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Beloved Chapter 9

The warm sunlight projected from the top of the mountain, dragging the long shadows of a couple of men and women by the forest, and the intimate posture of the two people made the shadows overlap, adding a touch to this quiet and idyllic landscape. Gentle and lovely.

It is a pity that the girl who was hugged by force was not willing.

Fu Rong shoved and struggled, Xu Jin frowned, moved his hands down, pinched the girl’s fair-skinned neck mercilessly, and exerted a little force: “Don’t call and don’t move, or today is your death.” He just wanted to see Her true temperament, she likes to put on a kind of gentle Wanan in the previous life, fake lifeless.

Fu Rong stopped immediately, forgot the forehead pit, forgot his dislike for Xu Jin, and shivered in the man’s arms. It’s not pretending, but I’m really scared. Xu Jin is a prince who is high above the earth, and an iron-blooded general who has made military achievements at a young age. His life is no different from that of grass and mustard.

And now she is not his concubine, but the girl in his eyes.

With tears in his eyes, Fu Rong nodded sadly.

Her pretty face was pale and she was about to cry. Xu Jin was suddenly annoyed and released her hand, threatening to buckle her neck like a threat.

His fingers were slightly cool, her skin was smooth, and she touched gently. If the man’s tone is not so cold, it’s easy to make people think that he has other intentions, “Just then, I just asked casually, you It’s best if you haven’t heard it. If you tell a third person about it, I will kill you.” You

have to make an excuse to approach her.

Fu Rong immediately understood that the man was just frightening her, and quickly whispered: “

Master , don’t worry, I will never say it!” Xu Jin had more fun in his eyes, glanced at Zhuangzi, and looked down at her: “Why call me?” Adult?”

He stood facing east, convenient to observe the situation on the left and right, but let Fu Rong face Lin Zi’s side, unable to turn his head to look at Zhuangzi. The whole person was almost attached to him, and his chin was raised because of his coercion, and Fu Rong had to look up at Xu Jin. As the first handsome prince in the capital, he was bathed in the sun at this time, and the bright light softened his expression, and the eyebrows looked like distant mountains and moons.

No previous Fu Rong looked at Xu Jin at such a close distance. The two of them were intimate in the gauze, either in the darkness or she closed her eyes. When he reached the outside of the gauze, he was too imposing and no one saw him.

But that relationship, anyway, also weakened the impact of this face on her.

Lowering his eyes, Fu Rong said with a trembling voice: “You care so much about my lord’s affairs and quietly inquire about it, the adults in the movie handle the case like this, so I boldly guess…”

Xu Jin smiled, “It’s still smart If you guess my identity, you should know the end of the leak. Look at your dress, it should be decent in front of the master, but you must remember that your master is only a fourth-grade official. It’s not like you can save it with a few words in his black gauze hat.”

Fu Rong didn’t open his eyes: “I understand, although adults are at ease.”

She was cold and alienated, but her red lips were tender and red, thinking of the taste she repeatedly tasted last night, Xu Jin’s eyes softened, and she looked at her up and down, and finally looked at her forehead and said: “It looks good, but unfortunately… it’s not good enough.”

Fu Rong closed his eyes, biting his lips tightly, and his chest fluctuated.

Dogs can’t change their food. She knew that Xu Jin, 18, was no different from Xu Jin, 24.

“Remember, the trouble comes from the mouth.” Time was tight, Xu Jin let go, turned and walked towards Zhuangzi.

As if he was out of danger, Fu Rong gasped for breath, waiting for the aversion to panic to calm down, and hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”

Xu Jin had walked out of Zhangyuan, and he heard the voice paused and did not look back.

Fu Ronggang was about to speak, and Grandma Sun Xianglan from the back door suddenly came back. At first glance, there was a strange man here, who was in a hurry and hurried to the side. Fu Rong pressed his index finger to his lips, trying to stop them from shouting, but it was too far away. Grandma Sun Ma Lanxiang couldn’t see clearly, and still shouted the girl while running.

Fu Rong didn’t make any mistakes, and ran to Xu Jin quickly, hoping to attract him all his attention, “Adult, please don’t worry about the offenses just now, but our lord is indeed a good official, and we hope that our adults will be aware of it. Don’t listen to the villain’s lie.”

“Your lord?”

Xu Jin looked at Sun Ma’s side and said sarcastically: “Tiger has no dogs, girl Fu is icy and snowy, and it is the blessing of

the deity .” But he heard the girl “Grandma” in Sun Ma’s mouth. .

Fu Rong blushed and bowed his head to conceal his guilty conscience: “Anyway, he is a good official, and if he really has the ability, he should not be deceived.”

Xu Jin said nothing and walked away.

Fu Rong looked anxiously at his back, wondering what he would say about his father when he returned to Beijing. In the previous life, she officially lived in Beijing at the age of eighteen. I don’t remember what position Xu Jin led at this time, but he is a prince, and some have the opportunity to face the holy. Just mention it, can it affect the father’s impression in the emperor’s eyes?

Do you want to find an opportunity to remind your father vaguely?

Yes, the family can return to Beijing at the end of next year. Only when she arrives in Beijing can she really start again.

“Is the girl okay? Who is that man, how could he be here?”

Lan Xiang ran fast, hurried to Fu Rong and asked breathlessly.

Grandma Sun followed, her face flushed.

Fu Rong smiled before she asked: “It’s okay. That was the guest who came to our hotel last night. I just walked back from the forest. I saw him drop a piece of money before coming forward to remind me that I didn’t want people to be rich and disdainful. Pick it up.” He pointed to the silver ingot in the distance and showed them to them, and let Lanxiang pick it up.

Lan Xiang was young and didn’t know much about it. I heard that there was silver, so I was happy.

Grandma Sun looked at the man who was about to disappear at the corner of Zhuangzi, and was alert, and whispered to Fu Rong to remind him: “Girl, how could that man be so decent to lose money? I think he lost 80% intentionally, just to follow The girl catches the words, hum, this trick that specializes in deceiving the little girl, the girl meets again in the future, only when she doesn’t see it… Ah, how did the girl’s drape fall to the ground?”

Fu Rong was secretly laughing that the nanny was thinking too much. Hearing the bonnet’s heart jumped, it happened that two little yellow geese had burrowed out of the grass. They bluntly said: “Oh, I just sat on the ground, and the bonnet hated me. Aside. Lanxiang, help me pick up the veil hat, the sun is high, let’s go back.”

Lanxiang responded crisply.

Grandma Sun saw that she hadn’t put the man in her heart and relaxed a little.

On the way, Fu Rong Ben wanted to ask Grandma Sun and Lan Xiang where they had just gone, and finally did not ask. what? It must be Xu Jin’s ghost.

The three masters and servants returned to the house, and after a while heard the horse hissing in front, Fu Rong estimated that Xu Jin had left most of the time.

Sure enough, Fu Chen came to lunch and said: “The two of them staying, sooner or later, it’s not easy to stay for dinner.”

“There is something urgent for others.” Fu Rong echoed, and looked at it without doubt. The young man who had been the servant of Xu Jin thought deeply.

The younger brother died in the past, and his brother seemed to have grown up overnight. Later, when the elder brother went to work in Jinwuwei, the elder sister went. The elder brother rushed back overnight and learned that Qi Ce had a negative sister, almost killed Qi Ce, and even threatened with a cold voice in disregard of the identity of Xu Yanjun. When Fu Rongheli sees his brother again, his brother has been promoted to the front guard, and his face is cold. He didn’t calm her down as softly as a child. He only told her not to look down on herself. He would give her whatever she wanted.

Wind and rain will accelerate a person’s growth. What will happen to the elder brother of this life without experiencing those pains?

“What do you want?” Fu Chen shook her hand when she saw her sister staring at him.

Fu Rong looked back and smiled, “Look at how my brother looks so handsome.” I

don’t want to, no matter what he becomes, he always cares for her brother who cares for her.

Inexplicably exaggerated, Fu Chen did not like to doubt, and kept trying to test what the younger sister was playing, and annoyed Fu Rong to be punished. Fu Chen stopped in time and discussed the matter with his sister at home while eating. At the beginning, Ge Chuan suggested that they stay here for three or five days. This is already the third day. To be honest, Zhuangzi is really boring. Fu Chen wants to return to the city earlier and go to the Liang family to learn kung fu.

Fu Rong knew that her brother was anxious, and she was homesick too, thinking: “Come back tomorrow.”

Fu Chen nodded in favor and ordered the people to pack up their luggage in advance after the meal.

Fu Pinyan came over at dusk.

Fu Rong Shao had to cry with his father again.

Perhaps the man’s thinking is different. Fu Pinyan has seen her daughter’s forehead and feels that her daughter has more pits and it looks better. Her daughter is beautiful, her lips are plump and flamboyant, her eyebrows are slender and picturesque, her face is shining and lustrous, even if she looks up to the sky, she looks like she has been carefully dressed. The small pit that suddenly appeared in the forehead was like a finishing touch, which made the daughter more human fireworks, more beautiful, more distant, like a flower in the fog, and a closer look without losing the fairy charm.

However, Fu Rong believes that his father and brother are deliberately saying good things to coax her, and he doesn’t believe it at all.

If the little girl decided, she couldn’t listen to any persuasion. Fu Pinyan said dryly, and all kinds of beautiful words took turns. Fu Rongcai finally laughed out, “In Dad’s eyes, there should be no one. Isn’t it better than our mothers?”

“That’s of course, the best girls in the world are all from our house.” Fu Pinyan nodded her forehead. It wasn’t too early to see the sky outside, and got up and said: “I’m leaving now , Tell your mother earlier that you will go back tomorrow, and she feels relieved.”

Fu Rongyi reluctantly took her father to the door.

In the sunset, the carriage went away.

~ A

good night’s sleep, after having breakfast the next day, the brothers and sisters returned home full of energy.

Because there was no flower around him, Fu Rong deliberately combed Liu Haier. After getting off the bus, he grabbed his brother from his mother’s arms and kissed him for a while.

Brother Guan giggled, carefree.

Qiao learned about her daughter from her husband’s mouth last night. After entering the house, she personally checked it and handed over the prepared snow lotus cream to her daughter: “This is what the mother bought from Chunhui Hall. I heard that the ladies in the palace Use it all. You apply it sooner or later. It will take a long time for Xu Neng to remove it.”

Chunhui Hall is the best medical hall in Jizhou Prefecture and has a semicolon in Beijing.

Fu Rong accepted it happily, although she knew that the plaster had little effect.

Fu Wan Fu Xuan also appeased.

Qiao Shi watched the three daughters reminisce, waiting for the excitement of their reunion to pass, and smiled and interjected: “It’s a coincidence to come back. You have been sick in Zhuangzi before, and Ying Fang Azhu sent them to ask many times. I am very worried about you. After three days, the old lady of Qi’s family is over. Most of the little girls in various prefectures will go. You just got together with them. Surely they must have been bored for a while?”

This daughter likes liveliness most.

Fu Rong smiled slightly, and then showed a surprise expression.

She couldn’t find a reason to persuade her family to alienate the Qi family she had made, but she could not rely on her illness, but she wouldn’t go. Who would stop Qi Ce from approaching her sister?

Fu Rong remembers clearly that the sister-in-law and Qi Ce’s fate started from this birthday feast.

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