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The General Folded His Waist

The General Folded His Waist (Novel)
Other Name: 将军竟折腰

Genre: novel, historical
Author: San Dong
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Shen Li Mingdai, she just feels that she can’t understand Shen Li more and more. Perhaps, she never understood him. When she ran after him, he dismissed it. When she decided to give up, he said, Mingdai, tell me how should I love you. Or, take a step back, how can you be qualified to love you. If it doesn’t work, just take a step back and start from how to get close to you.

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I nodded, “Um.” Lu Chuncheng slapped me on the shoulder, “Hey, Mingdai, I think you have grown up a lot since you came back. What is good about my master, you are so much older, and you have no temperament. It’s commensurate. Fortunately, you finally understand!”

I gave him a blank look. Don’t look at his pretending to be old-fashioned and preaching to me now. If you take him to go shopping in the street, I guarantee that he was deceived by those swindlers that the emperor did not recognize him.

“Cut, how did you different from me before?”

The prince scratched his head and said with a smile, “Before, I saw you dig into the horns, and you may not be able to hear it. Mingdai, do you understand that people want to be with people who like themselves?”

I nodded, feeling that what he said was very reasonable. Especially after meeting Song Zheng.

I don’t know how much he always smiles today.

“Prince Chuncheng, is it so happy to drink my tea for nothing?”

“Of course! This is the first time I have come to your house!”

I shook my head, not knowing what the prince thought. His own home can be counted as the first in the world, what’s the joy of coming to Mingfu?

Before reaching the backyard where grandma lived, Daddy followed.

The prince saw it and said nothing.

Daddy followed me, cautiously and whispered to me, “Mingdai, what is the relationship between you and the prince?”

“Daddy, didn’t Chuncheng just said it, my friend.”

Daddy pondered, not knowing what he wanted to say.

There is an acacia tree at the door of the backyard where grandma lives, in front of the bluestone courtyard.

Hehuan lifted up the small velvet umbrella cover, and from a distance, there seemed to be a pink cloud hidden between the greens, and the courtyard was filled with fragrance.

The old tree has grown old and blocked the courtyard door a bit, casting a little coolness.

Dad rarely enters this yard. After the grandmother became mentally insane, she became very strong, occasionally hurting people, and only a few regular servants would take care of her.

Daddy didn’t let Mingyu go because grandma accidentally scratched her face. Dad hired a doctor and spent a lot of money, so that there were no scars on Ming Yu’s face. As for me, Mrs. Yiran probably hopes that one day I can be locked into this yard with my grandma. Therefore, my access is not very restricted.

Under the acacia tree at the entrance of the courtyard, I looked around twice, but I didn’t see the shadow of my grandma, so I was a little anxious.

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