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Just Want to Live More Green

Just Want to Live More Green (Novel)
Other Name: 就想生活多点绿

Genre: novel
Author: Xiao Yao Yanyan
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Qian Zheng. He is the god of plants. His temperament changes with the four seasons, sometimes gentle and sometimes cruel, but he treats plants only. It is gentle and considerate, with one exception, that is to him, a human! Piansheng is an ambitious human being who is still a strict ascetic type. In a lush plant, the two kissed unintentionally, since then…

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Jons’ hair was still dripping down, and he raised his hand and wiped a handful of water on his face. It smelled of bleach, which he hated. The makeup on his face was messed up on his face, white and red, looking very embarrassed.

“Where is your assistant?”

“I don’t know, I should be busy.”

Mu Ci sneered.

“Your assistant is not busy taking care of you, but is busy with other things. You really have a big heart.”

“Mr. Mu is caring about me?” Jons’ eyes lit up.

“If you make any mistakes, it will affect the progress of the crew, and will affect the reputation of Qianyu.”

From beginning to end, there is no extra expression on Mu Ci’s face

Jungs acted for a while, and he really treated him equally. He said nothing different from any staff member of the crew, nothing special.

He smiled like a self-deprecating smile, the light in his eyes dissipated, and his peace was restored.

Luo Ziqian’s assistant arrived first, and hurriedly squeezed from the crowd with towels and bathrobes.

Mu Ci picked up the towel casually and put it on Jungs’s shoulder.

“Chacha, don’t get sick anymore.”

Even he himself did not expect to have such actions, caring about competitors, extra care, extra feelings, this is not the usual style of Mouci.

Forget it, just take it as beautiful flowers blooming and feel comfortable.

Jungs was taken aback, and pulled a towel on his face.

This seemingly normal movement, Qian Zheng, who just rushed over, had a panoramic view, everything seemed to have changed.

Doesn’t Mu Ci hate him very much? How come you care so suddenly…

Qian Zheng couldn’t help speeding up his pace and walked to Mu Ci’s side.

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