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Beloved Chapter 1

In the early autumn season, it was already cold in the morning and evening. Xu Jin was busy in the Beijing camp and rushing back to Suwang Mansion was a twilight.

“Let Furongyuan prepare meals.” Leng Leng dropped this sentence, and Xu Jin hurried to the study to discuss the war with the staff.

When the Hu people commit crimes, Jia Hedi transferred Xu Jin and his brother Xu Han to lead the soldiers. The former had merits and the latter was for training.

In Furong Garden, Fu Rong was half eaten for dinner. It was shocked and surprised that the young lady said that the lord was coming here. She ordered the small kitchen to set up another table of meals. She hurried to the dresser and left it to her. The maids dress up and think about it.

Before Xu Jin came to Furong Garden for the night, he hadn’t used dinner here. How did he get out of the west today?

This man is really strange.

Xu Jin had no princess, and she was the only aunt in the palace. It is often said that things are rare, and there is a rumor about how Xu Jin spoiled her, but only Fu Rong knew clearly that Xu Jin couldn’t look down on her. Counting days, she has been in the palace for more than a year, and what Xu Jin told her can count up with both hands and feet.

Doubt again, Ying Ying still has to welcome.

Xu Jin came over quickly and wore a robe embroidered with python and ink. His skin was as white as jade. The two extreme colors made his facial features more and more exquisite and beautiful. Unfortunately, his sullen face was too cold. Fu Rong was not guilty, but she did not dare to look at such a cold prince who obviously had no high weight in her eyes.

“You also sit.” Xu Jin said in a loud voice when she saw that she was going to stand by.

Men like to be euphemistic, but they like to be simple and neat. Xu Jin is obviously the latter. Fu Rong didn’t dare to say some polite words to annoy him. After thanking him properly, he sat down in the lower right of Xu Jin, his eyes only staring at him.

“Let’s eat.” For the

first time, the two ate at the same table. Xu Jin had something in mind and didn’t use chopsticks very much. Fu Rong had already eaten it, so they didn’t use much. As the maids cleaned up the tables and bowls, Fu Rong followed Xu Jin to the inner room.

Xu Jin did not like the maidservant to wait, she undressed him for his undress.

Solving the problem, Fu Rong remembered a strange thing again.

Xu Jinchang was five years old and ranked fourth among her princes. They are all twenty-four this year. They have not been married yet, and there is no aunt around her before her. In the capital, there are those who say that he can’t do it, and others who tell him that he is a good dragon and Yang. Fu Rong heard it with relish, and it was all fun. Afterwards, she and Xu Jin collided together. Fu Rongxin thought that her life was over. Even if she wanted to be carried in that night, Xu Jin was obviously the first time, but she was extraordinary.

Since his body is fine, why is he not married?

If Xu Jin treats her well, Fu Rong will most likely think that Xu Jin has been persuaded by her beauty. The weak water will only take her a scoop, but Xu Jin hasn’t taken her seriously. Go directly to bed, don’t say hello when you’re not here, and don’t allow her to send a maid to investigate his whereabouts, let alone send her something to coax her. She is an aunt, only the aunt’s salary.

“The prince rests first, I will remove makeup.” Putting the man’s robe on the screen, Fu Rong said softly.

“Remove the flowers.” Xu Jin reminded abruptly.

Fu Rong, who had turned around, bit his lip and responded.

A diorama is used in the room, and the photos are particularly clear, and the thin hair on the face can be seen. Sitting in front of the mirror, Fu Rong picked down the beads and hair on his head like a hairpin, and looked at his impeccable face. Former husband Xu Yan once praised her as the most beautiful face. Fu Rong knew that it was love. But she also had the most beautiful self-confidence. It is a pity… The

index finger swiped across the flower in the middle of the forehead. Fu Rong sighed helplessly.

White jade is slightly flawed.

At the age of thirteen, she had a pimple and moved to Zhuangzi to recuperate. The breast-mother repeatedly told her not to scratch it with her hands, no itchiness, Fu could tolerate it, but the scab in the middle of the forehead finally disappeared very slowly, black The black piece was there, extremely cold. Fu Rong became more and more uncomfortable when looking at it, and the black block was removed by anger. As a result, there was a shallow pit there, so-called pockmarks, and no matter how good the scar removal cream was, it could not be eliminated.

Fu Rong Aimei, how can you go out to see someone and get someone’s advice? Fortunately, this position is so clever, she is so clever that she lights up the flowers every day, and the flowers are big or small, or the water droplets or petals are changing every day, which is the icing on the cake for her beauty. Fu Rong likes it very much, even when going to bed at night, Xu Jin has a lot of blame. She has to get rid of it, and she cannot be as spoiled as Xu Yan.

Coquettish depends on people, Xu Yan loves her, Xu Jin…

Alas, there must be something to lose.

After clearing the face and communicating, Fu Rong walked towards the bed.

Jin Xu crooked sitting on the bed, watching her closer and closer to climb in bed when Fu Yung opening said:. “Barbarian attacks, tomorrow I want to lead the troops to war and probably come back next year summer.”

Fu Yung action Dayton Live, all thoughts flashed in my mind.

On the battlefield, what should she do if Xu Jin accidentally dies?

My aunt, if you are lucky, your husband can remarry after death. Can she, a royal aunt, run?

No, now she should deal with this man first.

Fu Rong

frowned naturally, revealing a worried expression : ” My lord …” Xu Jin kept staring at her beautiful eyes shining on the light, trying to see her heart, but pressed it up before she spoke.

He didn’t want to listen to those hypocrisy.

This woman is always acting with him.

He is not close to female fame, and the set she put on last year was definitely not for hooking him. Unfortunately, King An was cunning, and she deliberately pushed her over to his side. Xu Jin had a strange illness when he was a child, and he couldn’t get close to the woman after he got sick. Even if the other party was clean, he could smell a smell, the so-called daughter’s fragrance, and then it was difficult to disgust endure. Only a few people knew about this matter. In order to prevent Wang An, who was an early suspicion, Xu Jin did not push her away, and then he was surprised to find that holding her, he did not feel that discomfort.

No one can appreciate his surprise at the time.

He is a prince and needs heirs. He is a man and needs to be resolved. He needs to prove to everyone that he is normal.

Therefore, knowing that her drunkard was not drinking, when she looked at him with gratitude and shyness, Xu Jin still took the people back to the house. The woman has the ambition to win the beauty, but he is quite satisfied. On the way, she learns that she is the daughter-in-law of the second room of the Houfu in Jingyang. She once married Xu Yan, the king of the Xindu capital of Jizhou.

Such a body is not eligible for him as an aunt. For her father and brother’s sake, Xu Jin rewarded her with a decent.

No matter how innocent, he wanted her to just use it to vent. If she could cure a strange disease in the future, she would naturally not have to bother her anymore, she could not cure it, and she could only try to make her give him a son.

“Yeye…” In the

dark, the man’s eyes swelled, Fu Rong could not see, she could only climb the other person’s broad shoulders, pleading softly.

Or because it was about to leave soon, Xu Jin had tossed this night for a long time, and finally Fu Rong’s throat was dumb, soft and weak. Xu Jin held the sleeping person aside, and the ladies brought in the lamps and waited for them to change the clean bedding, and then he put the people down again.

He didn’t turn off the lights, just staring at her sleeping face in silence.

She is indeed beautiful, more beautiful than Li Li, who was favored by her beauty in the palace, but he likes to see the small pit in her forehead, and likes to see her annoyed by her own disgust. That may be her rare exposure outside the bed. True temperament.

The ghost made a difference, Xu Jin lowered his head and kissed the little pit gently.

Not long after lying down, the woman next to him leaned over, shrank in his arms, and hugged him reliantly.

Xu Jin glanced at her, turned sideways, and pulled the falling Jin up, pulling her hand down, rubbing her smooth back.

On this expedition, he was confident, and he would certainly be applauded by his father and emperor when he returned, but most of the prince would not be happy.

The prince… The

prince is horny, and the prince hunted also went that day. If she wanted to climb high branches, why not choose the equally gentle and handsome prince and choose the seven emperor uncle An Wang who has no intention of political affairs? Because An Wang has no princess?

Xu Jin sneered, not to mention that An Wang missed her, and even if he did, he would not be able to marry a daughter of a departed son.

The woman in her arms suddenly groaned with dissatisfaction, Xu Jin realized that he had great strength in his hand.

He slowly let go.

Come to think of it, this woman is still smart, knowing that he can only rely on him in this life, and then stay beside him, and he won’t get Wangwangshu anymore, just don’t know, in case, if something happens to him on the battlefield, she Will you choose another branch?

Thinking together, Xu Jin laughed at himself. Why did he think like a woman in a cranky way?

The next day before dawn, Xu Jin had to set off.

Fu Rongqiang got up to serve him, and his eyelids touched from time to time, lazy and charming.

Xu Jin watched silently, remembering that the expedition had not been in Beijing for a long time, and asked more: “If something goes wrong in the mansion, you can write to me.”

Fu Rong was flattered and busy, said: “Got it, the prince should also be there Be careful, don’t hurt.”

Xu Jin turned away and turned away.

Fu Rong has been delivered to the entrance of Furongyuan Courtyard, watching Xu Jin go further and further in the darkness where the lantern is not illuminated.

Actually, Xu Jin is pretty good to her. There is only one woman in the house, even if she is an aunt, there is no mistress to squeeze her. Although I don’t know how long it will last for eating and drinking, Fu Rong is not a distraught temper. She likes to enjoy the present. The most important thing is that she can’t change without it.

So she really didn’t want Xu Jin to have an accident, so when he returned safely, she would give him a son and a half. With the respect of his prince, the glory and wealth of her life is indispensable. If you are lucky, Xu Jin I haven’t looked for another woman in my life, so how is she different from being a hostess?

It’s a pity that Fu Rong is not so good in this life.

In the summer of twenty-five years of Zhengde, Bianguan Dajie, but the brothers Su Wanghuai and Wang both died before the class teacher, and the cause of death was unknown.

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