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Jagged Eagle Chapter 1 Rebirth

The Chinese defense line of the China Gate in Nanjing City, the sound of gunfire raging into the sky, the beautiful ground shivered violently under the heavy artillery bombardment of the enemy, and the rain above the trench fell from time to time as the rain fell down on the soil swept by the shells into the air.

A cannonball of “Sun” dropped with a strange roar, and with a “boom”, the fireball burst into burst, and a civilian 24-type water-cooled heavy machine gun rose into the air and became fragments in mid-air. The flesh and blood of the two machine gunners were torn apart by sharp shrapnel, and turned into a burst of blood and mud mixed with soil and scattered in the trenches.

“Day-day-day” Japanese artillery shells were desperately falling on the Chinese defender’s position as if they were not money. The fireballs took off one after another, and the explosions continued to form, and the flames burned the wall behind. Although it was winter at this time, the fire on the battlefield made people feel as though it was a hot summer.

The 88th Division of the National Revolutionary Army under attack suffered heavy losses, and the air filled with smoky smoke was full of pungent bloody smell and burning smell of burning corpses.

“Company Xiao!” Veteran Hong Bin gently pushed his company commander.

Xiao Bai, with a bandage on his head, sat in the trench, his hands tightly covering his head. After a series of metal rainstorms and hail fell around the trenches and exploded, the earth’s sieve shook violently. The explosive sound of the shells pierced Xiao Bai’s eardrums, and the powerful shock wave shook the ground, making Xiao Bai feel that his internal organs were about to spit out of his mouth.

The shells shocked him, but the remaining memories made him headache!

‘Who am I? ‘Xiao Bai hugged his head tightly.

The vague memory gradually became clear. The idea of’I am Xiao Bai’ became clearer in Xiao Bai’s mind. What makes Xiao Bai very puzzled is:’How can people here call themselves Xiao Bai? ‘

A voice is telling himself:’This Xiao Bai is not the other Xiao Bai! ‘

The time and space in the memory gradually returned to Lanzhou Airport in 2010. A group of Chinese special forces with live ammunition stood in front of Xiao Bai. The rotor of the straight-9 multi-purpose helicopter fluttered behind the wind, and the wind slammed the ground fiercely. People find it very difficult to stand steadily.

Xiao Bai glanced at his elite Special Forces soldiers. Obviously, he was very satisfied with these spirited and high morale Special Forces soldiers. He opened his voice and shouted: “Comrades, we are going to perform a secret mission soon! But now I will not tell everyone where to go! Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask! When you get to the place, I will naturally tell everyone to ask What task to perform!”

The special forces soldiers just got off the helicopter and took an Il-76 large military transport plane from Lanzhou Airport to Xinjiang Kashi Airport.

As night fell on the ground, at the gate of the East Turkistan terrorist training camp in Afghanistan, three guys with headscarves on their heads and a AK-47 assault rifle diagonally around their waists walked back and forth.

A few shadows appeared in the darkness, and without knowing it, they touched the training camp of the independents of East Turkistan.

“Woo-woo” A terrorist was blocked by someone’s mouth, he tried to shout, but he couldn’t. He only heard the sound of his neck breaking, and he collapsed to the ground like a sack of flour. Almost at the same moment, two other terrorists were killed silently.

Xiao Bai twisted a terrorist’s neck, and he did not return his head with a gesture:’Follow up! ‘

Silently command the special forces soldiers and follow the captain into the training camp of the independents of East Turkistan. Along the way, several patrolmen were encountered, all of them were easily killed by special forces soldiers like ants. Install bombs, set timers, everything is in order.

Xiao Bai looked at the luminous watch. In the past ten minutes, everything was ready. He waved his hand:’The task is completed, retreat! ‘

The soldiers withdrew from the East Turkistan Independence Training Camp in an orderly manner. At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly appeared in the darkness. It seemed that this was a guy who got up at midnight.

This guy has apparently found special forces soldiers sneaking into their camp.

“Stop! Who is it!”

‘No, it was discovered! ‘Xiao Bai’s heart “giggled”. He didn’t have much time to think about anything. The 95-type short assault gun “Suddenly” spit out a tongue of fire.

The piercing gunshots broke the tranquil night sky, and the dark red bullet marks accurately hit the chest of the Middle Eastern Turkistan. “Ah” screamed. The East Turkistan terrorist tilted his head and turned backwards.

Suddenly, the terrorist training camp blew up the nest, and all the East Turkistan awakened from their sleep. For a while, shouts and noises were connected. The fire was shining in the darkness, and there was a lot of gunfire. Several terrorists just drilled out of the tent were knocked down by the soldiers like weeds.

Xiao Bai turned around flexibly, and a pale green shadow appeared in the low-light night vision device. The distance is very close, the two are only five meters apart! This guy was holding the AK-47 in his hand and was about to pull the trigger. But before waiting for him to pull the trigger, Xiao Bai’s finger had already gently pulled the trigger. The “suddenly” red bullet marks penetrated the shadow of the body like a red iron bar wearing tofu, and a pungent bloody smell greeted us.

In the dark, you can’t see the splashing blood red, but the bloody smell can remind Xiao Bai of the shocking scene when he killed a terrorist!

The soldiers shot and turned to exit the terrorist camp. At this moment, a row of green figures appeared in the night vision device, blocking Xiao Bai’s retreat.

“Tang arm is the car!” Xiao Bai sneered.

Twelve 95-type short assault guns fired in unison, rhythmic gunshots sounded, and the blazing fire flashed continuously in the darkness. The East Turkistans rushed down like a fence wall kicked by someone.

There was a sound from behind, the alert Xiao Bai turned his head, a short assault gun in his hand spit out a long tongue of fire in the direction of the sound, only to hear a scream, an East Turkistan fell to the ground with a fork on his back.

‘fast! rush out! ‘Xiao Bai waved his hand and gave the command.

A silhouette appeared on the side, and Xiao Bai had no time to think about anything. He pulled out the 92-type pistol at his waist and aimed at the target “snapping” three consecutive shots, turning the chest into a honeycomb.

A group of terrorists rushed out of the tent. At this time, the 88-type universal machine gun set up outside the terrorist barracks roared at the right time. A bullet like a rainstorm spilled on the enemy group. The wheat fell one by one.

Xiao Bai bent over and laid a thunderbolt on the ground, followed by the soldiers rushing out of the terrorist’s barracks.

The chasing terrorist stepped on a thunder jump, “Peng” a cylinder flew into the sky, burst into a ball of orange fire in mid-air, sharp debris spattered like rain, screamed, rushed ahead A row of terrorists fell to the ground.

The crackling sound of the “Slap” Type 88 sniper rifle pierced the quiet night sky, and the head of a terrorist who was about to fire with an M-60 general-purpose machine gun fired into a rotten tomato.

The soldiers withdrew from the terrorist training camp one after another, and Xiao Bai left last. At this moment, the earth suddenly made a tremendous loud noise like a volcanic eruption, a huge ball of fire rose from the ground, and white tents fluttered into the air in the light of the fire.

The terrorists in the training camp flew one by one like the pieces of paper blown by the wind, their hands and feet fluttered in the air a few times and then fell heavily on the ground. The appearance of these people looks intact. In fact, all the internal organs have been broken, and they have already met their Allah.

In the dark, the sound of the helicopter rotor was faintly heard.

The soldiers speeded up their retreat. Xiao Bai ran at the end. The short assault rifle in his hand fired again and again, knocking down the chasing terrorists from time to time.

However, Xiao Bai did not expect that an M24 sniper rifle in the dark was quietly following his pace.

The piercing sound of the “slap” sniper rifle echoed in the night sky. Xiao Bai, who had seen the helicopter, only felt that his eyes were black, and he lost consciousness.

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