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Beloved Chapter 8

Fu Chen got up early to practice boxing, covered in sweat, and went to the guest room for a circle after wiping.

Just as Xu Jia came out of the room, he saw him when he brought the door, and he quickly made a silent gesture, and quickly walked over to explain: “Father, my son didn’t sleep well last night, and I’m still sleepy, I guess It’s really embarrassing to wait until noon before starting.”

This is a trivial matter. Fu Chen waved his hand: “Since I’m sick, I should take a good rest, and it’s not too late to go after lunch. Often you’ve seen it before. What you need to pay attention to, you tell him that he will tell the kitchen over there.” That person looks spoiled, maybe he has never lived in this kind of Zhuangzi, after all, his family only comes occasionally, and the furnishings in Zhuangzi are relatively simple. .

Xu Jia repeatedly thanked.

Fu Chen turned and went to the backyard. His sister was in good health and he no longer avoided eating at the same table. He wanted to accompany her.

Unexpectedly, in the backyard, there was no little girl outside and it was surprisingly quiet. Fu Chen felt suspicious and strode into the hall, striding across the curtain to hear the anxious voice of Grandma Sun in the room, as if begging for something. Fu Chen panicked immediately, picked the curtain in, “What’s going on?”

Lan Xiang cried in a hurry, threw herself on her knees, and bowed her head to admit her mistake: “The second young master punished me. I should guard the girl last night. The girl was distressed. , I persuaded me to go back to sleep, I saw that there were not many scabs on the girl’s body, because of the girl’s soft heart, she was lazy, and she left. Why did she want to wake up in the morning and find that the pimples on her forehead fell off, not by herself There is one… small hole.” The

word ” Mazi”, she couldn’t say anything anyway. She said that being heard by the girl inside was like salting the wound.

Xiao Hang?

Fu Chen has seen the pimples on her sister’s forehead. They are as big as beans. If they stay in the pit, can they be regarded as small pits?

“Go kneel outside.”

Fu Chen’s face was as cold as frost.

Lan Xiang went willingly and knelt down in the middle of the yard where she could be exposed to the sun.

In the morning, Lan Xiang waited for Fu Rong, and was rushed out by Fu Rong not long after entering, so Sun Mammah did not see her forehead. At this time, seeing Fu Chen moved the thunder of anger, she also felt distressed and took out her veil. Tears: “I blame me, I didn’t discipline the girl, and the tired girl suffered…” The girl’s family valued her looks the most. She left Ma Zi. In case of passing out, three people became tigers, and one became full of face. Lost.

Apart from her own sister, Fu Chen is the least seen woman crying, remembering that Grandma Sun has been conscientiously guarding her sister, and endured the irritability: “Don’t say it first, no one can expect it before things happen. Grandma went out first. , I persuaded my sister.”

Grandma Sun walked away with her red eyes closed, it was really useless for her to stay here.

When the room was quiet, Fu Chen knocked lightly on the door. “Open the door thickly. If there is any grievance, tell your brother, don’t be bored.”

Fu Rong sat in front of the mirror, as if he didn’t hear it, only stared at the mirror. In yourself.

She saw herself in the previous life, because of this small pit, it kept reminding her to kill her younger brother without eating or drinking, and her mother broke her mouth and did not coax her. The father kept her in the house in one breath, only for one day. For three meals, she could not hold on at noon that day. She ate a table of dishes clean and began to think about how to remove the pit.

Unable to remove it, this pit did not affect her. She still married Jizhou’s first son-in-law, the future prince of the county.

Fu Rong believes that as long as she wants, she will not lose to others because of this pit in her life.

But she didn’t like it, it was her only flaw. She was tired of worrying about the fact that Hua Dian suddenly fell and was found to have pockmarks on her forehead. She was tired of waking up. The first thing was to check whether Hua Dian was still there. She was afraid to be seen by the men around her, not to mention the men in her life. Like Xu Jin, she was forced to show him his ugliness.

But she pulled it off herself, while she was asleep.

The anger that had accumulated all morning suddenly rushed up, and Fu Rong grabbed the mirror and threw it to the ground, and wept bitterly on the table.

The piercing cracking sound made Fu Chen’s heart beat. He was afraid that his sister would do stupid things. Fu Chen yelled that her sister would avoid it, followed a few steps back, and slammed into it.

With a loud thump, the door… didn’t open.

Fu Rong heard his elder brother scolding a rude word, and thought the door was too strong.

I don’t know why I broke my nose and laughed.

Turning his head to look, there was another sound over there, which showed how anxious Fu Chen was. Fu Rong suddenly felt distressed, and quickly persuaded: “Brother don’t hit it, I will open the door.” The last life has caused parents to worry for so long, she can’t go back more and more.

Arriving in front of the door, making sure that the opposite side would not collide again, Fu Rongfei quickly opened the latch and climbed on the Kang before Fu Chen entered.

She wanted to hide in the quilt and slowly relieve her grief, but Fu Chen did not give her a chance. When she was ready to lift the quilt, she turned around hard: “How are you, are you injured?” Looking at the mirror fragments , More and more shocked, first check the sister’s hand.

Fu Rong lowered his head and disheveled his hair. “It’s okay, it’s just irritating.”

Her forehead was covered by her hair, and Fu Chen only saw a small mouth beeping high.

“Look at me.” Reaching for my sister’s hair.

Fu Rong turned his head to not show him, Fu Chen insisted on seeing it, Fu Rong wanted to be more wronged, and fell into his brother’s arms and cried: “The ugly is dead, the ugly is dead!”

Fu Chen let her vent her sulking and took the opportunity to carefully check her sister’s forehead, see The pit was much smaller than I thought. I’m afraid I couldn’t see clearly from afar. A heart fell back to my stomach calmly, and then I looked at my sister’s coquettish look. She laughed and said: “It’s not ugly at all, it’s a fuss. Yes, such a small pit is not even pockmarked, is it worth it to you?”

“You are not allowed to say those two words!” Fu Rong thumped him with anger.

“Okay, don’t say nothing.” Fu Chen surrendered obediently and took out the veil to wipe the tears for her sister. “It’s not ugly. It looks pretty cute. I can’t help but think about it. If you hug your younger brother, he will definitely play on your forehead.”

“You shut up!” No

one would appease people. Fu Rongzhen didn’t want to care about him, pointing to the door to rush people: “Go back to your front yard, I don’t I told you not to let you come, and Lan Xiang is my maid, why do you punish her and call her in immediately!”

“Cheng Chengcheng, dare to love me, this is too much business, isn’t it, my aunt and grandmother!” Fu Chen dialed her head and went out with a smile.

Lan Xiang walked in anxiously.

Fu Rong shook her head and sighed before she said, “It’s my carelessness, it has nothing to do with you. Prepare water, I want to wash.”

She wanted to go out and breathe, and she understood the truth.

Without letting Grandma Sun know the elder brother, Fu Rong put on a hood and followed a wicker with two yellow geese in their hands. They may also know that the grass beside the forest was delicious, and they rushed there. Grandma Sun Xianglan wanted to accompany her, and Fu Rong was in a low mood: “You are here to watch, I will wait for a while.”

She looked at Jiao, in fact, the most stubborn of the three sisters, Grandma Sun and the two did not dare I persuaded again, but fortunately Lin Zi was not far away, and I could see it from here, so I assured her to go.


sun had just climbed up the treetops, and the forest breeze was blowing coolly. Fu Rong sat on the ground and watched the two little geese hiding in the grass.

If you think about it carefully, she is not as good as a goose. She wants to eat as much as she likes and sleeps after eating. She doesn’t care about beauty and ugliness.

Can’t help but touch the pit of his forehead again, and feel the fire, and picked up a small lump and threw it into the grass.

The two geese ran out swaying, glanced around, and drilled in again.


Fu Rong was easy, anyway, she was smarter than them, and she didn’t have to be scared by a little movement.

As soon as the thought started, Yu Guangli suddenly saw a figure coming out of the forest. The tall one was obviously a man. Fu Rong was only a villager nearby, and he looked at him casually, but he was stupefied and chilled when he saw his face.

Xu Jin?

King Xu Jin?

Is it her dazzle, or is she dreaming, Xu Jin, why is Xu Jin here?

Seeing that the stern and indifferent man who was very similar to Xu Jin but the facial features had not yet remembered came to her, Fu Rong sweated. In fact, when seeing the eyes of the coming person, Fu Rong confirmed his identity, she just didn’t know how to react. Is this Xu Jin really a man or a ghost? Could it be that she did not widow him and chase her life?

The more you think, the more you are afraid, and the more you are afraid to move.

She was wearing a veiled hat, Xu Jin couldn’t see her clearly, only when the little girl was dumbfounded, just like some of the capital ladies he occasionally met.

This thought made him feel good.

“Are you the Fu family’s goose servant?” He glanced at the goose in the grass and asked lowly.

Fu Rong heard it, but didn’t seem to hear it, and found something shaking on the ground. Looking over, it was the shadow of a man.

He has a shadow…

not a ghost?

The frozen brain slowly turned back. Fu Rong wanted to stand up, realized that his legs were soft, and immediately gave up the idea. He asked as calmly as possible: “Are you?” He looked back and looked towards Zhuangzi’s back door, see that No one was there, frowning annoyedly. Where did Grandma Sun go?

In Xu Jin’s eyes, the little girl sat steadily, wondering if he didn’t put him in the eye, or deliberately showed her speciality, and simply said: “I am a merchant passing by here and came here to stay last night.”

Fu Rong Blinking my eyes, I realized that he was the one who stayed overnight.

He also came to his own village in his previous life?

Fu Rong didn’t know, so he asked doubtfully: “It turns out you, you, you have something to do with me?” In her impression, Xu Jin was by no means a person who talked to the girl with no reason.

Xu Jin was silent for a moment, and suddenly threw a piece of silver ingot to her feet. “Twelve silver, change your answer.”

Fu Rong looked at the silver ingot and thought about it, but didn’t pick it up. “You talk first.”

” After entering the Jizhou government, I heard that the masters of the prefecture indulged the officials to commit corrupt practices. If you are his maid, what clues can you find? If you can tell the evidence, I will redeem you and pay you a hundred or two. “

Fu Rong understood.

Xu Jin is passing by Jizhou.

At the end of next year, it was the official’s three-year official performance evaluation. His father’s comments in the previous life were mediocre, and he did not enter Beijing as expected, but stayed in Jizhou Prefecture. Was it because of these rumors? His father was innocent and could not hold back someone’s defamation. If someone in the family tried to reward money for perjury, it would inevitably become a stain.

Thinking of this, Fu Rongpi stood up, kicked the ingot away, and poked Xu Jin a bit: “Nonsense, my old man is clean for officials, doing a lot of good things for the people of Jizhou, everyone praises, you Who the hell is that I want to buy through to frame my lord!” I

don’t know who is not guilty, since Xu Jin conceals her identity from her, then he can’t be angry because of her offense, and the more she scolds, the more she shows that her father is a Good officials, so good that the servants at home can’t hear anyone defame.

Xu Jin stared at her in surprise.

The first time I saw her, she lost her temper.

No, he hasn’t seen it yet.

He glanced at Zhuangzi, knowing that there was still a little time, Xu Jin suddenly stepped forward, grabbed her arm before Fu Rong turned and fled, dragged the person into his arms, throwing a veil cap to cover his mouth, all in one go.

The waist was tightly clamped by the man, Fu Rong’s eyes widened in horror, what was he going to do!

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