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29-sai no Yuutsu Paradise Thirty (2000)

29-sai no Yuutsu Paradise Thirty
Other Title: Paradise Thirty (29歳の憂うつ パラダイスサーティー), 29歳の憂うつ パラダイス サーティー, 29-sai no Yuutsu Paradise Thirty

Genres: Friendship, relationship
Director: –
Writer: –
TV Asahi
Release Date:
 April 22, 2000
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  • Ishida Hikari as Guriko
  • Shimizu Misa as Natsumi
  • Yoshimoto Takami
  • Murai Katsuyuki (村井克行)
  • Yamato Takeshi (大和武士)
  • Wakamatsu Takeshi (若松武史)
  • Hidari Tokie
  • Omori Nao
  • Oda Akane
  • Hashino Emi
  • Numata Baku

Guriko is an OL for a pharmaceutical company. She is made to feel uncomfortable, as she is oldest unmarried female worker in the office. One night, Guriko runs out of her house and goes out on the street. There, she meets her old friend, Natsumi who now after graduating from high school is dressed as a man, and lives as a lesbian. The two start living under the same roof. Guriko falls in love with a man who frequents the bar that Natsumi owns. Natsumi on the other hand is in love with the wife of a mobster.

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