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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 36 Recap

Yuan Ruilang’s resignation procedures were all completed, he came to the company to pack up his personal belongings, Yan Fei deliberately ridiculed him, let Yuan Ruilang feel the feeling of being swept out of the house. When Yuan Ruilang was leaving, he suggested Yan Fei to find a Feng Shui master to see, because the Feng Shui in this office is not good, otherwise he will not be insulted by the villain and forced to resign.

Fang Yubin sent Yuan Ruilang to leave the company. Yuan Ruilang wanted Fang Yubin to go with him. Fang Yubin refused. He decided to stay in Rongding and die with Yan Fei. In any case, Yan Fei should be sent to prison to pay for Qi Yu’s death. cost.

Rongding company has a system that can record the chat history of all the company’s computers for the past six months. Yuan Ruilang gave the password of this system to Fang Yubin. I believe that there will be Yanfei’s black material in the computer chat record. Yan Fei did too much distress, was frightened by Yuan Ruilang’s words, and was embarrassed to find a Feng Shui master, he searched the location of Feng Shui on his mobile phone and changed the location of his office.

Su Jin’s father came to invite her to watch a stage play together at night. Su Jin said that she had a meeting in the evening and had no time. At this time, Yuan Ruilang also came to Su Jin and invited Su Jin with the same stage play tickets. She was relieved and was in a good mood. She started dancing as soon as she entered Su Jin’s house, but unexpectedly Su Jin’s father was also in the room. Yuan Ruilang was very embarrassed and fled the Su Jin house after a few words. Although it was awkward to meet for the first time, Su Jin’s father still thanked Yuan Ruilang. At least Yuan Ruilang made Su Jin smile happily.

Su Hao invested in Jinsheng Technology’s electronic car, but the battery research of the electronic car has not progressed. In the eyes of shareholders, it is a blind burning of money. The shareholders have withdrawn their funds. Su Hao is anxious, but Hua Shouzheng has nothing to do with it. Looks like.

Yuan Ruilang’s death, coupled with the malicious publicity of netizens, Rongding’s reputation plummeted. Yan Fei said that the Beijing headquarters engaged in a self-examination operation, so people themselves reflected on self-examination mistakes, criticism and self-criticism.

After the self-inspection meeting started, no one took the initiative to accept everyone’s criticism and self-criticism. Yan Fei named Fang Yubin to take the lead. Fang Yubin thought that he was in the office. Those who were criticized for self-examination left the meeting and waited until everyone had finished criticizing before coming in again.

Criticism of Fang Yubin was held for a whole day. People in the investment and research department talked about Fang Yubin’s many problems one after another. Yan Fei called Fang Yubin back to the conference room after dark. Yan Fei picked Fang Yubin in front of him. The criticisms of several people were spoken truthfully. Everyone thought it was anonymous, and Fang Yubin was not in the conference room, so the white strips spoke unscrupulously about Fang Yubin’s bad words. At the moment, Yan Fei told these bad words to Fang Yubin. Everyone had a feeling of being stripped of their clothes. However, I didn’t dare to face Fang Yubin directly. After the meeting, all hurriedly fled the meeting room.

Jinsheng Group has almost no medicine to save. Hua Zixian originally wanted to save Jinsheng by manipulating the stock market, but he didn’t expect that he was advanced to prison. Without Hua Zixian, he could not save Jinsheng by Huashou, so Hua Shouzheng started to break the jar and stayed in the Macau casino all day.

There is a man named Dong Jinsong in the financial and insurance industry who is well-known and best at secretly transferring assets overseas. President Ding found that Hua Shouzheng pretended to be a gambler in Macau and transferred all Jin Sheng’s last family to the outside. Shouzheng did not intend to rescue Jin Sheng at all. President Ding threw the evidence of Hua Shouzheng’s transfer of property to him. These evidences were enough for Hua Shouzheng to go to jail. Hua Shouzheng was busy asking President Ding for mercy and promised to cooperate with President Ding to save Jin Sheng.

After the self-examination meeting, Fang Yubin was isolated in the office. When everyone faced Fang Yubin, he was a little guilty, so he could only hide.

Fang Yubin asked when Yan Fei’s next self-examination will start and who will be the next person to be self-examined, but Yan Fei said that everyone has been working too busy recently. The self-examination will come to an end first, when will the self-examination be continued, and so on. Fang Yubin realized that this was a self-examination meeting against him. After provoking the relationship between him and his colleagues, he was isolated and helpless in the company. Eventually he had to take the initiative to resign, but Fang Yubin was a stubborn person and did not fail. Yanfei, he can’t resign.

Yuan Ruilang said that his sister came to see him in Shanghai and took Su Jin to see his sister at his house. The reason was that he had seen Su Jin’s father, so Su Jin also wanted to see his sister, and then said indirectly tentatively, since Both of them had seen their parents, so it was better to get together, and Su Jin did not accept Yuan Ruilang.

Su Jin found that President Ding had arrived in Jiangzhou and had seen Hua Shouzheng. Su Jin asked Chen Ran to send a message to Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin ran to Jiangzhou Huajia to find President Ding. Hua Shouzheng did not let him stay at home. Fang Yubin claimed to be President Ding let him come. Chu Man asked him to wait for President Ding in the study.

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