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Chapter 2 New to Tang Dynasty

When Liu Heng recovered his consciousness, he only felt that his eyes were vague and bloodied.

Vaguely heard some people whispering, mixed with women crying. Liu Heng thought, it must be his own death, he was rescued after being sent to the hospital, the cry was Enoch?

Thinking this way, Liu Heng called “Enoch” and tried to open his eyes.

However, what responded to him was the voice of a strange woman, who was surprised and happy: “Kee, you woke up!”

Looking around, Liu Heng saw a beautiful young woman in her thirties, with tears in her eyes and staring at him lovingly.

Why isn’t Enoch? Who is the “Kee” in her mouth? Liu Heng was a little stunned. Looking closely at her, this scared cry out loudly.

The man was actually in an ancient palace costume, the color was extremely gorgeous, and there were three 15- to six-year-old girls standing under the eyebrows, all dressed in costume.

Liu Heng’s gaze turned around. As far as his eyes were concerned, whether it was ornaments, doors and windows, or even the canopy bed where he was lying, they were all ancient styles, and there was no familiar white in the hospital ward.

Where did you go? This is a dream, this must be a dream! Liu Heng thought blankly, his head could not stop a dizziness, and fell asleep again.

In the nightmare, Liu Heng was chased and killed by a group of people. A horse was carrying him at a fast speed. The horseshoes were so fast that he almost fell off several times, but the idea told him that he could not stop. It seemed that once he stopped, the danger would follow. advent.

I don’t know how long after that, Liu Heng heard a sound of fighting, the sound seemed to be far away from him, and it seemed to be right in front of him.

Could it be that the underworld is fighting? Liu Heng wanted to see who they were? But he couldn’t open his eyes.

Suddenly, there was a fierce pain in his arm, and it seemed that he had been slashed, and his body sank sharply, and fell off immediately.

Suddenly sobered a bit, but when I saw the scene in front of me, I also sweated in my dreams:

More than a dozen ancient people who took swords and swords, like the favorite scenes of costume soap operas, dog blood fight together. It’s just that in the past, I disdained sitting on the sofa with Enoch, flipping the channel of the TV series with the remote control panel, and occasionally commenting on the roughness and water injection of the fighting action design of the mass actors with Enoch. It’s immersive…Although I’m just dreaming, this dream is also too real. I smelled a smell of bloody smell???

Just thinking about getting enchanted, suddenly a strong wind hit, and looked up, a machete was chopping towards him, Liu Heng hurriedly rolled over, the knife was empty, the owner of the knife was black In the face, he lifted the knife and cut again, and suddenly a man with a helmet and armored chest hanging on his side jumped out, kicking diagonally, and the owner of the knife staggered to the side in a staggering manner.

Afterwards, the armored man stood up quickly, wiped the blood on his face, and came to help Liu Heng. He lifted Liu Heng and pushed him to the horse immediately, anxiously said, “His Royal Highness, go quickly.” Running immediately, the speed was very fast, Liu Heng felt that the wind whizzed past his ears, and his thoughts began to run. The man just called him “His Royal Highness”, like a stone thrown into the water, which aroused his deep memory. The ripples, the ripples stopped, something gradually came to mind, giving him a feeling of deja vu.

In a trance, Liu Heng seemed to walk into a cycle of time and space, and he had two memories in his head. In one memory, he was called Liu Heng and was hit by a car to chase his girlfriend home. In another memory, his name is Li Ke, the third prince of Tang Taizong Li Shimin.

As the fast horse galloped, the memory was like two overlapping shadows, united in his mind.

In the electric light and fire stone, Liu Heng feels that he is Li Ke, he was originally the third prince of Tang Taizong Li Shimin. Not long ago, he was sent to the army of his uncle Chai Shao, but he did not expect his father to be the emperor. Therefore, he was recalled, but he did not expect that on the way back to Beijing, he would be chased and killed by a dozen masked men in black. He was able to escape because the five guards he brought with him tried to stop him.

The dream is so real, Liu Heng can’t help rubbing his eyes, is it a dream? The black men who suddenly hunted him down again chased him, Liu Heng can even see the murderousness shot in their eyes, the five guards have already They tried their best and were dismounted by people in black.

What Liu Heng can do is to steer the horse forward, even if there is no road ahead, he must run.

Seeing Liu Heng running farther and farther, the masked man who chased after him couldn’t help but become angry and took the lead to take out a dart and raised his hand to Liu Heng. Liu Heng heard the sound of the dart behind him, and he quickly leaned forward on his horseback As his head passed, he just took a breath, and another lead dart followed. This time he did not face Liu Heng, but the horse under his crotch. The dart was as fast as the wind and swish. He slammed on the horse’s leg, the horse sighed, and fell to the ground. Liu Heng was thrown out. The strong inertia caused him to roll a few times after landing, and the huge pain quickly blurred his consciousness. .

Before Liu Heng completely fainted, he tried to open his eyes. In his weak eyes, he saw that dozens of men in black jumped off the horse and chased him closer and closer. Their weapons were in the sun. Next, the dazzling light was reflected and shook his face, his eyes stung a little. The cut in the arm with a knife, the scratches on the fall, and the unstoppable bleeding made his white clothes almost dyed red.

Liu Heng wanted to escape, but he didn’t have any energy, only his fingers moved. Seeing that the man in black had reached his side, the one in the lead had waved his knife.

Suddenly, there was a sound of breaking the sky in Liu Heng’s ear. Then, the knife that chopped at him stopped suddenly. After a while, the man who took the knife fell down, and an arrow was inserted in his chest. The knife also fell. On the ground.

The knife edge is out of danger. Liu Heng’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t support it anymore. He felt like he was falling into a tunnel. The tunnel was dark and long, and it seemed that it would never reach the end.

After regaining consciousness, Liu Heng found that he was still lying in the ancient-style house, and the beautiful young woman was still with him, and the three low-browed girls standing beside her, her face was still there. With tears.

The difference is that this time there was a middle-aged man sitting beside his bed. The middle-aged man put his right hand on his wrist and was giving him a pulse.

Sitting on the other side of the bed, the young woman first saw Liu Heng opened her eyes, and immediately asked with concern: “Quer, do you feel better?” The middle-aged man quickly got up and respectfully greeted Liu Heng : “The courtier has seen His Highness.”

“Her child” and “His Royal Highness” made Liu Heng look at himself.

Suddenly he felt his body was shorter than before, like a 14-year-old boy.

He sat up all at once and asked in a panic, “Who are you?”

The young woman blanched anxiously and asked worriedly, “Kee, what’s wrong with you?” After that, she reached out and touched Liu Heng’s forehead.

Asked the middle-aged man again: “Mr. Zhao, you just gave Keer a pulse, is he alright?”

Taiji? This term that I have only heard in movies and TV shows, at this moment, the person called Taiji is actually in front of him.

Zhao Taiyi twisted his beard and said, “My mother-in-law is at ease. His body is fine, but because he has been in a coma for a long time, it may be accompanied by some temporary amnesia.” Her face regained her blood color.

Liu Heng listened, biting his lower lip, and it hurt. He was sure it was not a dream. Suddenly, the word “traversing” was like a flash of lightning, flashing in his mind, did he really cross it by accident? Liu Heng’s frustrated thoughts, his memory turned over the river and the sea, reminding him to become Li Ke in his sleep. This fact.

It now appears that his soul was worn by the Tang Dynasty and attached to Li Ke.

Knowing this result, Liu Heng looked incredible, and then looked sad.

Regarding crossing, Liu Heng is no stranger. The fierceness of the crossing drama has made many people pregnant with a crossing dream, but he did not expect that the crossing will actually exist and let him catch up.

It’s just that he doesn’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for him, because he knows a little bit about history. However, Li Ke’s fate is bumpy or brilliant, he is not very clear.

Fortunately, he inherited not only Li Ke’s body but also Li Ke’s memory.

In this way, it is not a small help for Liu Heng to integrate into Datang faster. However, thinking of Enoch and his family, Liu Heng’s expression dimmed, and he lay back to the bed without a word.

The young woman just recovered her bloody face, and changed into nervousness again. Looking at Liu Heng, she asked him softly, “Kee, don’t you remember the concubine?”

Liu Heng raised his eyelids, he had to admit that Li Ke’s memory suddenly surged into his heart, and he could not help making him clear the woman in front of him. It was his mother Yang Fei, the princess of the Tang Dynasty.

Liu Heng seems to have a little influence on the epic masterpiece “Zhenguan Changge” he has seen. The inside of Yang Fei is beautiful, noble and gentle, which makes him feel a kind of closeness to her from the heart, but he was originally a twenty A multi-year-old man suddenly had a woman as old as his six or seven years old, how could he speak, so he only smiled at Princess Yang.

Concubine Yang was very pleased and asked anxiously: “Kee, do you think of the concubine?”

Liu Heng opened his mouth, but did not make a sound. Although he knew that he had become her son, he was not yet fully prepared to call her a “mother concubine” even though he inherited Li Ke’s memory.

He nodded weakly.

Concubine Yang was a little disappointed, and Tai Chi Zhao comforted her: “The mother doesn’t have to worry, your lord’s body is too weak. I will take care of it for a while, and I believe that your lord can recover as before. As for the short-term memory loss now, it’s just because the lord is over frightened. It will definitely recover afterwards.”

Yang Fei’s nose was sour, and her eyes were filled with tears: “Ke’er was suffering so much because my mother-in-law didn’t take care of him. Now that he is injured like this, this palace really can’t bear to bear it for him.”

Liu Heng felt a shock in his heart. He remembered his mother. Every time he was ill when he was a child, his mother was always distressed and took good care of him until he was well.

Maternal love, the greatest love in the world, will not change with time even after a thousand years. Thinking of this, some of Li Ke’s memories and Liu Heng’s memories were finally accommodated because of Princess Yang’s maternal love. He couldn’t help saying to Yang Fei: “Mother, don’t cry, your son is alright.”

After listening to it, Princess Yang cried with joy: “Kee, you finally recognized the mother princess”

Liu Heng froze for a moment, looked at the woman in front of her, her own concubine, and suddenly felt that she had crossed into Li Ke now, so why not forget her past life and be a real Li Ke?

The dead and the born are a balance. Since the self in the previous life is already dead, and the self in the later life is reborn on Li Keshan, why not continue such a balance?

Thinking of this moment, “Mother Concubine, Son—” Liu Heng’s mind has a decision. Since he wants to continue this balance, what’s wrong with accepting Li Ke’s identity? Now, he is Li Ke, and It’s not Liu Heng, “Children, it’s okay, it’s just a weak body, it’s okay to take care of it for a few days.”

“Keeer, rest assured, don’t be afraid” Yang Fei said lovingly, “Mother Fei is with you by your side to protect you.”

“Brush…” Li Ke couldn’t stop it anymore, and the running water poured out of his eyes.

Is this a woman in the palace? Is this a high concubine? No, absolutely not. This is a mother, a real mother. Even if he is so weak himself, he has to stand up when his son is injured and wants to protect her with his weak body.

Thinking of this, Li Ke’s tears came out.

Seeing the tears in Li Ke’s eyes, Yang Fei inadvertently shook the hand holding the handkerchief and was busy wiping it gently for him. The expression seemed to wipe the most precious life in the world.

In Li Ke’s eyes, those hands are the same as those of his mother,

Suddenly, a long-lost touch and warmth rose slowly in Li Ke’s heart, and he said emotionally: “Thank you Mother Princess, it’s not good to be a son, worry about the mother concubine, son, son…” and he In her heart, she has already begun to accept her identity, and the woman in front of her as her mother concubine.

Concubine Yang wept with joy, holding Li Ke in her arms, and said excitedly: “Kee, you can scare the concubine! You have been in a coma for more than half a month. If you don’t wake up, the concubine doesn’t know how Stay alive. Are you hungry, the concubine will let the royal dining room do it for you.”

Li Ke’s eyes turned red, and he sighed: “He has not only been in a coma for more than half a month, he traveled from modern times to Datang. This coma has actually been in a coma for more than a thousand years.”

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