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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 26 Recap

Yin Jian was quite dissatisfied when he saw the intimacy between Mu Qi and Pei Duo. He and Pei Duo had a meal, and only then did they know that so many things happened in school during his business trip. Pei Duo told Yin Jian that he already had someone he liked, and Yin Jian immediately guessed that this person was Mu Qi. He made an appointment with Mu Qi alone, thinking that he was seduce Pei Duo for money, and he was sure that he made small actions behind his back that made Pei Duo fall in love with him. Mu Qi denied that Yin Jian punched Mu Qi, and Mu Qi missed and injured Yin Jian.

Mucci was held by the police and could not participate in the next day’s game. The game was about to start, Pei Duo was told that Yin Jian was injured and hospitalized. She rushed to the hospital, Yin Jian finally accepted the fact that she fell in love with Mu Qi, and told her that no matter how Mu Qi reacted, he must remember that he had been waiting for her. Pei Duo went to the police station to bail Mu Qi, told him that he had won today’s game, and confessed his heart to Mu Qi, but Mu Qi deliberately pretended to be frivolous and made Pe Duo angry.

At night, Petuo Jomuch went out for a walk, showing his heart again. Mucci is noncommittal, only saying that the team is about to face the fourth, and first help the players win the fourth. At home, Ming Hao told his father that Cuiying’s opponent was No. 4, which means he was about to face Zhou Feizhou. He didn’t want to whitewash the peace in front of his father again, and express his anxiety. Seeing his son so obsessed, Qin Yuanshan became angry again.

Mucci commissioned former acquaintances to let the players visit a professional football club, feel the professional atmosphere, and gain confidence and strength from it. In the evening, Mu Qi told Xiao Hei that he actually liked Pei Duo, but they were like people from two worlds. And Pei Duo is going to the UK soon, if she is with her now, she will definitely be delayed.

The semi-finals are about to begin, and Zhou Feizhou once again spoke harshly in front of the players and insulted Minghao’s father. Minghao did not show weakness, saying that no matter who his opponent was, he would go all out. In the arena, Ming Hao grabbed the ball from Zhou Feizhou’s feet, cooperated with Ding Yu to shoot, and scored a point, but the referee was obviously bought by four of them. The ball was judged invalid and a yellow card was issued. Soon, the referee gave Zhou Jingwei a yellow card. Although Zhou Feizhou still didn’t score a free throw, the players were very dissatisfied with the referee’s bias in the fourth.

During the intermission, Mu Qi told everyone that Zhou Feizhou had been maliciously fouling Qin Minghao in the first half, and the referee did not blow a single one. Obviously the Fourth Middle School is going to play Yin this time, just to irritate everyone, and you must not fall into his trap. Mucci kept everyone calm and remembered their responsibilities. At the beginning of the second half, the referee once again blew the black whistle and sent off Wang Jingke and Zhou Jingwei.

Delayed to overtime, whoever gets the first goal wins, Mucci again arranges tactics. When the situation was very unfavorable to Cuiying, the players overcame all difficulties. With the cooperation of Gu Mo, Ding Yu and other players, Cuiying scored a crucial goal and won the game! This victory was so difficult, everyone turned their inner excitement, excitement, and satisfaction into shouts on the court to express their uncompressive mood. Mu Qi and Pei Duo hugged each other, Mu Qi kissed her and left a sentence “Be my girlfriend”.

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