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Star Shining In The Future

Star Shining In The Future
Other Name:

Genres: Manhua, Mystery, Revenge, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Sariel (Main Author) + Tang Xiao Ning/Ye Sheng Zu (Scriptwriter)
Related Show:

A popular actress of the Xing Yao Future entertainment industry returns to the campus as a teacher for a youth campus film. However, honing acting skills and experiencing life is only a cover. Her real purpose is to trace the truth six years ago. She abandoned “Xia Xing Chen” identity and is now known as “Xia Wei Lai”. Nowadays, the super cool top student, Li Xing Bai, and gentle music teacher, Chen Chu Luo, and Xia Wei Lai, the three people’s feelings are gradually becoming intertwined. The truth of that year is hidden in the midst of feelings, how will Xia Wei Lai choose?

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