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I Serve YOU-A Farewell Book for the Big Talking Era

I Serve YOU-A Farewell Book for the Big Talking Era
Other Name: I服了YOU――写给大话时代的告别书

Genre: novel, Romance, Crossing
Author: Han Hao month
Year: 2011
Chapter: N/A
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Han Haoyue may be no stranger to netizens. He is a columnist for and the first author strongly recommended by and China Workers Publishing House to jointly create the brand “ Gold Medal Writer Cool Text Classic”. It’s not difficult to find out more than 4,000 pieces of information related to the author from the Baidu search engine. Like many writers who started on the Internet, Han Haoyue is extremely active and has been a moderator on several forums, catching up with the Internet publishing. At that time, I published one or two collections of essays, with one hand posting posts on the Internet and the other writing columns in newspapers, both of which were very hard. I served You!

Free Reading Highlights:
I always think that tomorrow will be different from today, and next year will be different from this year. I have also looked forward to countless tomorrows and next years countless times. For a wandering person, dreaming is good

, Even if all my dreams are just a full glass of wine.

I came to Beijing at the beginning of 2000, and it has been exactly three years now. Many people don’t like this city, but I am just the opposite. On the surface, I am a pragmatic and rigorous person, but in fact, few people know the glitz of my heart. Beijing did not take special care of me because I like it. She is like a test of every youth from other provinces who come to her. She uses the cold, sand, dry air and poverty to coax me away, but my temper is not tepid. , Such as boiled cowhide tendons, in the end she was like a woman who could do nothing, could not help my stubborn beating, and opened her arms to me.

Embracing dreams, yes, walking on the street, look at the pedestrians, no matter how hurried their steps, how tired they appear, I believe they have a dream in their hearts, some real, some erratic. It’s ridiculous. When I first arrived in Beijing, I thought I would be greeted with endless fine wines. In fact, a friend asked me to drink a bottle of Erguotou and threw me into a bungalow less than ten square meters in a small village in the northern part of the Asian Games Village. After that, I was left with myself, empty-handed, and the bed in the room did not even have a quilt.

My first job was arranged by others, but the salary was so low that I couldn’t even drink alcohol. During that time, I always look forward to having friends come to see me-I, as a person, always think that I have many friends, but that is not the case. A person without friends will always make up a lot of friends to hide his loneliness, just like a pseudo-drunkard who doesn’t drink much but does not refuse to come, bluffing others. Friends came and had good wine. Good wine is Erguotou. At the beginning, he would find a reason to get himself drunk. Later, he didn’t even want the reason…

Of course, the whole content of life is not just drinking. When the Internet started to have a high fever, I joined an Internet company and became a so-called IT person. I don’t know what I did, but for the first time I knew what is money burning, office syndrome, depression… The company was located in a well-known building in West Third Ring Road. On the top floor, and through the window, I watched the slow traffic flow on the road…The company announced its bankruptcy on the second anniversary of its establishment. For this reason, I also wrote a “website second anniversary festival.” From then on, I began to wonder, when to write a memorial text for myself?

I’m still young, I’m old. When I saw Luo Dayou stepping into the arena in the first body on TV, there was no agitation and excitement in my heart, and some were calm and exhausted after the torrent. I just want to have a good night’s sleep. After three years in Beijing, there are only a handful of opportunities to get up every time I go to bed when the sun is shining.

The dark speculation is colorful, but before we can finish a dream grass, we have to fumble to turn on the light in the dark, wash, dress, open the door of the room silently, and start a day’s run… before, still You can write some love stories. Now, I often laugh at myself at the age of romance; before, the next day after being drunk, I can go to work casually, but now it’s hard to get up when I struggle. Now, what I think about the most every day is when I can get rid of my shoes as soon as possible, just wear a shirt and lie on the bed…

On the first Sunday of the New Year, I spent half a day cleaning the house clean, moved the computer to the bedroom, bought a comfortable chair, and put all my favorite books and CDs on the shelf. …The computer is not turned on, and my fingers are tapping randomly on the keyboard-will the new life I’ve been longing for now begin? Teenagers often admire the freedom and freedom of knights walking across the rivers and lakes, and once thought of wandering the world, but time passed, and the sea turned into mulberry fields in a blink of an eye. I didn’t want to spread my wings and fly anymore, but just wanted to walk without hurries…

My dream of the rivers and lakes was not annihilated, instead, I chose to start from another place.

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