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Sweet Heartbeat (2011) Episode 6

Chang-ho called Min-joo, explaining that Tian picked her up and took Ha Na to play. When Min-joo’s mother was washing her father, she found half of the banknote that Daoxing’s father had given him, and her father immediately took it away. When Daoxing came home, his father asked him to come over to discuss Jinxi’s entry into the company. Daoxing’s father asked him to buy a new car. Zhenxi said that he could go to work with Daoxing. Daoxing’s sister-in-law said that was not good, after all. They are already divorced.

Meng Meng and Dexiu came to his house. When Meng Meng went to bed, Jiangshan came back to sleep, which shocked Meng Meng. They fought and the whole family came. Jiang Shan came back from the army, and his arm was bitten by Meng Meng. Jiang Shan promised Meng Meng to live in his own room. Jiang Shan and Dexiu had the same room, but she had to pay the rent and let her sign a contract with Meng Meng. And asked Mengmeng to pay the rent.

Jiang Shan and Dexiu had a different room. When Min Joo’s parents were sleeping, her mother said that the whole family was finally gathered. Her father mentioned his mother-in-law, but Min Joo’s mother wouldn’t let him mention her. When Dexiu and Jiang Shan slept, the two of them couldn’t sleep well. When Min Joo was sleeping in the morning, someone called Min Joo and called her brother. Min Joo said that she had called her wrong number. Daoxing also received the call. The other party said that his sister was going to commit suicide.

Daoxing rushed to the scene. Min Joo’s mother woke her up when she was sleeping and asked her to watch TV. She immediately felt the scene after watching TV. Min-joo went to persuade her. Min-joo said that she had thought about death before, and that when she was about to get married, her boyfriend abandoned her and wanted to die. Daoxing saw the husband of the sister-in-law who wanted to commit suicide, and the husband came forward to admit his mistake, but the sister-in-law did not commit suicide in the end.

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