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Trump Card Season 1

Ace vs. Ace Season 1
Other Title: 王牌对王牌, Trump Card (王牌对王牌)

Genres: Arts Reality, TV Variety
Wu Tong

Zhejiang Satellite TV
Release Date: 
Friday, April 8th, 2016
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  • Xie Na
  • Guo Jingming
  • William Chan
  • Chen Xuedong
  • Wang Yuan

The witty and humorous Wang Zulan with infinite power, and the domineering and optimistic Bai Baihe, the two ace captains are about to lead their team members into the ace battle! All the team members are ready, and the two ace cards are ready to be played. This is a competition between strategy and physical strength, appearance and brain. Passion and joy, ace vs. ace!

Each program revolves around a theme and invites two ace teams. The two captains each lead the guests to compete. Through talent competition and game competition, the ace of the ace will be determined. The program mode is “China’s most red ace player duel”. The show invites celebrities to perform or participate in games as their representative roles or other well-known roles. It also often organizes the original cast of classic film and television dramas or variety shows such as ” Return to the Pearl ” and ” Super Girl ” to re-emerge on stage after many years of absence.

Issue Lists:

  • Issue 6: You at the same table
  • Issue 7: Classic Popular Team PK New Generation Idol Team
  • Issue 8: Power Laughing Team VS Idol Yanba Team
  • Issue 9: Good Women in Harem vs Bad Women in Harem
  • Issue 10: Ace Model Couple
  • Issue 11: Final Night of the Grand Tour

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