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Jagged Eagle Chapter 2 Who am I

“Let me come in and see our company commander!”

“Relax, your company commander is no longer in danger! He will soon be back on the battlefield!”

Confused, Xiao Bai heard someone talking.

Xiao Bai’s consciousness gradually became clear, he suddenly opened his eyes, but saw a tall white angel standing in front of him. The big mask covers half of her face, but the talking eyes make people think she must be a beauty!

Xiao Bai looked at the nurse, and she saw that the white nurse’s uniform could not cover her exquisite figure, and a pair of high breasts fell along with her breathing.

The nurse noticed that Xiao Bai was looking at her intently, her face flushed, and she said to Xiao Bai: “Princess Xiao is not serious at this time! Don’t forget that you have a wife who has a baby doll!”

‘What a baby, what a wife! ‘Xiao Bai was shocked in his heart. This is not a trivial matter. It is the 21st century. Where else is there a baby kiss? As for his wife, Xiao Bai doesn’t even know where his girlfriend is!

But another consciousness in his mind told him:’You have a wife! Your wife is at home in rural Hubei! After this battle, your boy will go back to be married! ‘

‘What the hell is going on? ‘Xiao Bai pinched himself hard and obviously felt very painful, this is definitely not a dream, everything is real!

Xiao Bai looked at his surroundings again. He found himself lying in a white tent. The bed underneath was made of ammunition boxes, and there were rumbling roars from time to time outside.

Two Kuomintang soldiers wearing German helmets walked outside the door, and they shouted as soon as they entered the door: “Mr. Xiao, you finally woke up!”

At this time, Xiao Bai’s already confused mind was even more confused. He really couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was he injured, not sent to the hospital, but to which crew?

He looked up and down the two Kuomintang soldiers and saw that they were wearing yellow military uniforms. One of them was carrying a medium-formal rifle and the other was carrying an MP18 floral organ submachine gun.

Xiao Bai thought to himself:’This crew is really dedicated! In the movies and TVs I usually watch, there is no place for the prop master to get an old antique submachine gun such as MP18, and often use the Stern submachine gun that appears later to distract the audience. This crew actually actually got this kind of wooden submachine gun! ‘

The soldier who carried the MP18 submachine gun saw his company commander looked at him with confused eyes. He was in a hurry, and quickly went to Xiao Bai and said anxiously: “Commander Xiao, you don’t even know me Ah! I am Hong Bin! I just came in and you taught me to shoot!”

This time, Xiao Bai was even more puzzled, and he was even more confused as to what the hell was going on. Why didn’t he know these people, but they all knew themselves?

Xiao Bai then looked at the two Kuomintang soldiers carefully, and he saw that the man with the submachine gun on his back had a full-faced beard, dark skin, and a full face, and his body was still strong; but the man carrying the official rifle But his face is yellow and skinny, with bloodshot eyes and slightly confused eyes, as thin as a bamboo pole, this is obviously a malnourished guy!

“What the hell are you?”

As soon as Xiao Bai said this, he saw the two soldiers face to face.

Just as his eyes widened, a doctor wearing a German military cap and a white coat walked in. He said, “Your company chief Xiao may have been shocked by the shells of the devil, maybe It’s a short-term memory loss, but it’s okay, I checked it for him, and he’s in good condition in other ways!”

‘Broken by the ghost shells! ‘Xiao Bai remembered these words. He was so terrified in his heart that he had just led a team to attack the training camp of the East Turkistan. Why did he run into a devil?

Until this time, Xiao Bai did not understand what was going on. He thought he was sent by a comrade to the wrong team and sent to a very professional crew?

There was a thunderous explosion outside the “Boom”, and the ground shook violently for several times.

‘Dog Day! Where does the crew have such realistic shelling effects! ‘Xiao Bai secretly said. At this moment, he suddenly understood the fact;’Broken! Have you crossed! ‘

Indeed, no matter from which point of view, those who are opposite are Kuomintang soldiers in the thirties! The gun, the helmet, and the look, plus the explosion just now, this is obviously the battlefield where the battle is full of fire! Lie yourself in a tent, this is definitely a field hospital!

‘Did you return to the anti-Japanese battlefield? ‘Xiao Bai’s mind flashed such an idea.

“Who am I?”

Luobei replied: “Long Commander, your name is Xiao Bai, why don’t you even know what your name is?”

The beautiful female nurse on the side inserted a sentence: “Your company commander was shocked, and it is reasonable for him not to remember these!”

Xiao Bai continued to ask, “Where is this place?”

Luobei replied, “It’s Nanjing!”

“What year is it now?”

“December 5th of the 26th year of the Republic of China!”

‘Gosh! ‘Xiao Bai was taken aback, and he opened his eyes in horror.’ In December 26, this was not the moment when Japanese imperialism was attacking Nanjing after winning the Battle of Song and Shanghai! Soon, there will be a Nanjing Massacre that shocked the world! Maybe everyone here will die from the devil’s clutches! Especially in front of this beautiful girl! No way! I can’t look at this beautiful girl’s miserable hands of devils! I have to find a way to rescue her! ‘

None of the four people in the tent, including the doctor, thought that Xiao Bai thought of so many things in his mind at this moment. They thought that Xiao Bai needed a period of rest.

“Mr. Xiao, you continue to recuperate! Let’s go to the position first!” Luobei, Sergeant Hong Bin said to Xiao Bai.

“Wait! I’m going too!” Xiao Bai struggled to get up from the “bed”.

“Princess Xiao, you can’t fight, let’s take care of the wounds here!” The beautiful nurse stopped Xiao Bai. “In a few days, all the wounded will retreat first!”

Xiao Bai lay down, and there was another remnant memory in his mind. The memory clearly told himself:’The original owner of this body is called Xiao Bai. He was originally a playboy, and his family had money to join the Central Army. The battle came without any skill…’

However, this memory can only tell you so much, the other Xiao Bai knows nothing.

It seems that there are countless wounded people. The doctor and the beautiful nurse ignored Xiao Bai. They walked out of the tent and were busy elsewhere.

Xiao Bai lay quietly on the “bed”, listening to the rumble of artillery outside, thinking about what he should do next. Although he was an excellent commando commander in his previous life, he didn’t know anything when he arrived here, and he was inexplicably wounded…

A white figure flashed at the door, Xiao Bai shouted: “Miss nurse!”

“Sir, what’s the matter?” A timid voice sounded, and a petite and exquisite nurse looked into the tent and looked at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai looked at the little nurse and saw that she didn’t wear a mask. The little girl was very beautiful. She had big watery eyes on her face, and her eyelashes were long. She looked like a doll. However, this little nurse is not tall, about 1 meter 55, and is not very old. It looks like he is 17 or 18 years old.

Xiao Bai’s eyes fell on the nurse’s chest. When she saw her young age, she was very full-bodied. It can be said that this is a pretty cute girl.

Seeing Xiao Bai’s eyes on his chest, the little nurse blushed and said, “Sir, if there is nothing wrong, I will go out first, and there are many wounded people waiting for me!”

“Slow! Miss nurse, I am amnesia! I want to ask you a few questions now.”

“Ah, what’s wrong, does the sir need my help?”

“Miss nurse, can you tell me what is the name of the tall nurse who just took care of me?”

The nurse nurse pursed her lips, she Yingying walked to Xiao Bai and whispered in his ear: “She’s Lin Danni! and I are classmates, but it is said that she and you are still sweet!”

Xiao Bai’s face turned red at once, and he asked, “But why did she have such a bad attitude towards me?”

“Do you still ask me? You have a wife who is married on your fingertips, but she still haunts Miss Lin all day!”

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