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BETD Chapter 4 Reflections on History

The imperial palace in the sunset appears a little tired in the afterglow of the setting sun, just like the knight who ran for a long distance, arrived at the destination, although tired, but calm and calm.

Li Ke has spent half of his time in Datang in this dusk.

And now he is standing in the pavilion in the garden behind the palace of Qiu Qiong in the palace of Yang Fei of Taiji Palace.

He has accepted his current identity, but this also means that he has to accept the ending of Li Ke in history.

In fact, he was also very hesitant and confused, and there were countless depressions in his heart that he could not excrete. He stood so quietly in the sunset, the tall body and the twilight sky merged together, making him look lonely and lonely. How should one go in the future? What kind of person is Li Ke in history? People have said that Li Ke did not lose the Emperor and was jealous of him. However, after what kind of reality did he face, he gave up his ambition to fight for the throne, and willing to sink into history?

Now Li Ke doesn’t know, he only knows that the history book records that Li Ke was killed unjustly and died young.

So, thinking of this, Li Ke knew that his future path was not smooth.

What if he admits his fate? Impossible, since he was born again, since he was made Li Ke, he cannot be dictated by fate.

However, if you do not admit your fate, what should you do in the future? Can you change your destiny in the future?

Suddenly Li Ke thought of a song from a previous life: Longitudinal, in this life, Ren Xiaoyao, the hero does not bow down for Hong Yan. The enthusiasm is higher than the sky, with a cold and arrogant bone, built by the world, the sword and the devil are scared, and there are few men and heroes. Holding a bloody sword in the canyon, holding a cold moon frosting knife in his heart, a glance at the top of the mountain saw a small boy walk in the world, and a boy walk in the world.

“Holding the blood sword of the residual sun, and the cold moon frosting knife in my heart, the top is a glance of the small boys in the mountains, and the boys are in the world.”

“The boy walks around the world.” Li Ke said: “How about fighting for the reserve? The boy walks around the world. Since, let me regenerate Li Ke, then I will play with you!”

“Haha…” Li Ke laughed wildly.

The breeze blew through, blowing up Li Ke’s long hair, and suddenly he seemed so lonely and proud again. This history is abandoned, this prince who is regretted, and finally found the value of his existence.

Since ancient times, hegemony, how many people can be happy, how many people are happy? I only want to live a dull happiness is life, do not even meet such requirements?

In the history of Wu Wang Li Ke is a prince of all martial arts, however, in the end, the throne still fell on the cowardly Li Zhi.

What caused Tang Taizong not to pass to him in the end, but to pass to the cowardly ninth son Jin Wang Li Zhi for three main reasons. The first is that Li Ke was not a heir, and he was not born of a queen. There was a system in ancient feudal dynasties, that is, the first choice for passing the throne was the heir. The second is that Li Ke was born to Yang Fei, who is Yang Fei, she is the daughter of Sui Yang Emperor, he is also the nephew of Sui Yang Emperor, people are worried that the brutal Sui Dynasty will make a comeback, so even if he has civility and talent, how good Riding and shooting, it was impossible to make him emperor. Even if Li Shimin wanted to set him up as a reserve, the group of ministers who killed Li Shimin and killed Datang Jiangshan would also furiously oppose it. It is impossible for the emperor to decide such a major event as the establishment of a prince. Therefore, he did not have the support of the gentry.

The third is the interruption of the uncle Sun Wuji, who is the elder brother of the Queen Sun. He certainly hopes that the throne will be passed on to his nephew. In the late period of Emperor Taizong’s reign, Changsun Wuji had an unparalleled weight among courtiers. In order to maintain this situation after Taizong, Changsun Wuji hopes that the future emperor, today’s prince, should be served by a nephew who is obedient and filial, so that he will Respect, power will be guaranteed. Jin Zhili’s cowardly nature naturally became the object of his strong support.

At first, after Tang Taizong established the cowardly King Li Zhi as the crown prince, he wanted to abolish Li Zhi and establish Li Ke. However, Chang Sun Wuji strived to say how the country’s reserve could be changed at will. Later, Tang Taizong dispelled this idea. In addition to the fact that Chang Sun Wuji said that the country’s reserve can change this principle at random, there is one more and most important point. Chang Sun Wuji is the first hero of the founding country. He is behind the Guanlong gentry and the Datang. The veterans and heavy ministers, as well as support from the military. Therefore, Li Shimin cannot ignore the factors in this regard.

Therefore, Li Ke was defeated in that era, the failure was that he was the nephew of the Emperor Yang, and the failure was that he was not a progeny, but was defeated by Changsun Wuji. It was that era that destroyed him. If Tang Taizong really passed the throne to him, maybe the Jiangshan of Tang Dynasty would not be taken away by Wu Zetian, or there might not be a female emperor in history.

Four years after the death of Tang Taizong, Chang Sun Wuji sent him to the execution ground on the charge of rebellion. This prince, who was known by Tang Taizong in the history as “Binguo I”, finally used a sad song as the final song of his life.

Many people are a pity. Why? Li Ke is so good in history: he is both “good at shooting” and “civil and military talent”, but he can’t get the status that should be worthy of his status? Yes, Li Ke in history was kind. His kindness forced him to give up his dreams, his ambitions, his throne, and even his life.

It’s just that Li Ke is no longer the Li Ke in history. Now he already knows his future.

“Born in the emperor’s house, this is life, there is no choice.” Li Ke said in a deep voice.

Indeed, there are not many princes born in the emperor’s home who can achieve a holy end. Therefore, Li Ke understands that if he wants to live well, some people will not let him go.

Now, I should no longer be a docile prince like Li Ke in history. Rather, we must have our own ideas and work hard for ourselves to live!

After a bitter smile, he shook his head again. “After all, people are alive to do something, then let Datang start with me Li Ke.” Li Ke, who figured this out, felt suddenly bright in his heart, and had been suppressed before The depression in his heart also vanished.

At this moment, I heard someone behind me whispering softly: “His Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness, the concubine lady came to see you.”

Li Ke knew that this was her mother’s concubine Lan’er, and during the period of her serious illness and amnesia, it was she who ordered Yang Fei to take charge of her life. He turned and asked, “Where is the concubine?”

Lan’er looked at Li Ke in front of him and calmed down after a little trance. She found that her brows were still closed yesterday, and His Highness sighed, and he is back today. He is still the confident and heroic proud prince before.

And she is happy that Li Ke can restore her previous state in such a short time. She was an orphan. After being adopted and raised by a good family, she was sent to the Queen of Qin Dynasty to serve Yang Fei. She stayed with Yang Fei for four years. Yang Fei was very kind to them. Not only do they not fight or scold, but usually they will give gold and silver jewelry to help them solve the life of family members outside the palace. This is something that does not dare to hope for a lay man. Therefore, there is only one master in Laner’s heart, then Princess Yang, and only one highness, that is Li Ke. Therefore, she found Li Ke returned to her previous state, and she was also happy in her heart, but forgot what Li Ke asked her.

When Li Ke saw Lan’er in a daze, she knew that she saw that she was different from today. Not to blame her rudeness, walked to the front yard.

Lan’er woke up when Li Ke walked past her. Seeing that Li Ke didn’t blame her, he hurriedly followed behind him.

Coming to the front hall, Li Ke stepped forward to salute: “Children please the mother concubine.”

Before waiting for her son to kneel down, Yang Fei got up and lifted him up, saying, “Kee, you are still weak and don’t need this gift.”

When she saw that Li Ke had restored her former style, she continued: “Is your body better today? Seeing that you are in good spirits now, the mother princess is happy.”

Li Ke took Yang Fei’s hand and sat on the chair and said, “Mother Concubine, the son-in-law has recovered. During this time, because of the son-in-law’s affairs, she worried the mother concubine. It is a child who is not filial.” He stood up and knelt in front of Princess Yang.

Seeing his son’s filial piety, Yang Fei touched his cheek with both hands. Although he was still a child in his tens, Li Ke’s face had the outline of his grandfather, Sui Yang Emperor, valiant.

In an instant, Fei Yang seemed to see her father and was looking at her with a smile. She couldn’t help but shudder and couldn’t stop her tears.

Concubine Yang’s expression made Li Ke strange and asked, “Mother Concubine, what’s the matter with you? Don’t cry, children will listen to you in the future, no longer cause trouble, and won’t worry Mother Concubine.”

After concubine Yang woke up, she realized that she was out of state and quickly raised Li Ke’s compassionate way: “You have suffered hard this way, and then fell off the horse again. Fortunately, there is no big deal. Now that you are recovering, the mother princess is happy. .”

Li Ke quipped: “As long as the mother princess is happy, it doesn’t matter if the son-in-law falls more than once.”

When Princess Yang heard Li Ke’s words being ridiculous, she immediately raised her face and said, “You are not allowed to talk casually. Mother Princess just hopes that you all have peace and peace of mind.” Suddenly said seriously: “I’m not alone worried, you The father and emperor were also very worried, and the queen came to see you. These two days, your father and emperor were very busy, and they had to discuss the state affairs with the ministers every day. Only at night there was still some free time. An, lest he be worried.”

Then he continued: “In a few days you will have to thank me again at the Queen Mother.”

Li Ke saw that Yang Fei said so seriously, he said: “Children follow the order of the mother concubine.”

Yang Fei recovered her sympathetic expression and said, “Let’s visit Master Feng when your body is completely recovered. This time it was his person who took you back. Also remember to see your Mr. Cen Wen. “

Li Ke agreed to what Yang Fei told her one by one, and the mother and son said for a while, Li Ke answered Yang Fei one by one, and Yang Fei was very happy after seeing her son’s serious illness. He said a lot of words, and finally left because he didn’t want to disturb Li Ke when he had too many hours. When I left, I left a little inner servant named Xiao Baozi next to Li Ke, let him take care of Li Ke, and told Li Ke that he would come to her Qianqiu Hall directly after he came out of Ganquan Palace, and then go See the queen.

As soon as Princess Yang left, Xiao Baozi immediately walked inside and bowed: “Xiao Baozi has seen His Royal Highness.”

“Little Baozi?” Li Ke smiled: “Is the name good? Are you really surnamed Bao?”

Xiao Baozi was speechless by Li Ke and asked for a long time: “Back to Your Highness, no, my name is Zhang Bao, but everyone likes to call me Xiao Baozi.”

“Um, actually, it’s better to call you A Bao than Xiao Bao Zi.” Li Ke said: “Let’s walk out of the palace with Ben Wang.”

Xiao Baozi was shocked and said, “His Royal Highness, you are not in good health, I am afraid it is not right?”

At the beginning, Li Ke felt very comfortable staying in the palace because of her freshness and curiosity. Slowly, he realized that everyone in the palace was careful to do things and talked, and he was constrained everywhere, and there was nothing interesting. So, for a long time he has been a little tired of this kind of life. Today, there is such a little treasure who is familiar with Changan City. How can he let go of the opportunity, so he said seriously: “Whether you listen to the king or the king listens to you?”

“Xiaobaozi, oh no, Abao dare not.” Xiaobaozi was frightened by Li Ke and said incoherently: “I don’t know where your Highness is going?”

“Don’t be so nervous? However, the name A Bao is really nice.” Li Ke joked: “Just walk around and see the scenery of Chang’an City.”

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