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Beloved Chapter 3

Fu Pinyan was the governor of Jizhou. After the story of Fu Rong falling into the water, several households who had made friends with the Fu family came to visit.

In fact, in the dream, Fu Rong had nothing to do after waking up. When Qiao’s talking with the ladies, their sisters led a few girls to play in the garden. Right now Fu Rong pretended to be ill and refused to visit because of fear of getting ill. Only the second girl of the Liang family ran in without fear.

“It’s time to call you fun and not me. I will row and swim, and stay with me to make sure you don’t drown.” Liang Yingfang sat down beside the bed, using the rose flowers he had just picked in the garden. Fu Rong swept his face.

The Liang family is a family of martial arts. They are proficient in all kinds of martial arts. They are famous for their gossip and fist. From the honor of the capital to the landlord and gentry, they all want to send their sons to the Liang family to learn martial arts. . It is a pity that the better the family background, the more coquettish the sons and brothers are. The grandfather of the Liang family can ignore it, and all those who fail the exam of his family will be driven away.

Fu Pinyan comes from Jingyang Houfu in Beijing. The biological mother is an aunt. She studied hard at the age of childhood. Fu Chen is like a deceased old Hou Ye. Fu Chen is clever. He should first do all the homework that Fu Pinyan confessed, without giving his father a reason to be picky, and then go to the “secret book of martial arts” he has collected to practice. Fu Pinyan saw that his eldest son was addicted to martial arts and was afraid that he would hurt his body blindly, so he invited him to Master Wu. Last year, the family moved to the capital of the Jizhou government, which happened to be the Liang family’s apprentice. The father and son had heard of the Liang family’s name, and immediately went to the teacher to take the gift. Fu Chen also fought, not only passed the assessment, but also received by the father Liang. , Became a disciple.

With this relationship, Liang and Fu soon made good friends, and helped Fu Pinyan to establish a foothold in Xinducheng early, so that some local snakes in the city who had planned to send some “meeting gifts” to the new prefects hindered Liang’s reputation. Easy to use.

Of course, this is Fu Pinyan’s most important thing. A young girl in Fu Rong doesn’t understand it. She only feels that Liang Yingfang is warm and frank and sincere. She doesn’t do everything like everyone else’s girl show. It’s really her temperament, the two He quickly became a good sister. On weekdays, Fu Rong played with Liang Yingfang more than two sisters at home.

“Don’t make trouble, don’t see me sick.” Even if it is a dream, because it is too real, Fu Rongzhen feels that she has lived like that for a few years, so now watching Liang Yingfang is like a reunion with her old lady. She is very happy, not at all. Angry, only smiled Yingying looking at her.

Liang Yingfang looked at her cautiously, and moved away a little bit. “Laughing like a flower, it must be unconscionable. Isn’t he playing any bad ideas?” In her eyes, Fu Rong was a little fox. Although she couldn’t beat her, Fu Rong was so discerning that she could always get it back somewhere else and let her suffer.

After being wronged, Fu Rong got up and wanted to fight Liang Yingfang twice. When he raised his hand, he suddenly thought of Liang Yingfang’s sarcasm. When he moved his heart, he raised his hand high and put it down. He took her arms while Liang Liangfang put down his guard. Fang, wait for me to get sick, will you teach me to swim?” This time is a lesson, and the disasters in the dream are also lessons. After meeting the water, we will never drown in the future.

Liang Yingfang was very active, and immediately responded when he heard this. “Okay, let’s go to our Zhuangzi in Ziwei Mountain. There is a hot spring there. Just as you are recovering from a serious illness, the bubbles are good for your body.”

Fu Rong was also very excited. It’s a pity that she really recovered from her serious illness, and she must wait for a month.

After Liang Yingfang left, Fu Wan walked in. When she saw her sister’s ruddy face, she smiled and said, “I’ve been cured after seeing a good sister, isn’t it?”

“It’s all taken care of by my sister and sister.” Fu Rong leaned on his pillow and leaned on it. At the head of the bed, sweetly said, “Have all the guests gone?”

Fu Wan nodded, poured a cup of hot tea to his sister, and chatted: “Ms. Qi took Azhu to Baoding to visit relatives this morning. The person gave a gift and said that I would look at you again and let you take good care.”

Qi’s family…

Fu Rong lowered his head to blow tea, and two rows of finely curled eyelashes concealed the gloomy eyes.

The Qi family is also a large household in the Xindu city. Grandpa Qi is the governor of Shaanxi, leaving his wife and children to support his wife in his hometown. The relationship between the two in the dream is good. Fu Rong and Qi Zhu, the same age, are also considered to be handkerchiefs. Therefore, she learned that her brother Qi Ce likes her sister Fu Wan, and Fu Rong is also happy. Qi Ceying was tall and upright, her sister was gentle and beautiful, and the two were very well matched in terms of their talents and family background. Fu Rong also helped Qi Ce to say a lot of good things in front of her sister, and her sister gradually moved. When Qi Ce came to raise her relatives, her sister responded shyly. .

After the marriage, the two were like glue. When Fu Rong married Xu Yan, her sister was pregnant. It was a double happiness. It didn’t take long for her, and the sister’s grandmother, Bai Zhi, was also hurt. He knelt in front of her sister and begged her to let her give birth. That child, until that moment, the sister did not know that Bai Zhi had long climbed into Qi Ce’s bed.

When I was young and ignorant, Fu Rong was going to make a big fuss, but my sister only ordered someone to give Bai Zhi an abortion drug and sell it.

Qi Ce said nothing.

Mrs. Qi wanted to leave her child. Her sister said quietly that she was not able to accommodate her aunt, but that Bai Zhi was her. Now that she has done such a thing against the Lord, she may have more Bai Zhi in the future if she does not punish him severely. The day after selling Bai Zhi, the sister took the initiative to give Qi Ce two aunts. Because she was pregnant, Qi Ce was not allowed to enter her room again.

Fu Rong went to see her elder sister, she didn’t say anything bitter, Yun Yun was breezy, just asked her how to get along with Xu Yan, and persuaded her to have a good time with Xu Yan, but don’t put all your heart on Xu Yan, in the future If something goes wrong, it won’t be too sad. Fu Rong thought that his sister really put it down, but a few months later, her sister died of dystocia and killed two dead.

This is all Qi Ce’s fault.

It doesn’t matter if a man has a concubine, but why should he move the people around his sister? Even if Bai Zhi tickled him, wouldn’t he refuse? On the one hand is the cruel betrayal of the close-up maid, and on the other is the gentle husband’s hypocrisy. Under the double blow, how can the sister treat her indifferently?

I said well when I raised my relatives. I don’t want my sister to be aggrieved. I will forget when I get married.

These are men, one by one, half a catty.

Wait, this time Qi Cexiu wants to touch her sister’s finger again.


At dusk, Fu Pinyan and his son came back, and came to visit Fu Rong before they returned to the room.

Fu Rong kicked the shuttlecock with the little ladies in the yard. In the late spring, she wore a Begonia red dress and a peach blossom on her bun. She kicked her back to the corridor and kicked it. She suddenly turned around and raised it. The smiley face was suddenly dyed with a glow of sunset, lively and bright, like a fairy in the sky.

Fu Pinyan sees that his heart has melted.

“Are you ill? Don’t stay in the house honestly and come out to play again.” Fu Pinyan asked displeasurely from the corridor.


Fu Rong immediately dropped the shuttlecock, ran towards his father, and grinned: “Afternoon, it will be fine, bored and bored in the house, and come out to play. Even Lang Zhong said that he should be more sick when he was sick. Dad, what are you worried about? How about, are you busy in Yamen today? See you haven’t changed your clothes. Come in and have a sip of tea!”

Her daughter was naughty when she was naughty, and she was particularly sensible when she was naughty. In her head, the father and daughter entered the hall together.

The little girl brought in tea, and Fu Rong poured the tea for his father and brother. Fu Pinyan and Fu Chen looked at each other and pretended not to understand anything.

Fu Rong knew that his little trick could not hide the two of them. He walked behind Fu Pinyan and squeezed his shoulders flatly: “Dad is tired for a day, I help my father to relieve his fatigue.”

Fu Pinyan accepted it with pleasure. “

Further effort.” Fu Rong immediately increased his strength.

Fu Chen was watching the excitement next to him, pretending to pinch his shoulders tiredly, and said to Fu Rong: “Brother was beaten twice by the master today, and the sister helped me knead for a while.”

“Okay, but you have to promise me something first. Brother Fu Rongchao blinked.

“Let’s listen.” Fu Chen took a sip of tea.

Fu Rong looked at him brightly: “The spring is just right these days, and I want to go out. Last year my mother was so heavy that our family didn’t go out so much. Should I go out and play this year? Daddy’s office can’t go away, official. Children are too young to go out, so my brother takes our sister to go, just go shopping in our Zhuangzi, come back the same day, can’t you?” If you

go, you won’t come back, no elders are around, she can secretly Send people around to buy medicine for chickenpox, maybe it can be calmed down, so that the pain of acne can be avoided. At home, she can’t escape her father’s eyes for anything she does. It will be difficult to explain, and she will be suspicious by her father. If it’s useless, take care of the illness in Zhuangzi by the way, don’t worry about passing it on to your brother.

Fu Chen didn’t take her seriously: “I can’t talk about this matter. You have to ask your father. My father promised me to take you.”

“Dad…” Fu Rong lengthened his voice and tilted his head to see Fu Pinyan, “Dad hurts me the most, and he will definitely agree, isn’t it? Daddy is not at ease and can let Uncle Liu follow us, I promise not to run around. “

Uncle Liu was in charge of the front yard, and Fu Pinyan was able.

Fu Pinyan didn’t speak.

Fu Yung redouble their efforts: “? Daddy you should it, when you see the more you greater the officer, to accompany us less and less time, you do not accompany, the total let us breathe it out on my own.”

“I think so Go?” Fu Pinyan asked sideways.

This is loose, Fu Rong is overjoyed, and his hands are used to beat his father’s back: “Think, especially think, my dad agreed, I will listen to my dad this year!” The daughter tweeted like a lark, Fu Pinyan looked outside, the sunset was soft With flowers and green grass, a smile gradually appeared in my eyes: “It’s okay, I will relax next day, our family will go.”

Traveling with his wife and daughter in love, and riding the horse with his eldest son, this is not a disappointment.

“Daddy is so good!” Although he was a little out of the expectation, and was able to travel with the whole family, Fu Rong was still very happy and kneaded harder in his hands.

“Okay, you can go to the house and have a rest, let’s go first.” Fu Pinyan got up and left the seat, and there was something to do in the front yard.

Fu Rong brought his father and brother to the door before returning, and after sitting in the room, he sat in front of the mirror and looked at himself again.

The 13-year-old girl’s face was thin and smooth, as tender as the younger brother’s little face, and she squeezed lightly, and her eyes were brighter than the stars in the night sky. Fu Rong liked the smelly beauty. He couldn’t see enough of his good skin. His fingers slowly moved up to the clean forehead. Fu Rong’s self-respected eyes suddenly changed and he became firm.

This time, there will never be any more pits.

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