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Sweet Heartbeat (2011) Episode 4

Minister Wu introduced employees to Daoxing, and when she introduced Minzhu, she did not dare to face Daoxing and Daoxing shook hands. When Min Joo was about to leave, Daoxing stopped her. Min Joo himself was very busy asking him if he wanted to apologize to herself. Daoxing said that she forgot to bring her things. Min Joo went into the men’s room again and talked to herself. Daoxing heard her and knocked on the door to let her come out. Daoxing asked her why she was in the men’s room. She said that she was used to it, and Daoxing asked him to give it to him within 10 seconds. Three reasons, she said three reasons, Daoxing teased her, and then let her leave.

Zhao Debae sent something to Min Joo’s house and wrote an apology letter. Min Joo’s mother was very happy after reading it. She called Min Joo’s father. Her father also concealed that he had been fired. He answered the phone. I saw my brother and ran away after answering the phone. Minister Wu asked Changhao to introduce his boyfriend to Minzhu, and Daoxing went to the hospital to check his heart. The doctor said that he had no problem. The heartbeat was because he met the girl he liked. Zhenxi asked Daoxing’s father to join the company to help Daoxing.

When Daoxing’s sister-in-law heard, she went back to the room and told her husband. While eating at Min Joo’s house, her mother asked her about Zhao Debae. Min Joo said it’s not like that, and her mother took out the replenishing medicine. Min Joo called Zhao Debae and asked him for money, but he didn’t want it, Min. Zhu asked her mother to deliver the medicine tomorrow. When Minister Wu was giving them a meeting, Daoxing came over and put forward his own opinions. Min Joo disagreed, and the two of them had a dispute.

Minzhu’s mother went to deliver medicine to Zhao Depei. She asked about his family’s situation. They chatted very speculatively, and came out and said it was suitable for their family. Daoxing asked Changhao to talk about the matter, and Changhao said that he had taken his brother down to take his place, so he had a bad impression of him. Min Joo lost her temper on the roof and said to herself that she quit. When Daoxing heard him, Daoxing gave her coffee. She accidentally stepped on the cafe and slid onto Daoxing’s body.

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