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Beloved Chapter 7

The setting sun was brilliant and soft, and the evening breeze was refreshing and pleasant. Fu Rong ordered Lan Xiang to put the dinner under the locust tree in the courtyard and sit alone.

Originally tonight, my brother promised to accompany her to dinner, but when there was a guest in front, my brother would always do my best as a landlord.

The food is still light, a bowl of coix porridge, a plate of bamboo shoots crucian carp soup, Fu Rong used to eat after sick, a little tired, but looking at the two little yellow geese lying on the neck not far away, Fu Rong has a rare appetite Yes, I used more than I did a while ago.

The west wall has planted a rose, and climbed the wall. The pink and white roses in the green branches and leaves were lively, like a young girl in good old age.

How lucky is she to have two cardamom years?

“Lanxiang, go get the scissors. I’ll choose a few flowers and put them in the house.” Fu Rong was full of excitement before the sunset.

Lan Xiangxi went away with a smile and thoughtfully moved a bench out. “The wall is well-flowered, the girl is pointing below, and I will help the girl cut it.” It has been a long time since I saw this girl’s leisure, she certainly wants to make the girl happy.

Fu Ronggang wanted to say that she could do it by herself. Yu Guangli glanced at her grandmother Sun Mammal walking out of the box, smiling secretly, and changed her mouth in time. “Okay, then be careful. I can’t catch you if you fall down.” During these days, she was miserable, and Grandma Sun and Lan Xiang were uncomfortable. They stayed beside her in the night, fearing that she would break chickenpox in her sleep. Both of them lost a circle. Fu Rong didn’t want to worry about the nurse.

She was in charge of selection, and Lanxiang cut it on top. Grandma Sun helped Lanxiang’s legs in a vain way, laughing and laughing, and unconsciously cut seven or eight branches.

Moving to the outside room, Fu Rong picked the best-looking six branches and divided them into two vases, one rested in his boudoir, and the other sent the little girl to Fu Chen, and the remaining branch was cut into hairpins and inserted into the hair room. Grandma Sun: “Isn’t that good to see?” The

little girl was naive, and Grandma Sun smiled and nodded her nose: “It looks good, it’s really smelly, and it’s dark when you have to wear flowers. Wait, Grandma will choose you tomorrow morning The best, the girl put on and asked the second young master to take care of the second young master and looked stupid.”

Fu Rong looked at the mirror again, deliberately ignoring the broken hair like a forehead curtain.

Before long, the Westinghouse hot water was ready, and Fu Rong asked Grandma Sun to return to her room to rest, leaving only Lanxiang to wait.

She could only take a shower in these two days. Before that, she relied on Lanxiang to wipe her intact place with a towel, so she could sit in the tub again and take a bath. It was the most comfortable time for Fu Rong in a day. . After she undressed, she found that some small scabs on her body did not know when they fell off, and she was in a better mood. She excitedly urged Lanxiang: “Please help me to see if the scabs on her back have fallen off?”

Lanxiang hung her clothes on On the screen, when I came back to look at it, I said the truth: “There are two small ones.”

Fu Rong’s smile on his face was condensed, his profane pants faded, and he stepped into the barrel.

Lan Xiang carefully wiped her body, knowing that Fu Rong was in a low mood, and chose to say nicely: “Girl, Mr. Ge’s Yu Xuelu is really good. You see the place where the scab was crusted. It was a little pink at first. It’s almost there. I can’t see it if I don’t take a closer look. I believe that it won’t take long to be able to recover as before.”

Fu Rong raised his arm, and his jade arm was white and radiant, indeed quite satisfied.

Lan Xiang was relieved.

When Fu Rong’s hair was dry, Lan Xiang served the waiter Rong Xie, shut the window and turned off the lights, stepped back out, and rested on the couch outside.

There were only a few scabs left on Fu Rong’s body, so she didn’t use her to watch the night.

The night in the village seemed to be more quiet. Fu Rong lay comfortably and missed his loved ones in the city in the quiet fragrance of roses.

I fell asleep unconsciously.

When I fell asleep, I didn’t find a thin bamboo tube that came in through the window paper and sent a ray of light smoke.

Footsteps were slight under the window. Someone left, and somebody came again.

With a soft sound, the door of the outer room was pushed open, and soon a black shadow took the curtain leisurely and came in, standing still in front of Kang. After this, it took about a tea time for the tea, and then the black shadow lifted the black cloth over the lantern, revealing a soft light.

The people in the backyard were all in a scent, and there were two hours of utility. I was not afraid of this light leaking out.

Put the lantern aside, Xu Jin looked at this boudoir at will.

On the south side, the big kang stands by the window. On the east side, the yellow pear wood coffee table has a white porcelain vase with three pink roses in it, charming and charming.

When you see flowers, you think of people.

Withdrawing his gaze, Xu Jin sat on the side of Kang Head and stared at the sleeping little girl beside him.

These two lifetimes add up, and he is the only girl who can approach.

In his previous life, he didn’t want to recall anymore. He only knew that he had to decide her, and he could only ask her now. In this life, he had to make sure that she was his from beginning to end, and there would be no ex-husband and leave. And he will never see An Wang again, he wants her to come to him willingly and be his woman.

In terms of appearance, he didn’t lose to King Xu Yanan, and his status was better than them, as long as he took the lead… After

taking her back to the house in the previous life, he ordered people to collect everything from her, except that they could not be found for a long time. Or some daily chores, he almost knew the big things that happened to her, and she knew that she had always been a wise man who loved vanity. She was trapped in Jizhou for the rest of her life. Xu Yan was the best person she had ever seen before she got married. past. This time he took the initiative to come to her and be as smart as her. Why not choose him without reason?

But this is just the choice of the identity of the world, he still wants her heart, the heart in her chest that has never been given to any man. He wanted her to like him, only him in his eyes, wholeheartedly to him. Only in this way can he not waste the energy he wasted on her, not to waste his help to keep her brothers and sisters, and not to waste the position of the princess he reserved for her.

Fu Pinyan is talented and well versed in the officialdom. Fu Chen is also a talented person. With these two people, she is qualified to be a princess.

Unfortunately, she was only 13 years old, and he had to wait another two years.

Xu Jin smiled at the thought of the little girl who knocked her neck under the jujube tree last year. To be honest, now she is more naive than ever, and she is still very cute, just like she was seen from a distance in a carriage on the road, and she is still playing with two little geese, and she is still a child, uninnocent.

Looking at the rose flower beside the girl’s pillow, and then moved to her forehead, Xu Jinqing couldn’t help but stretched out his hand to touch the scab, and was lost.

In the past life, he disliked her and passed away, did not like to treat her, and never talked to her. Once Dun Lun forgot to turn off the light, she kept holding her forehead with her hands, and added a lot of fun. When he took her hand off and held it, she almost cried anxiously, shaking her head and begging him not to See, the pitiful ones are even more painful.

Afterwards he said the first sentence to her and asked her how Xiaokeng came.

She was so tired that she instinctively flicked her lips when she heard this, and turned to the side in fear of being seen by him. She turned to him and said that she had chosen it herself, and she regretted it in her tone.

If she was ordered to get rid of her flower before, because she hated sleeping, she had to dress up and ask for pets. Later, in order to see the grievance that she was obviously unwilling but was afraid of the majesty and had to be obedient, she thought how well she pretended to be. The corner of the mouth is a pleasing smile, but the tip of the eyebrows is always curling, and the writing is full of waiting.

Most of the memories with her were in the bed, and the body inevitably changed a little. Xu Jin reached out to solve the little girl’s middle shirt, and halfway up, he shook his head and fastened it again.

No, she is still too young, even if just touching, he is not comfortable.

Besides, the body that hasn’t been opened yet is not easy to touch.

Nothing to do, Xu Jin looked at the girl’s forehead again.

Strange, why didn’t she remove the scab this time?

Was it because Ge Chuan’s innumerable inadvertently strengthened her determination not to pick it?

If you don’t pull, you will fall off in two days.

Look at the little girl’s fine and tight eyelashes, Xu Jin leaned over, supported the kang with one elbow, put it on the face of the little girl with one hand, found a suitable angle, and tried to pick the pimple with a fingernail that was not long. .

The edge of the scab was already loose, and with a little effort, he removed the entire scab.

Xu Jinning looked at it, and found that the pit was a little smaller than the memory. The previous life was as big as the small bean grains. This time it was a round rice grain at best.

No problem, just a pit. In her eyes, there should be no difference between pits, big pits and small pits. They are pockmarks that damage her beauty.


Put the scab into the position where she put her hands together, so that she will get up tomorrow morning to see the scab run there, and she will surely think that she picked it up in her sleep. Put it away, Xu Jin gently rubbed the little girl’s white and rosy face, as delicate as memory, slippery.

Looking at this beautiful face, Yi Jin Yi Xi, Xu Jin felt more and more silly.

With such a face, who would notice a small hole in her forehead? White jade is slightly flawed, and even if there is a flaw, it is also jade. She prefers to drill horns, thinking that everyone will stare at the small hole on her forehead. In fact, when the two were intimate, most of the time he was seeing her peony-like face because of his love, how could he really see the little pit?

Authoritarian fans.

If she dismissed her as a fool, she could not help but squeeze her cheek like punishment.

Xu Shi didn’t grasp her strength, the little girl suddenly groaned in dissatisfaction, her red lips slightly murmured.

Xu Jin looked away.

What is the taste of her lips?

Except for that little pit in his previous life, he hadn’t kissed her or any other place. It’s strange that he could do the closest thing with her, that is, he didn’t want to kiss her, and didn’t want to taste what Xu Yan had tasted.

But now she is clean and untouched.

Like a snow-free snow, he was the first to find her.

Taste it?

The thought had just started, and the people had already gathered together. Xu Jin stared at the little girl’s slightly opened red lips at close range and tried to lick it.

Doesn’t seem to feel anything?

So why do many men and women in the albums that Xu Jia found in the previous life hug their relatives?

Is he not skilled?

Xu Jin swallowed, looked at the little girl’s closed eyes, and decided to take the opportunity to practice in advance.

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