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BETD Chapter 5 The Strange Man Cen Text

After leaving the palace, Li Ke came down to the most prosperous west city of Chang’an City under the guidance of Xiao Baozi.

The prosperity in front of him is the ultimate. There are many shops on both sides of the street. From time to time, Hu merchants from the Western Regions come out to scream.

White tea horse gangs walking on the street, men and women holding arms, leisurely foreign strangers, and employers bargaining in various accents.

Li Ke did feel that the historical description of Chang’an City was indeed true, and it was not an exaggeration to say that all nations came to the DPRK.

However, seeing Li Ke’s mindfulness, he was obviously not thinking about the prosperous Chang’an West City.

In history, he wanted to be established as a prince, and finally took the dragon chair. There are two necessary conditions: one is to get the emperor’s approval, and the other is the support of the Minister of Culture and Martial Arts. However, in addition to these two necessary conditions in the Tang Dynasty, there is one more condition, which is the support of the family clan.

The Li Tang dynasty was established by three forces: one was the Guanlong Group, one was the Shandong Group, and one was the Jiangnan scribes.

The Guanlong Group is a military group composed of the Northern Wei Xianbei nobles, including the Hu Hua Hans and the Western Region Hus. The Guanlong Group, most of them are relatives and relatives of the Li family, and some have also established military exploits during the founding of the Tang Dynasty, such as Li Shentong, Li Daozong, Li Xiaogong and others.

The Shandong Group includes two parts: Shandong nobles and Shandong heroes. The gentry in Shandong have a long history, strong economic strength, and a strong foundation of clan villages. This has generated huge political energy, and they can control the dynasty and control the country. The Shandong heroes are the unpopular landlord groups that rose under the chaos of the late Sui Dynasty. In other words, they were the local powerful forces that rose rapidly during the turmoil in the late Sui Dynasty. The so-called Shandong heroes used violence to promote their social status.

Jiangnan scribes were family clan that existed before the Sui Dynasty unified the south. On the one hand, they participated in the formulation of the political system and rules of the Tang Dynasty. On the other hand, they continued to exert influence in the Jiangnan region. These three forces played a great role in the establishment of the Tang Dynasty and the restoration of the national strength in the early days.

Li Ke was thinking that if he wanted to become a prince and become the emperor of the future Datang Empire, he could not help but pay attention to these three forces.

However, attach importance to it, but let these three forces recognize themselves and let them support themselves. This is not something that can be done in a moment and a half. It requires long-term consideration.

And beyond that, the first issue is to develop your own strength. No one is not good at doing anything, and now Li Ke is the most lacking person, now he can be described as a trusted person around him, not to mention the kind of confidant who advises him.

The bloody history made him understand the truth, the prince who has no power and no power is a minister who has no power but no real power. Therefore, he must have the right to fight for the throne with Li Chengqian, and Li Tai and Li Zhi.

Therefore, what he needs is a group loyal to himself, loyal to his civilian group and military group. As long as there is such a force, he can compete with them for the throne, and then be qualified to fight for hegemony.

Speaking of the Civil Service Group, he first thought of Cen Wen. This is a top-notch master master who is described as a demon in “Zhen Guan Chang Ge”.

The top strategist must first be a talent. This is actually the rule of tens of thousands of industries. Technology allows you to stand firm, and life gives you a step forward. Cen Wen is such a talent. He is loyal to Datang and Li Shimin.

Therefore, even if Li Shimin knew what he had done, he could not take it.

In the top dialogue of the whole drama where Taejong will notify Cen Wen of appointment, Li Shimin said: “In the past ten years, I know that you are in Cao Ying’s heart, have given up all your desires, and endured unbearable humiliation. I want to expose you, but I can’t find any handle for you. Now, I can only give you this position, otherwise, the history book will say that I can’t use virtue.”

During the year of Zhen Guan, Li Shimin served as a clerk in the Qin Dynasty. This position was vacant for more than ten years. In the end, the official title of the prime minister was Cen Wen. It was Cen Wen’s loyalty and wisdom that he made Li Shimin so concessive.

As a teacher of Li Ke, he spent his whole life working hard for Li Ke to enter the East Palace. It was hard work and he eventually lost to Chang Sun Wuji and died with hatred. It can’t be said that Cen Wenwen’s ingenuity is not good, but Li Ke’s performance is too strong and too public, so that Cen Wenwen’s final defeat is defeated.

Cen Wenwen was the first person of Jiangnan scribes, who led the scribe group in Jiangnan in the late Zhen Guan. Moreover, he is a child of Jiangnan family.

Therefore, receiving his support is equivalent to the support of Jiangnan scribes and aristocrats.

Li Ke is no longer the Li Ke in history. Since letting himself do Li Ke again, he will let Cen Wenwen play his whole strategy and let him see the day he entered the Eastern Palace. Thinking of this, Li Ke couldn’t help but secretly complacent.

But he suddenly went out of the palace today, nominally shopping, mainly wanting to see Cen Wen, and wanting to pull him into his camp in advance.

So, he asked Xiao Baozi, “Do you know where Mr. Cen lives?”

“Mr. Cen?” Xiao Baozi asked doubtfully: “You mean that scholar? The scholar next to Master Feng?”

“Yes, it’s him.” Li Ke asked anxiously: “Do you know where he lives?”

“It seems to be in Yongxingfang.”

“Hurry and take Ben Wang,” Li Ke urged.

——————————– The legendary dividing line ————- —————

Yongxing Square, Cen Mansion

Cen Wen is reading in the study, he is waiting for the appointment of the court.

Because of Yang Fei’s intercession, he was recommended by Feng Deyi to his official officer. Although, at the time, Feng Deyi asked Cen Wen, he had two positions to recommend Cen Wen, one was from the householder Wei Lang on Liupin, and the other was from the Shiguan under Shipin. He asked him to choose one.

However, he chose the historian, because, in his view, the householder Wai Lang from Liupin, although it is fat. However, there are Shang Shu in the household department, left and right assistants, middle and left assistants, and it is difficult for a small official like Yuanwailang to be promoted if no one takes care of it.

In the history officer, it is different. What every emperor cares most about is what impact his actions will have in history. And Li Shimin is no exception. This is a position where it is easy to see the emperor, that is, not seeing the emperor, but also allowing him to exercise his talents. Therefore, we will weigh the pros and cons, and decide to go to the historian for revision.

It was here that he heard the terrifying report that Changsha County King came to visit.

Get up and take the housekeeper to greet Shi Lidao: “Chen Cen’s text meets your Highness.”

Looking at the man in his thirties, dressed as a scholar, Li Ke secretly lamented his talent and loyalty. Seeing the Cen text to give a gift to himself, he took a few steps forward and said, “How can I bear such a gift?”

Cen Wenwen heard that Li Ke called him a sir, knowing that Li Ke, as a prince, still serves him as a disciple. I was slightly moved, and then bowed and greeted: “Your Highness please.”

So Li Ke was ahead and Cen Wenwen followed him into Cen Mansion slowly.

Coming to the living room, the maidservant retreated after having tea, and Xiao Baozi also stood outside the door with interest. Li Ke first explained: “Ke was injured because of the horse falling, and he has been cured so far. Today, she asked the mother concubine. The palace that was able to come out came to see Mr. Wang and forgive him.” Then, he took a sip of tea and continued: “Mother Concubine” Let me say hello to her husband on her behalf.”

Cen’s text is very respectful to Li Ke Yang Fei. Hearing Li Ke’s words, he hurriedly said: “Thank you for your mother-in-law’s care, the text is very grateful.”

Li Kedao said: “Mr. was granted the Secretary Lang by his father and emperor. He walked between the introspection and Hongwen Temple full time, and congratulated him.

Cen Wenwen said modestly: “The text is well-deserved, and it all depends on the support of the lady and the recommendation of Master Feng.”

“Mr. Chang’s first time in Chang’an, are you still used to living?” Li Ke asked Cen Wen’s simple and simple mansion and asked with concern.

Cen Wen was a little touched: “Thank you, Your Highness, for not being used to it, but now I am used to it.”

After drinking tea, Li Ke asked Cen Wenwen about some academic matters, and Cen Wenwen gave Li Ke an answer. After talking in this way, Li Ke felt that there was still a gap between them. If this barrier is not removed, I am afraid it is difficult for Cen Wen to truly belong to himself. Then he said: “In addition to congratulating Mr. Ke on coming today, he has to ask Mr. Help for one thing.” Shi Yili said: “Mr. must agree.”

Cen Wenwen was taken aback by Li Ke’s move, and he quickly helped to support: “There is nothing in the Highness, as long as the text can do everything.”

Li Ke said: “I want to tell my father and emperor to ask my husband to be my teacher, but also hope that my husband will not quit.”

Cen Wen was deeply moved by Li Ke’s behavior. He and Li Ke were introduced by Chai Shao in Chai Shaojun. Li Ke admired his talent very much and hoped he would be his teacher. At that time, Cen Wen thought that Li Ke was only impulsive, not necessarily out of sincerity, he did not agree. . Unexpectedly, he came here today, still for this matter. If Li Ke asked the emperor to issue an edict directly, he did not dare to violate the order of the emperor. But Li Ke did not use power to suppress him, but personally sought his opinion, which shows that Li Ke respected him. Cen Wenwen is just a scholar, a secretary Lang from Qipin, and can allow a prince to invite himself twice, which is similar to that of Liu Beisan Gu Maolu He Zeng. What can make him more moved than this Of it. He choked with sobs: “His Royal Highness is not too shabby to learn from his subjects.

Li Ke said happily: “Mr. did you agree?” He stood up and said to Cen Wenwen: “I have seen Mr. Ke.”

Cen Wenwen said: “His Highness does not need to pay such a gift to his officials. His high love for his officials is so reasonable.”

Li Ke rejoiced in his heart, knowing that Cen Wenwen wanted to repay Yang Fei’s kindness to him, so he agreed to be so simple. Otherwise, with his strategy, how could Li Ke be recovered so easily?

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