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Saikyou no Kyuuketsuhime wa Imouto ga Hoshii!! Manga

Saikyou no Kyuuketsuhime wa Imouto ga Hoshii!! Manga (Manga)
Other Name: 最強の吸血姫は妹が欲しいっ! ; Ristia

Genres: manga, Adventure, Comedy, Vampire
Scarlet rain
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True Vampires household who has the ability to transcend other races and once reigned as the ruler of the Ephenia continent! Among them, the young princess, Ristia, who has the “Strongest” power, woke up after sleeping for 1000 years and revived in a different world, that is the present day!! Her purpose is…wanting a cute little sister!! Even in the different world, Ristia’s ability is overwhelmingly superior and the surrounding people can only be astonished at how easy the job that she does… Now, can Ristia become an ordinary girl and get a cute little sister…!? A fantasy story of an overwhelmingly strong vampire princess who is searching for a sister while behaving recklessly and running around noisily!

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