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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 30 Recap

Ye Zun’s energy is swallowing, the more swallowed, the greater the power. In just a few days, the rabble of Earth Star was swallowed by Ye Zun and controlled their minds. The Earth Star has fallen, from the Dijun’s Palace to the follower. Shen Wei brought Shaya and Yuzhu back to Earth Star for trial, but encountered a sneak attack led by the regent. In order to save Zhao Yunlan’s eyes, Shen Wei shared his life with him, but his own strength, energy and even life span were greatly reduced. The bullets of the mob went through Shen Wei’s chest. Shen Wei struggled a few times and barely stood. It seems that this protracted battle is hard to win. The regent saw Shen Wei’s flaws and was overjoyed. The balance in his heart was more inclined to Ye Zun. Shen Wei couldn’t, so he had to flee.

Faced with such a repressive predicament, Shen Wei couldn’t bear it, and returned to Tianzhu to vent his dissatisfaction to Ye Zun. As a result, he was eroded by the black energy and was tied to the Tianzhu by Ye Zun. In Ye Zun’s heart, the hatred for Shen Wei for thousands of years turned into a billowing black smoke that imprisoned and swallowed Shen Wei. He wanted Shen Wei to watch the painful death of his loved ones one by one, but he could do nothing. The shackled Shen Wei completely lost his combat effectiveness.

Ye Zun ordered Yaqing to spread the false personnel files of the special report to the world, killing and condemning people, and the panic caused by public opinion completely made the special report difficult. Ya Qing frowned, but decided to fight to the end. She has no retreat, only the sub-orcs have been rejuvenated and everything they have experienced is valuable. So Ya Qing drove away Yunlan’s request and Cong Bo distributed the modified files before deleting all the files. The special report fell into a cloud of muddy water. Public opinion was led by Ye Zun. The mob felt indignant. The public believed that the special report was deceived and began to eagerly resist.

In previous investigations, Yunlan found that those items that are inextricably linked to Haixingjian are always piled up in corners that no one cares about, but during a recent check, they found that many things were missing. There is no doubt about employing people, but the current facts prove that Yunlan has to defend himself. Zhao Yunlan looked at Lin Jing. In order to let the outspoken Lin Jing show her feet, she generously led Lin Jing to Haixingjian. Lin Jing really messed up his position. From the beginning of his reluctance to his absence, Yunlan has been silently watching Lin Jing’s every move. .

In the end, Yunlan discovered that Lin Jing had walked into the tightly sealed secret laboratory with dignity. Outside the door was Yunlan’s solemn expression. He listened word by word to Lin Jing and Professor Ouyang’s dialogue, and then learned Lin Jing is Professor Ouyang’s proud protégé. From the very beginning, Professor Ouyang’s eyeliner was inserted in the special tuning institute. Although Lin Jing had never done anything to betray the special tunes for three years, this betrayal had seriously reached Zhao Yunlan’s lower limit. Lin Jing was repatriated by Yunlan.

Lin Jing’s departure made everyone feel unwilling, and Lin Jing’s companionship made everyone dependent, as if Lin Jing should be born in the special room, and should be born with everyone to advance and retreat, not to mention the current enemy. Everyone is begging for Lin Jing, but Zhao Yunlan dismissed her selflessly with a cold face. The wallpaper in front of Lin Jing’s computer desk is a reunion photo of everyone. Now that Shen Wei is imprisoned, Lin Jing is forced to leave. It seems that the family will never be reunited.

Lin Jing joined Professor Ouyang’s laboratory after leaving the special investigation institute. Because Ya Qing’s several destructions were at the moment when the laboratory was short of people, Professor Ouyang ignored many of the secret documents and directly let Lin Jing directly contact him. Participate in this crazy farce. Even if Lin Jing still doubts Professor Ouyang’s anti-human, anti-science and anti-society research, she has nothing to do.

Brother Chu received a letter for help from Earth Star, and the other party’s tricks were so awkward that Great Wall could see it was a scam. But Shen Wei could still be imitated by the villain and sent to Brother Chu when he was on Earth Star. Shen Wei’s current situation can be imagined. The two decided to tell Yunlan the matter before making a decision.

Yunlan was also scratching his head and cheeks. On the one hand, Haixingjian’s non-cooperation was caused by Ye Zun’s public opinion trend. At this time, Zhao Xinci took the initiative to find Yunlan and returned home with Yunlan. Yunlan waited for Zhao Xinci to confess his crime with a stinky face, because he discovered that it was not his upright father who was standing in front of him at this time, but an earth star. Yunlan raised the gun that could shoot through black energy, and put it in front of Zhao Xinci.

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