.” Mother, I was so tempted to see Xue and forget to eat. You won’t let me eat it? ? Guan Xuqing cursed in his heart.

“The prince is auspicious, please ask Fu Jin for safety.” Cui Xi held her child to the two people sitting in the hall to salute.

“How is Zai?” A man in his 30s asked, “Back to the prince, the little prince has seen auspiciousness, and just got a lot of milk and incense.”

“Well, good health care. The king is rewarded.”

“Cui Xi, the child has just seen him. Don’t get cold anymore, hurry and hurry back.”

“Yes, Fu Jin. Cui Xi retires” The woman exited the hall after saluting.

After listening to the entire conversation, Guan Xuqing fought a cold war. . . This is really worn to the Qing Dynasty! And it is still a descendant of the royal family. It should be the brothers of the emperor Tongzhi. Hahahaha, I don’t know which iron hat prince my dad is. If I hang up early, I can inherit the throne, marry a third wife and four concubines, live a happy life, and be a rich second generation. Although he is only 1 year old, he has already begun to imagine a happy life in the future. And cursed his dad. If this lets the prince in the hall know, there must be more bloodshed! ! Wait, what did he call me just now? ? Zai? ? This is not Guangxu’s name! what? ? Do I want to be the ninth emperor after the entry of the Qing Dynasty? ? A puppet emperor imprisoned by Cixi for 10 years? ? Hell, this is rich now. Go to the most chaotic moment in history, and will become the supreme leader of this country! At this time, he was as enthusiastic as playing a computer game in his previous life! An unsaved game! A game that can change history and change the destiny of the country! !

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